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Find all sorts of frog toys and frog gifts! We have frog games, frog puzzles, rubber frogs, squeaky frogs, squishy frogs, hopping frogs, stuffed frogs and beanie frogs, frog music CD's, golf frogs, and much more.

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  • "Frog Feast!" Sticky Frog Game

    Here's a tongue sticking, fun frog game!

    Grasp one of your frogs firmly in your hand and with a quick snap of your wrist send its tongue flying outward. When you've got this motion learned, then place your colored foil flies on a flat surface and see if your frog can catch one!

    If you want to play it as a game, you can make it either competitive or cooperative. In the competitive style, place all the flies between the two players and see who can catch the most. For cooperation, set an alarm clock and see if the two players can catch all the flies before the time runs out!

    This is best played on a clean flat surface. When your frog's tongues become fuzzy rather than sticky, just wash them gently with soap and water.

    Size: 2 frogs that are 1-1/2" long (plus the length of the tongue) and 16 flies that are 7/8" long. Lilypads and pond shown in picture are NOT included.
  • "Mistle Toad" Frog Playing Cards

    Wanna play a game of cards?

    It'll be a lot of fun with this fun frog-shaped deck! When everybody gathers for the holidays, that's the time to clear off a table and get ready to play.

    The design on the cards is of a smiling, big eyed toad wearing a Santa hat and a red bow tie. Written on the belly are the words, "Mistle Toad." The face cards and jokers are portrayed by toads.

    Makes a great stocking stuffer! And in a pinch, you can tie a ribbon around it and hang it from the ceiling...

    Size: About 3.5" tall by 2.5" wide, 1 deck of standard playing cards
  • American Bullfrog Replica

    What a big frog!

    The body length of the American Bullfrog averages 4-6 inches with another 7-10 inches for the legs. You can find the American Bullfrog throughout most of North America in areas where there is permanent water such as lakes, rivers, and large ponds.

    One of the most interesting facts that I learned is that they have teeth! The skull has a continuous row of tiny teeth on the maxilla and premaxilla and a pair of small vomerine teeth on the palate. The teeth are mostly used for helping to grasp prey so that it doesn't slip out of the bullfrog's mouth.

    Who knew???

    Anyway, this is a high quality vinyl replica of the American Bullfrog that is hollow on the inside but is extremely tough and just slightly flexible.

    Size: About 5" long, 5" wide, and 2-3/4" tall
  • Assorted Jumping Frogs (12)

    All right everyone... get ready...set...


    These fun little jumping frogs are great jumpers. Just press on the tab near the back of its body and release quickly to have your frog leap up into the air.

    There are a dozen plastic frogs in this pack in assorted colors. Great for party favors and group games!

    Size: 1 pack of 12 frogs, each little jumping frog is about 2" long.
  • Bendy Frog Keychains (12)

    Looking for some fun frog keychains for give-aways or party favors?

    These bendy frogs are great fun to pose in all sorts of silly positions. Lots of laughter for everyone!

    The frogs come in a bag of a dozen in assorted colors of blue, pink, purple and green. The frogs are flexible vinyl with wires inside to hold whatever shape you decide to twist them into.

    Great for party favors, balloon weights, and you can even use them for party decorations as they have a convenient ring at the top!

    Size: 12 keychains, frogs are 3" tall
  • Big Green Vinyl Frog

    You'll love this big rubber frog!

    He's made from flexible vinyl, and is hollow inside with a squeaker in his mouth. He is green with dark spots and a cream colored belly.

    Size: about 4" long and 2-1/2" high
  • Big Loveable Fuzzy Musical Frog

    Is there someone you love a whole hoppin' lot?

    Don't just tell them, show them how much you love them by gifting them with this giant plush musical frog! This loveable frog is one of the fuzziest you'll find and is a beautiful shade of green. The frog has an applique on its cheek of red lips and a matching red bow with white hearts and the word Love written on it.

    The music is triggered by pressing the patch sewn onto the back of the frog's left hand. It plays 2 instrumental songs (we don't know the names of the songs, sorry) and says, "I Love You!" which is also written on the attached gift tag.

