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Paying by Check

DO NOT ORDER BY CHECK IF YOU NEED THE ITEMS QUICKLY.  It may take up to a month for a check order to arrive.

Paying by check is for domestic orders only and paid in US dollars.  We don't accept international orders by mail.

When paying by personal check, we will wait for the check to clear before processing the order.  Depending on where you are, it can take a week for a mailed check to arrive, up to 10 days to clear, and another 5-10 days for the package to be delivered.  Some orders from businesses and schools may be processed before the check clears.

1. Select items as if paying by credit card.

Put the items in your cart.

Go throught checkout and enter your normal billing/shipping info.

When you get to the payment section, enter the Visa card number 4111111111111111 (that's 4 followed by 15 ones).
Use any valid date and any 3-digit number for the security code.

Click the button to submit your order.

The page will show you that the order has failed, but we will get a copy of the order.

2.  Email us at froggie@frogstore.com, or using the 'Contact Us' link.

In the 'Contact Us' form, give us your name and the date you entered your order.

We will change the status of your order to reserve the items for you, and send you an email confirmation.

3. Mail the check.

Sent the check as soon as possible to our business office address:

Frog Store orders
1065 NW Charlemagne Place
Corvallis, OR 97330

If a check is sent to our warehouse address (shown on our shipping labels) it will delay the processing of your order.

Check payment orders will be canceled if we do not receive your mailed payment or hear from you otherwise within 14 days of the order. 

If you need to delay sending the check, let us know and we will allow more time.