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Wall and Computer Decor

Frog school and office supplies make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog bulletin board decorations and bulletin board trimmers in a variety of designs, and also frog mousepads and decorations for your computer desk.


  • 3D Frog Notebook & Reader Cling

    Decorate the cover of your tablet, netbook or reader with this fantastic 3-D frog cling!

    It fits most tablets and readers and can easily be trimmed to fit smaller ones. You can remove and reuse this art skin many times. It leaves no residue and can be used on glass and metal as well as plastics.

    You can also use this cling on your school supplies like binders or directly on your locker.

    Size: decal is about 4" by 6"
  • Colorful Frogs Trimmer Strips

    These colorful frogs make a bright cheerful border!

    The bubbles make a nice touch and I can't help but think that it is a good thing that frogs can breathe oxygen through their skin. The pattern shown in the picture repeats about 3 times on each strip.

    These can be used around the edges of a school bulletin board, and also look great in a froggy bathroom, bedroom, or office.

    The package includes 12 strips, each 39" long, that can be tacked end to end for a total length of 39 feet. They are made from a cardstock (lightweight posterboard) material, and do not include adhesive.

    Size: 12 strips, each 39" x 2-1/4"
  • Flexible Frog Write-On Magnet

    Here's a useful little frog!

    This cute flat flexible magnet can be written on with a wipe-off dry erase marker or a permanent marker. Use it for a place marker and party favor at a party, a nametag on a metal desk or locker door, a filing label on your filing cabinet, or even as a reusable gift tag on a package. Perfect for parties, frog-themed dinners, classroom organization, or office labeling.

    You get one frog as shown, 2-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide.
  • Frankie Frog Goes Fishing

    So fun to be able to go fishing on a long weekend, especially when you're a frog.

    Fishing is one of Frankie's favorite activities. And it looks like he has hooked a big one! Frankie is a very handsome green frog with big orange eyes who loves to do all sorts of things.

    Size: 6 inches high, made from polystone resin

  • Frankie Frog Lounges Around

    Resting in the sun? A great way to conserve energy and recharge with solar power!

    Frankie is one smart red-eyed treefrog! And he is a very handsome green frog with big orange eyes who loves to do all sorts of things. Including lounging around on a beach towel and reading a book.

    Size: 7-1/2 inches long, 3 inches high

  • Frankie Frog Posts to Frogbook

    Social networking is a serious business for frogs. With the advent of technology, Frankie doesn't have to croak nearly as loud now :)

    Frankie is one of the cutest red-eyed treefrogs you'll see anywhere. He's shiny green with little pale speckles, and has big orange eyes and orange hands and feet. He loves sports, technology and adventure. A modern day Renaissance frog! Or maybe just a fanatic frogbooker...

    Check out the other tech savvy Frankies through the related links below.

    Size: 7 inches long, 2 inches high, made from resin

  • Frankie Frog Surfs the Net

    What is Frankie up to now? Surfing the Net? I wonder what interests him... ladybugs perhaps?

    Frankie is one of the cutest little red-eyed treefrogs you'll see anywhere. He's shiny green with little pale speckles, and has big orange eyes and orange hands and feet.

    Check out the other tech savvy Frankies through the related links below.

    Size: 4-1/2 inches long, 2-3/4 inches high

  • Frog Metamorphosis Banners (set of 4)

    Here's a great educational set of frog banners for the classroom or to decorate a child's room!

    Each banner shows a different stage of a frog's life cycle. It shows the metamorphosis of a frog from tiny egg to full adult.

    These banners are so beautiful that learning about frogs will be fun and exciting. Great for decorating a baby's room or as an educational tool at school!

    Each of these large metamorphosis frog learning banners are 18 inches wide by 36 inches long. They are made from polyester and the design shows on both sides. There is an opening at the top end for you to slide a pole or cord through for hanging, or you can fasten them to a wall with thumbtacks or staples.

    Size: each banner is 18" x 36"; you get a set of four banners.
    $39.95 save 34%
  • Funky Frogs Accent Cutouts (36)

    These cute and funky frogs are great for your wall or bulletin boards!

    The accents are made from glossy cardstock, and are precut to the frog shape as shown. The frogs come in red, yellow, green and purple.

    You get a pack of 36.

    Size: 36 precut frogs as shown, each 5.5" tall.
  • Large Peeking Frankie Treefrog Decal

    This adorably cute frog is peeking out at you!

    This big sticker comes with the hands in separate pieces so that you can span a break such as a door or window on your vehicle.

    It is a large sturdy sticker intended to be on a car window or other smooth surface. Decorate your filing cabinet, the lid of your toilet, the side of the refrigerator, or even a smooth wall or door in your home. (See detailed photos by clicking the small images below the main photo.)

    Size: 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide. That's BIG!
  • Lilypad Frogs Accent Cutouts (36 pc.)

    Froggies! Lots and lots of froggies on lilypads!

    These great frog accents are made from glossy cardstock and are perfect for decorating a frog birthday party, classroom, or bible class! They do not have adhesive but can easily be tacked, taped, or stapled. Scatter them on a table for a party, or write names on them for place markers. Decorate a bedroom or bathroom with a froggy theme.

    You can also use them for craft projects, like making your own frog favor bags. Just glue or staple a froggie to the bag! Or you can use brads or yarn to link their hands together and create a banner of froggies...

    The backside is light green with a dark green pattern of lilypads.

    Size: 36 precut frogs as shown, each 3" wide by 3" tall
  • Magnetic Frog Mini Border, 4 pcs.

    Here's a fun frog border!

    These cute flat flexible magnets can be used to make a froggy frame on your fridge or a magnetic dry erase board. Just use scissors to trim them to match the size of your photo or artwork, and they'll frame a space up to 12" x 12"! Or, snip them into smaller strips and you could make 6" x 6" frames.

    They would also make great adornments for a metal desk, locker door, or your filing cabinet.

    Size: Pack of 4 border strips, each strip is 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.