    Size: 26" long from nose to bottom
  • Bouncy Bobble Frog

    I'm just a bouncing and bobbling frog!

    Just hang me from your desk lamp or any other convenient place and I will bobble and bounce every time you touch me.

    Hey, I love fans too!

    Size: I'm just over 4" and my hook & spring are 9" B.S. (that's before stretching... in case you were wondering)
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Boy/Girl Inflatable 24" Frogs, Set of Two

    These frogs are ready to party!

    These inflatable and colorful frogs are perfect for decorating at frog-themed parties! The boy frog is wearing a blue bow tie and the girl frog has a pink bow on her head.

    You can have lots of fun splashing in the pool with them too! Not to be used as a flotation device.

    Size: Set of 2 frogs, each 24 inches tall
  • Bright Colored Sticky Stretchy Frogs (12)

    Icky!! Sticky!!

    These tiny squishy jelly-like frogs stick to windows and smooth surfaces, and are loads of fun to squeeze and stretch.

    You get a bag of 12 assorted bright colors, with each frog individually poly-bagged to keep their stickiness.

    Great for party favors!

    Size: bag of 12 frogs, 2" long. (Warning: May stain absorbent surfaces.)
  • Bullfrog Skeleton Toy

    Looking for a spooky and froggy fun way to decorate for Halloween?

    This bull frog skeleton will make a great addition to your porch or lawn decor this fall. A great way to scare the kids!

    The frog is made from a hard but slightly flexible plastic.

    Size: one skeleton 8 inches long
  • Colorful Frog Finger Puppets, pk/12

    Here's some great frogs for little fingers!

    These awesome frog finger puppets are great entertainment for kids and don't take up much room at all so you can carry several of them easily in your pocket. They are actually flat and fit over your finger like a sleeve (see detailed photo below at left). Because they are flat they also make great cupcake toppers. All you need are some popsicle sticks to hold them upright. They would make fun pencil toppers too.

    The frogs come in an assortment of bright colors and you get a pack of twelve.

    Size: pack of 12 frog finger puppets, each about 2 inches tall
  • Colorful Mini Flinger Frogs, pk/72

    Ready for a flinger frog flight?

    Put the frog's front feet over the tip of your fingernail, pull back on the feet, and let it fly! You get a pack of 72 tiny stretchy flying frogs, perfect to liven up your party or relax that corporate meeting.

    The frogs come in an assortment of five bright colors: Neon orange, neon pink, green, red, and blue.

    Size: Pack of 72 frogs, each 1-3/4" long.

  • Colossal Squirt Frog

    Need a big squirting frog?

    Of course. Doesn't everyone?

    This big rubber frog measures over 9" long, and if you put him underwater and squeeze him he'll suck in water through his mouth. Then just give him a squeeze, and run!!

    Size: 9-1/2" long

    $5.95 save 17%
  • Crazy Frog Lady Pin-On Button

    Crazy for frogs?

    You really should warn others if you are. Just wear this button to give others a clear warning without you having to say anything. The button is white with a few green frogs and a very clear warning... "BEWARE of Crazy Frog Lady."

    The metal button has a pin-style backing and looks great on hats and jacket lapels! It makes a perfect party favor if you're holding a party for a crazy frog lady, too. Also check out our other Crazy Frog Lady items through the links below.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 1-3/4" across
  • Cute Little Froggies (3)

    Are you looking for some cute little froggies?

    These three happy frogs are the frogs you're looking for! Made from soft, yet durable plastic these frogs are a very bright green with a twinkle in their eyes.

    They have all sorts of uses from throwing them in the pond or pool, packing into a party favor bag, or as frog give-away at events. They are hollow with a small hole on the bottom that is the PERFECT size to stick the end of a pencil into and create a VERY nice froggy pencil topper.

    And, they look super cute as gift toppers or for decorating a froggy birthday cake!

    Size: pack of 3 frogs, 2 inches long
  • Dart Frog Mini Keychain Kite

    Go fly a frog!

    A frog kite, that is. This small frog kite is beautifully made from lightweight nylon fabric, and yet is so compact it folds up into a tiny zipper pouch that you can use for a keychain. Cool! Keep it in your backpack, purse, or car for those moments when you just must fly a kite.

