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  • Deposit for overseas shipping: Excess will be refunded

    Deposit for overseas shipping: Excess will be refunded

    Add this item to your order if you are placing an order to be shipped overseas. We will calculate the amount of your shipping, and then refund the balance.

    Most orders of 1-4 lbs weight can be shipped overseas for less than $50 to common west-European locations. If your order is larger or heavier than this, you may need to add two of these items to your order.

    Because we do not save your credit card information, if you do not include a large enough deposit to cover postage then we will need to contact you and ask you to order this item again. Please note that even though we do not have your card number, our credit card processor gives us a code we can use for making refunds (but not charges) to your card.

    (Please ignore the tag below that says "Free Shipping!"; that is an automatic tag that just indicates we don't add a shipping charge to this shipping "product".)
  • Shipping upgrade to RUSH/Express Mail

    Shipping upgrade to RUSH/Express Mail

    Upgrade a first-class shipment to Express Mail.

    Your order will be shipped within one business day of your order, and Express Mail will reach you in 1-2 business days.
  • Special Product/Services Charge

    This page is for customers to make a payment for an item or service that does not appear in our store. You can change the quantity in the shopping cart and click "update", if you need to charge a greater amount.

    Use this page only if directed to by the staff at frogstore.com.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the note box during checkout to briefly explain what the charge is for.