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Frog Rings & Body Jewelry

Frog jewelry makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have lovely sterling silver frog rings, frog toe rings, and frog body jewelry in a variety of styles. Check out our big flashy crystal frog cocktail rings too!


  • Frog Toe Rings

    Pick your color and style!

    These sparkly frog toe rings are on nearly-invisible clear stretchy loops.

    The frogs are silvery metal, with green eyes and real Austrian crystals on their backs.

    (A) - Clear crystal
    (B) - Blue crystal
    (C) - Pink crystal
    (D) - Red crystal

    Size: frog is about 1/2" long.

  • Glitter Frog Rings Assorted Colors (pk of 9)

    Fun fashion frog rings for your fingers!

    These adjustable rings make great party favors and game prizes! They come in a variety of glittery colors and have wiggly eyes.

    You get a set of 9 rings that are sized to fit kids but can stretch to fit an adult finger. Just be careful not to pull too hard because they are plastic, not metal.

    Size: set of 9 rings, frog head is about 1/2 inch across
  • Golden and Crystal Adjustable Frog Ring

    Need a very bright frog ring?

    This fun costume-jewelry ring is a bright gold color and comes with either sparkly clear crystals on its back or black crystals.

    The ring is open at the back so it fits all sizes. Perfect for parties, celebrations, and stocking stuffers!

    Size: Adult, one size fits all

    Choose your color from the drop down menu below.
  • Green Crystal Frog Banana

    This sparkly little crystal frog can't wait to be part of your body decor!

    His eyes are pale blue Austrian Crystal, and there are three green crystals along his back. The frog is silver, and is mounted on a surgical steel banana barbell.

    Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball

  • Green Crystal Treefrog Cocktail Ring

    Looking for a sparkly frog ring?

    This awesome frog cocktail ring is full of sparkles and shine, gleaming with pale green crystals. The ring is made from a silvery metal and has a segmented stretch band to fit most finger sizes. The frog has black crystal eyes.

    Size: Stretch band fits most finger sizes. Frog is about an inch long.
  • Green Crystal Wiggly-Frog Banana

    This charming little two-piece sterling silver frog is inlaid with green Swarovski crystals, and sits on a 1/2" surgical steel banana barbell.

    His head and arms are attached to the barbell and the legs are hinged so they dangle and wiggle when you move!

    Size: 1/2" barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball.
  • Green Enamel Frog Adjustable Ring

    Need a big frog ring?

    This fun costume-jewelry ring has a big green enameled frog. It's made from a silvery metal, and the ring is open at the back so it fits all sizes. Perfect for parties, celebrations, and stocking stuffers!

    Size: Adult, one size fits all
  • Green Frog Giant Cocktail Ring

    Add some froggy bling to your life!

    This flashy frog is studded with sparkly dark green crystals on his back and light green crystals on his legs. The ring has a silvery metal stretch band.

    Size: Frog is 1-3/4 inches long, stretch band fits most adult finger sizes.
  • Mom and Baby Frog Sparkly Cocktail Ring

    Here's a great gift for Mother's Day!

    This flashy crystal frog ring is studded with sparkly Austrian crystals, and if you look closely you can see the baby frog sitting on his mother's back. He has tiny green crystal eyes that match his mother's.

    Size: Frog is 2 inches long, stretch band fits most adult finger sizes.
  • Squishy Green Frog Ring

    This frog ring has a happy smile!

    Made from a squishy green plastic, this ring has a smiling frog face. Wear this ring for fun froggie fashion! Also great to wear for frog themed parties or on Halloween night or any other night when you want to stand out.

    Recommended for ages 6 years and older.

    Size: stretchy band fits most finger sizes, frog face is about 1.5" across

    (Note: These are on sale because they were intended to flash LED lights, but on most rings the lights are NOT working.)

    $2.95 save 68%
  • Sterling Elegant Frog Adjustable Ring

    Here's a frog with a long leg!

    The little sterling silver frog perches on your finger, and one of his back legs reaches all the way around. The foot is not joined back to the ring on the other side, so you can adjust the ring so it fits you just right.

    Size: One size fits all. Adult size: about 3/4" across when adjusted as shown.

    (See links at bottom of page for matching Elegant Frog sterling jewelry items.)
  • Sterling Silver Eyebrow Frog Stud

    Here's an unusual frog! It's a tiny stud for your eyebrow piercing.

    This beautiful and delicate little frog body jewelry is sterling silver. Now everyone will know just how hoppy you are!

    Size: 16 gauge

  • Sterling Treefrog Banana

    Love that frog!

    This little sterling silver treefrog makes a great body accent, and looks like he's clinging to you with those big toes.

    The frog is sterling silver, and the banana barbell is surgical steel.

    Size: 1/2" curved barbell, 1/16" bar and 5mm threaded ball