    The kite comes complete with a small spool of line. No sticks or struts required; the gussets in the fabric keep it stiff enough to fly. See photo below for detail of kite zipper case and spool.

    Size: 18" wide, 12" tall. Folds into a handy zipper case 3-1/2" across.
    $9.95 save 25%
  • Dozen Colorful 3" Frogs

    Bring on the frogs!

    This bag of 12 assorted colorful vinyl frog toys iis perfect for party favors, or even for decorations on a birthday cake. You get two each of six different color variations. Spread them around for froggy table decorations, or give them out as fun prizes for your school or church carnival.

    The frogs are hollow and have open mouths, but do not squeak when squeezed.

    Size: Bag of 12 frogs, each 3" long
  • Dozen Colorful Squirting Frogs

    Here are some fun little frog toys for party favors and games!

    You get a pack of 12 colorful frogs. Each one is hollow flexible vinyl, and has a hole in its mouth. Put the frog underwater and squeeze out the air to let in water, then squirt!

    These frogs are small, so they provide lots of fun with just a small amount of actual water squirted.

    Size: One dozen frogs, each just under 2" long.
  • F.R.O.G. Funtime Frog Bath Toys

    Fully Rely on God.

    Two frogs and a lifesaver... what more do you need?

    You get 2 very cute green plastic frogs that float and squeak just a little, each with a cross printed on its belly. You also get one lifesaver in either white or pink.

    If the color is important, put a comment in the Customer Notes box when you check out and we will send your color of choice if still available.

    Size: Large frog is 3.5" tall, small frog is 2" tall, lifesaver is 4" across. Package tag says "Fully Rely on God", but there are no words or letters printed on the frogs. (see photo detail below).
  • Flip Frogs: CASE (24)

    Flip Frogs have a little suction cup on their chin, and when you push their head down onto their feet they sit there a moment, and then do a full back-flip when the suction cup lets go!

    1-1/2" tall, Case of 24 pcs, two assorted colors as shown.
  • Floating Frog Family Bath Toys

    Rub-a-dub-dub, four frogs in the tub!

    The big mama-frog has a lot on her mind... and her back!

    The shallow dip in the back of the big frog makes it a great place for the 3 little frogs to hop into. Or, you can kick out the baby frogs and use it as a floating soap dish.

    This fun froggy bath toy is made from soft vinyl, and comes packed in a net bag.

    Size: 7" long, baby frogs are 2" long

  • Floating Green Garden Frog

    Here's a lovely floating frog for your garden pond.

    This big green frog is made so he floats upright in water. He has lots of texture and a really sweet smile.

    He would also be lots of fun in your swimming pool!

    Size: 7 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches high
  • Flying Tree Frog Replica

    I can fly. I can fly!

    Authentic and graceful flying treefrogs actually do not fly at all. They glide from tree to tree. Brilliant green coloration on the top and stunning yellow on the belly with deep blue webbing on the feet makes this frog one of the stars of the frog world. (Detail photo below shows the frog's underside.)

    Luckily, this frog is just a nice rubbery plastic replica, so it doesn't matter how many times he tries to fly and fails. He won't get hurt... so please throw him some more!

    Size: 8" long
  • Foam Frog Christmas Wreath Craft Kit

    Make your own frog wreath for the holidays!

    This fun kit is a great activity for holiday prep parties, church or school groups, or crafty kids. The kit contains pre-cut foam frog pieces, foam flowers and even foam flies, sequins, wiggly eyes, buttons and ribbon for creating your own unique frog wreath. You draw your own faces on the frogs, so you can be creative.

    Glue is not included: you will need to supply your own white craft glue or hotmelt glue. You will need a permanent marker to draw faces on the frogs.

    Just use the photo on the front of the package as a guide to create your own wreath! It's kind of like a puzzle, and kids will have fun figuring it out and gluing it together. The little foam frogs would also make cute accents to add to a regular Christmas wreath.

