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Outdoor and garden frog figurines make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog windchimes, frog bells, and decorative frog mobiles.


  • "Ting-a-Ling" Magnetic Frog Windchime

    This is even cuter than it looks in the picture...

    The frog and heart are made from a thin metal that has been sanded smooth and painted on both sides. The pink heart has a darker pink accent line and the leaping green frog has lighter green spots.

    The heart curves into a hook at the bottom where the frog is attached. This positions the frog out in front by 3/8 of an inch and lets the chimes hang freely from the 3 small holes in the frog's center.

    The chimes have a beautiful, soft tingle sound. Very, very pleasant to listen to. This little windchime is great for placing on refrigerators, filing cabinets and metal window sills. The magnet attached to the back of the heart is very strong so you don't have to worry about the wind blowing it away!

    Size: 4-1/2" long
  • 5-Ring Frog Chime Mobile

    There's nothing like a toadstool to make a frog happy!

    This windchime has a great sound as each ring reverberates off each other as well as the center column.

    The frogs are made of a durable polyresin, and each little hanging 3D figurine has frogs in various poses sitting on toadstools. This chime works especially well when hung near a window.

    Size: 24 inches long

  • Ceramic Frog Garden Bell

    Decorate your garden with frogs!

    This lovely hanging ceramic frog is a windbell, which will make a pleasant ringing sound when the wind catches the dangling bead. It has an attractive openwork pattern of holes in the front and back, and a sweet smile.

    Hang it in the garden, or from the eaves or on the porch. Makes a great housewarming gift!

    You can also hang it by the front door, and people can ring the bell to let you know they're at the door.

    Size: Bell is 4" wide and 5-1/2" tall, and hangs about 14" long including cord and clapper

    NOTE: The light green color is now SOLD OUT.
  • Contented Frog Garden Windchime

    Here's a nice frog chime for your garden!

    The circular topper is made from metal and acrylic designed to look like stained glass. The design is of a very contented frog with pink flowers overhead and mushrooms to either side.

    Size: 31 inches tall, topper is 5-1/2 inches across
  • Glass-Belly Whimsical Frog Windchime

    Are you looking for a great frog chime for your garden?

    This whimsical frog is made from metal with glass insets for the belly. The glass is green with red donut-like circles on it and the chimes are painted a glossy black.

    Size: 33 inches tall
  • Glass-Insert Garden Frog Windchime

    Here's an adorable frog chime to hang outside your window or in your garden!

    This cute green frog is made from metal with orange toes and orange beads for eyes. He has a translucent glass insert for the body and the chimes are painted a glossy mottled dark green/gold.

    Size: 29 inches long
  • Green Beaded Frog on Copper Windchime

    Bring new energy and luck into your home!

    Frogs bring luck and copper conducts electricity. Put them together and you get...

    Lucky Energy!

    Hang it where there is a lot of wind to bring a lot of lucky energy.

    Size: 32" long
  • Leaping Frog Metal Windchimes

    A great frog wind chime with a dark silhouette!

    The frog and chimes are made from metal with a mottled black, high gloss finish.

    See detail image below for a view of the entire windchime.

    Size: frog is about 8 inches high and the total windchime length is 40 inches long
    $19.95 save 25%
  • Small Relaxing Frog Copper Windchime

    Hey there; who's the coolest frog in the garden?

    This little frog is just hangin' out with a big smile, happy to decorate your porch or your yard. He's made from a glittery cast enamel material that catches the light like stained glass. His belly is a gleaming glass marble.

    Below the frog a green glass marble hangs in a copper wire cage, and then a delicate little set of chimes and another shiny marble for a windcatcher. Lovely!

    Size: Overall length is 20". The frog is 2-1/2" tall, and the solid metal chimes are 4" long.
  • Sparkly Frog with Butterfly Mini Windchime

    The frog on this mini wind chime is very cute!

    The frog is outlined in copper wire and inset with sparkly green translucent acrylic in a stained glass style. The middle of the belly is open with a small butterfly attached by a spiraling copper wire. The chimes are copper colored and only 3-4 inches long.

    Size: Although the total length is 24 inches, the frog by itself is about 3-1/2 inches long
  • Whimsical Frog Beaded Windchime

    A nice retro whimsical look...

    This happy-go-lucky frog is made from woven cord layered to form the design of the frog's body. The cords were then dyed, brushed with soft sparkles, and covered with a protective varnish.

    The frog looks the same on both sides so it will always be facing you no matter how hard the wind blows.

    Size: About 24" long