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Frog wedding items make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog bride and groom figurines, frog wedding plush, and lots of fun things for frog wedding favors and decor.


  • "Kiss Me" Frog Cocktail Napkins (pk/30)

    Who wouldn't want to kiss a frog? Especially if he is already your prince!

    These awesome frog napkins would be perfect for a wedding shower or reception. They are white with two green and yellow frogs on them. The frog prince is wearing a golden yellow crown and appears quite eager for a kiss from his love.

    The words, "KISS ME" are printed both above and below the frogs.

    Size: Package of 30 cocktail napkins, 3-ply, measuring 10 inches square when open.

    (That's a big pack of napkins - about twice as many as most packs!)
    $5.95 save 34%
  • Frog Bride & Groom Ornament

    They lived Hoppily Ever After!

    This cute frog couple are dressed in their wedding finery. They're handmade in Poland of blown glass, and beautifully handpainted with sparkling glitter accents.

    Size: 4" tall.

    NOTE: THESE ARE MARKED DOWN DUE TO MINOR IMPERFECTIONS IN THE PAINT. (The groom's nose has some missing color.)
    $19.95 save 35%
  • Frog Bride & Groom Porcelain Box

    Need a froggy ring box?

    This little frog bride and groom stand on top of a delicate hinged porcelain box, just the right size for rings or other small jewelry.

    Open the box, and there's a special surprise inside: a tiny ceramic frog!

    Size: 1-1/2" wide, 2-3/4" tall. Inside of box is 1" across, 5/8" tall.
  • Frog Wedding Couple Salt & Pepper Shakers

    These waltzing frog shakers are dressed as bride and groom in the marriage of all marriages, salt and pepper!

    The bride looks beautiful in her simple white bridal gown and the groom looks very handsome in his traditional black tuxedo.

    These salt and pepper shakers are not only great figurines to collect, but they could be used as a frog wedding cake topper, frog wedding table centerpieces, for bridal showers or as keepsake gifts for your wedding or anniversary.

    The hand-painted ceramic frogs have very discreet holes in the tops of their heads, and a hole with stopper in the bottom for refilling.

    Size: each frog shaker is about 4" tall and 2" wide
  • Kiss Me Fairytale Frog Card

    Kiss Me!!!

    Be careful what you ask for when you give someone this card... or maybe you should be hopeful instead?

    The front of the card has a green frog wearing a big golden crown and holding a sign that reads, "Kiss me!" Inside the card says, "Every day with you is like a fairytale!"

    Printed in the USA using earth-friendly materials and soy-based inks.

    Size: 5" by 7", one card and one envelope that has a matching full color frog on both sides
  • Loving Frogs Share a Kiss

    Frogs in love!

    Two sweet frogs share a tender kiss. What a perfect keepsake to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or just that special moment with your favorite froggy person!

    In fact, these frogs would look splendid on top of a wedding or anniversary cake, or as a table centerpiece.

    These two green speckled frogs are made from a coldcast polystone material with a smooth shiny finish. They are attached together on a base at their feet.

    Size: 4-1/4" tall, 4-3/4" wide
  • Pewter Frog Card Holder

    An incredibly cute little frog...

    This solid pewter miniature frog has a satin-like finish to it. It's beautiful enough to just sit on your shelf as a decoration, but amazingly, you can also use it as a card or note holder. The frog's mouth has a small slit that is made to hold a card.

    The picture shows a business card, but you could also use it to hold a card on a bouquet of flowers or the card on a birthday or wedding gift, or even a small photo. The front legs of the frog form a small circle through which a flower stem or ribbon could slide through.

    Really, really cute!

    Size: About 3/4 of an inch long.
  • Prince Prints Frog Card

    Looking for a prince?

    This cute card by artist Will Bullas says "prince prints..." on the front, and inside it says "How about a kiss?".

    Size: 5" x 7", one card and one white envelope.
  • Princess and Frog Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Anyone for a kiss?

    This handsome frog prince casts an adoring look at his princess, as she plants a kiss on his cheek. They are handpainted glazed ceramic salt and pepper shakers, with small magnets that hold them together in a kiss.

    This cute set makes a wonderful wedding cake topper, table centerpiece, or frog gift for weddings and anniversaries.

    Size: Princess is 3-1/2" tall, set is 5-1/2" wide when sitting in kissing position
  • Royal Frog Prince Enamel & Jewel Box

    Your prince has arrived!

    This elegant little frog's body is shimmering green enamel, with black Austrian crystal eyes and gold plated accents. He wears a red and gold royal crown decorated with crystals, and his legs are studded with green Austrian crystals.

    A magnetic clasp at his nose holds the body closed, and when you open it the inside is enameled in a pearly green enamel. It's just the right size to hold a ring or other small jewelry item.

    Size: 2" long, 2" tall
    $29.50 save 32%
  • Sprogz: Frogsmaid

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! They range from about 2" to 3" in height, and are made from a cold-cast polystone resin material.

    The bride and groom make cute cake toppers, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts.
    $8.95 save 22%
  • Sprogz: Frogsman

    May the best frog stand up for you on your special day!

    This warty green fellow is a handsome frog in his suit jacket isn't he? And just a tad nervous...

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! The bride and groom make cute cake toppers, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts.

    Size: 2 inches tall, made from a cold-cast polystone resin material

    $8.95 save 22%
  • Sprogz: Hoppily Ever After - Bride

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! They range from about 2" to 3" in height, and are made from a cold-cast polystone resin material.

    The bride makes a fun wedding shower gift, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts. (See links at the bottom of this page. We regret that the Sprogz Groom is sold out.)
  • Sweetheart Frog Couple Candle

    What a lovely frog couple!

    This decorative frog candle has two green frogs holding a red heart in front of them while holding each other close. The girl frog is wearing a red bow at her neck and the boy frog has the candle wick on top of his head.

    Makes a great memento for Valentine's Day or as a topper for a wedding cake!

    This Russ Berrie collectible candle is decorative and comes with a short wick for safety purposes. It is meant to self-extinguish before burning down completely.

    Size: 4 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Two Frogs Make a Full Heart

    What an adorable frog couple!

    These two frogs are hugging each other with one arm and using their free hands to form the shape of a heart in front of them. Three large flowers trail down one side.

    A great gift for Valentine's Day or for a wedding anniversary!

    Size: 4-3/4 inches high
  • Wedding Bells Frog Congratulations Card

    Know someone who's getting married? Send them this frog congratulations card!

    This beautiful card shows three frogs ringing church bells that are hanging over a branch with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

    On the inside of the card is a full color screen tone of the artwork on the front and says, "May your new life together be a resounding success. Congratulations." See detail picture below for a view of the inside.

    Printed in the USA. Made from environment-friendly materials with soy-based inks.

    Size: 5" x 7", one card and one coordinating envelope
  • Whimsical Frog Prince Napkins (20)

    May all your dreams come true!

    This princely frog has a happy smile and a gold crown. He's accompanied by a host of other little smiling green frogs, on a white background.

    Celebrate parties, baby showers, and weddings with these delightful frog napkins!

    Size: 5" x 5" (folded size). Twenty 3-ply napkins.