    Size: The foam wreath circle is 9 inches in diameter. Note: Glue is NOT included.
    $4.95 save 61%
  • Foam Frog Stress Toy

    Squish me! Squeeze me! We'll both feel so much better.

    This squeezable foam frog toy is firm enough that you can use it to strengthen your grip, or just to vent your frustrations. He loves to be squeezed!

    The outside is a smooth washable vinyl, light green with dark green spots on its back.

    Size: 2-1/2" tall
  • Frog 3D Colored Wood Craft Puzzle (37 piece)

    Try out your froggy dexterity with this puzzle!

    You'll need to have fingers as flexible as a frog's to put together this 37 piece, 3D-puzzle.

    Made from thin plywood, you have to pop out the individual pieces and fit them together correctly to construct the frog as shown in the picture. Each piece is already patterned in a realistic green frog color. No need to paint!

    Recommended for ages 5 and up.

    Size: assembled frog is 4.3" length, 3.9" width, 3.5" high

    $6.95 save 29%
  • Frog 3D Wood Craft Puzzle (38 piece)

    Like to figure things out? Like frogs?

    Great, because that's exactly what you need for this 38 piece, 3D-puzzle! Made from thin plywood, you have to pop out the individual pieces and fit them together correctly to construct the frog as shown in the picture.

    The assembled frog is 3.5" tall x 5" long x 4.5" wide. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

    Be sure to see our other puzzles, too!
  • Frog Bubblegum Machine with Gumballs

    Cute! A frog gumball machine!

    This clear acrylic frog with glittery sparkles sits atop a gumball coin bank. Just turn the knob at the front and a gumball pops out the slot at the bottom. Great fun for kids, and perfect for your desk at the office too!

    There is also a coin slot in the back, so you can collect money in the base. (Coins are not required to operate the frog gumball machine.) Gumballs are included. Refillable.

    Size: 7-1/2" tall, contains about 40
  • Frog Life Cycle Stages

    Here's a great way to learn about frog metamorphosis, and have some fun too!

    You get a clump of frog eggs, a tadpole, a frog with a tail and an adult bullfrog. These four stages are a great way for kids to learn the frog life cycle.

    Educational and fun!

    Size: 4 pieces total, adult frog is 2-1/2" long.
  • Frog Paratrooper Toys (12)

    Check out these funny frogs with parachutes!

    You get a pack of a dozen parachuting frogs, perfect for party favors or stocking stuffers. Each little green rubber frog has a plastic parachute attached by strings. Drop them from porches or balconies, or toss them up and watch them come down.

    Surprise! The little frogs are doing different things: One is reading a book, one is holding an ice-cream cone, one wears a necktie and one wears a bowtie. (You get several of each style, but mixture may vary.)

    Size: Each frog about 1" tall, with an 11" parachute. Pack of 12.
  • Frog Prince/Princess Pop-Up Toys (12)

    Hoppin' Love!

    These lil' frogs are so in love, they just can't stop hopping around!

    Six frog princes and six frog princesses are included in this bag of pop-up toys. To use, just place on a flat surface and press down until suction cup is fully engaged. It'll sit there for a minute, and then pop up! If you have trouble getting it to stick, try moistening the suction cup with a little water.

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

    Size: ~2.5" tall, pack of 12
  • Frog Puzzle Sugarless Fruit Candy Tin

    What's fun, froggy, and tasty too?

    This tin of little fruity sugarless candies has a froggy game built right into the top. Jiggle it gently to get the little balls rolling, and see if you can get all of them into their spots! These fun games are perfect for frog party favors, stocking stuffers, and small gifts for frog lovers.

    Size: Tin is 3" across, 1" tall. Contains .88 ounces (25g) of sugarless fruit flavored hard candies.

    Tin is made in China, but the candy is made in the USA. Artificially flavored; contains no fruit.
  • Frog Wind-Up Swimmer

    Swim froggy, swim!

    This green plastic frog has a comical rounded body and moving flippers for feet.

    Just wind up the knob on the belly of this frog and let him go! Great swimming fun for the bathtub, pool, or hot tub. We don't recommend the dog's water bowl.

    Size: 2-1/2" long
  • Frog-Eyes Plush Costume Headband

    Looking for a quick way to express a lot of frogginess?

    This frog eyes hairband is perfect for a quick costume for plays, birthdays, Halloween and any other frog event. The headband is covered in a very soft green fabric and the eyes are lightly padded.

    Although designed for kids, this headband is stretchy enough that even older frog lovers can wear it too!

    Size: one size fits most heads
  • Frog-Head Squirt Ball

    Squirt, squirt!

    This happy frog head makes a great bath and swimming pool toy. He's got a winning smile, and holds lots of water for squirting. He also floats and is a superb catch toy.

    Made from soft hollow vinyl. No Phthalates or BPA.

    Size: 2-1/4 inches
    $3.95 save 10%
  • Frog-Shaped Beach Balls (2)

    Going to the beach or pool?

    Have twice the fun with TWO little inflatable frog beach balls, one light green and one dark green! They have protruding eyes and legs, which makes them bounce and toss in unpredictable ways.

    Just watch out on windy days or these little frogs just might hop away from you!

    Great for party decorations too...

    Size: Package of 2 balls, each 14" overall, the round part is 10"

    Safety tested for children of all ages.
  • Froggy Swim Goggles

    Need a special gift for your froggy swimmer or swim team?

    This will definitely set them apart from the rest!

    Though these goggles are child-sized, the elastic adjusts large enough for teens and small adults too.
  • Fun Flinger Frogs (12)

    These nifty flying frogs love to leap! Just stretch them back and hook them over a finger, then let loose of their feet and watch them fling.

    Not for children under 3 years of age. Not recommended for too-serious adults.

    Size: 3-1/2" long. Comes in pack of 12.
  • Fun Frog Squirters, Dozen

    Squirt frogs are loads of fun!

    Liven up your party or add some bathtime fun with these colorful squirting frogs. Hold them under water and squeeze to load them, then squeeze to squirt a stream of water from their mouth. Perfect for frog party favors or for the bath or pool!

    You get a pack of a dozen in bright assorted colors.

    Size: 2-1/2" long
  • Fun Sticky Frog

    Have fun with this stretchy sticky frog toy!

    He's squishy, squashy, and very sticky! Just hold the handle and flick your frog out. He'll stick to any smooth surface like windows, walls, and cars.

    Warning: Toy contains oil and may stain walls and furniture. Don't play with it near an open flame.

    Size: Un-stretched, the frog and stretch cord is about 7", the plastic handle is 3" and the package indicates that you can fling your frog up to 7 feet away.

  • Giant Realistic Squishy Toad

    Looking for a giant warty toad?

    This big natural looking frog is made from a spongy squeezeable soft foam, so it has a toadlike squishy feel. The toad's back is covered with lovely warty bumps. The swampy coloring of browns, grays, and yellowish greens give it a great realistic look.

    This fine toad makes a great party decoration, Halloween accessory, or decorative accent.

    Size: 8" tall, 9" long. Not a toy. For decoration only.
  • Giant Squeaky Latex Frog

    EEK! It's a giant frog!

    Want to make someone jump a mile? Squeeze this hollow latex frog and his rolled tongue extends, and he emits a loud ear-piercing squeak. It really is loud, almost more like a scream!

    Or, if you just want a super large green frog with purple warts then he's your guy. This also makes a good dog toy, but be careful the dog doesn't swallow any of it.

    Not for people with latex allergies. Do not give to children under age 5, because if they put the frog's tongue in their mouth it could come off and become a choking hazard.

    Size: 8" long including rolled tongue. Tongue extends about 3" when squeezed. 3-1/3" tall.
    NOTE: Color of frog's warts and tongue may vary, purple or yellow or pink.

  • Green Frog Kids Puzzle, 100pc

    Help put this puzzled frog find himself!

    If you were in pieces, wouldn't you want some help getting it back together again? When finished, you will have a delightful picture of a little green treefrog sitting on a branch.

    Size: 100 pieces that assemble to 9 inches by 10 inches
  • Grow a Frog Prince: Hopping

    Need a frog prince? Grow your own!

    This little green frog prince wears a crown and likes to hop, so don't let him get away! Just put him in water, and he'll grow to 3-4 times his original size. In fact, you can grow him and shrink him as many times as you want!

    Great for Valentine's Day or frog wedding shower party favors!

    Instructions for growing are included.

    Size: 1.5" long (before growing)
    $2.95 save 15%
  • Grow a Frog Prince: Sitting

    Need a frog prince? Grow your own!

    This little green frog prince wears a crown and a big smile. Just put him in water, and he'll grow to 3-4 times his original size. In fact, you can grow him and shrink him as many times as you want!

    Great for Valentine's Day or frog wedding shower party favors!

    Instructions for growing are included.
    Not recommended for children under age 5.

    Size: 2" tall (before growing)
  • Grow a Frog Prince: Standing

    Need a frog prince? Grow your own!

    This little green frog prince wears a crown and has the cutest pink tongue. Just put him in water, and he'll grow to 3-4 times his original size. In fact, you can grow him and shrink him as many times as you want!

    Great for Valentine's Day or frog wedding shower party favors!

    Instructions for growing are included.
    Not recommended for children under age 5.

    Size: 2" tall (before growing)
    $2.95 save 15%
  • Howling Rubber Frog Toy

    Give your frog a good squeak. Really, it will make you feel better!

    It's made from flexible rubber like vinyl, and emits a loud, howling squeak when you squeeze and release it. The frog is bright green with a slightly more yellow green on hands, feet and belly. The frog's stretched out leg design lets you stick him on handrails, chair backs and the corner of your computer screen.

    Size: 11" long

  • Inflatable Smiling Frog Beach Ball

    What do you get when a green beach ball starts growing legs?

    A very froggy beach ball! Or, a wonderful decoration for a party table or backyard get-together.

    This bright green frog has big eyes and a very sweet smile. He is made from inflatable vinyl and is the perfect companion for a party or a trip to the beach or pool.

    He even has a little loop on the top of his head, so he can easily be hung by a string as a party decoration.

    Comes flattened so you will need to inflate him either by mouth or with a pump.

    Size: About 10" tall, 12" wide including legs
  • Jumping Frog Dice Game

    Object of the game:

    Be the first frog to jump a total of 100 feet!

    The rules are detailed in the game instructions provided, but you essentially count your feet jumped by rolling the dice and multiplying the number of frogs showing by the number showing. For example, if you roll 2 frogs, a 3, 4, and 5, you have jumped 2 x 12 feet for a total of 24 feet.

    Game comes in a tube and includes 5 dice and the instructions. The dice are white with green numbers and a green frog replaces the number 1 side.

    Great game for traveling, or to carry in your bag just in case. Or, use the froggy dice for your other favorite gaming events!

    Size: 4.25" long, 1" wide
  • Jumping Frogs Party Game

    Here's a fun little game for your party!

    Just press down on the frog's back end, then release to make the frog leap. See if you can make your frog leap into the plastic yellow bowl.

    For an extra fun time, find a shallow blue bowl and fill it with water to make a more realistic pond. The first one to get their frog or frogs in the pond wins!

    There are instructions on the back for additional jumping games.

    Size: Set of 6 brightly colored plastic 2" jumping frogs and one 4" yellow plastic "pond" dish.
    NOTE: Design on packaging material may vary. Frogs may be a bit larger than shown iin photo.

  • Long-Legged Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    This is not just any Red-eyed treefrog...

    ...this is AZURA!

    The attached tag on this plush frog contains the following information and more!

    Her name means "blue sky" in Spanish. Indeed, Azura is always heading for the sky, gracefully climbing trees with ease... This fascinating frog has a rotating or "opposable" thumb, much like humans. Thus the red-eyed tree frog can use its thumb and fingers to firmly grip leaves and branches, moving through the trees of the rainforest effortlessly.

    Azura's "hands" have velcro on the palms and she just loves to hang around your neck!

    Size: 26" stretched out
  • Magic Frog to Prince

    Turn your frog into a prince!

    Just open the can, add cold water and watch your frog turn into a prince before your very eyes! And if you want your prince to grow, just fill the can with clean water and wait 72 hours!

    Surely that's not too long to wait for your prince?

    Size: Box is 4" tall x 3.25" x 3.25"
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Mini Frogs - Assorted Colors & Styles

    Here's some great little frogs for event give-aways and party favors!

    These colorful tiny rainforest frogs are available in a bag of 12, but also bulk bagged in quantities of 72 (6 dozen).

    Quantities of 72 are APPROXIMATE (sold by weight).

    Mini vinyl frogs are about 1" to 1-1/2" long.

    Choose a bag size:
    Bag of 12 frogs
    Approx 72 frogs
  • Mom with Baby Jumping Frog Toy

    Jump Frog, Jump!

    This cute frog mom and baby have some serious jumping action going on. Just place your thumb over the air hole in the pump and squeeze quickly. This will cause a small balloon on the underside of the frog to fill up with air and make it jump.

    Try and see just how high you can get the frog to jump by squeezing as hard and quickly as you can! Fun for parties and great for travel because you can make it jump in a small area without ever letting go of the frog.

    Note: The frog generally jumps up (or does backflips) rather than moving significantly forward.

    Size: Frog is 4" across
  • Music-Box Frog Figurine

    How about a musical frog to brighten your day?

    This music box plays an instrumental version of "You Are My Sunshine" and features a green frog sitting on a pink lotus flower.

    Just wind it up on the bottom and it will play. No batteries required!

    Size: about 4" high
  • Natural Frog Assortment (12 pcs)

    Are you looking for a variety of little frogs?

    You get a dozen frogs in an assortment of sizes, patterns and color. The designs are based on treefrogs, poison dart frogs, and a few others too.

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events.

    Size: Pack of 12 frogs, the average size of the frogs is just over an inch long.
  • Neon Colored Frogs (72)

    Neon froggies! How cute!

    Lots and lots of cute, mini neon froggies!

    Okay, they're not really made of neon, just plastic. But they are bright, semi-transparent and NEON in color! They are flexible without being squishy...

    You get 72 neon frogs. Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events!

    Size: 1 bag of about 72 frogs, each little frog is 1" long.
  • Pair of Froggy Glow Stick Wands

    Here's a great glow in the dark frog!

    These froggy wands are perfect for Halloween, birthday parties, dances and theater plays.

    When you are ready to use the glow wands, simply bend the tube until you hear the snapping and then it should light up. The ingredients are non-toxic and non-flammable. Made for one-time use.

    Size: pack of 2 frog wands, 10 inches long
  • Peace Frogs 100-pc Puzzle

    Putting together a puzzle is a delight for your body, soul and spirit!

    This Peace Frogs puzzle has a multicolor frog holding up one hand in the peace sign and is surrounded by a jagged rainbow of bright colors. Below the frog are the words "body", "soul" and "spirit."

    This puzzle has 100 pieces and is 12.5" x 15" when put together.
  • Peace Frogs Playing Cards

    Promote peace by playing a froggy game of cards!

    This deck of playing cards has the world-renowned Peace Frogs design on its cover. The green frog is holding up a hand in the peace sign and is surrounded by a jagged rainbow of bright colors.

    Size: 3.5" tall by 2.5" wide, 1 deck of standard playing cards
  • Pearly Stretch Frogs (48)

    Need loads of squishy stretchy frogs?

    These come in an assortment of bright pearly colors, each in its own poly wrapper.

    You get a bag of 48 frogs, each about 1-1/2" long.
  • Peel'n Stick Sitting Frog

    Where did that frog go?

    Use your imagination and find places to stick this frog! This peel & stick frog can be stuck to any clean, smooth surface. Or, just set him down without sticking and he's happy to sit there.

    Froggie here at the FrogStore even has one stuck to her car bumper! Computer monitors, windows, dashboards, bike helmets and bookshelves are also good places.

    When you peel the release paper, the black base has an adhesive surface on it. The frog can be removed from its base by twisting it a quarter-turn.

    Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Phyllis, A Snazzy Swimmer Windup Frog

    Lets see who can get to the other side of the pond first!

    And no cheating! Frog kicks only or you're disqualified.


    Umm... HEY! No fair! You've got to wind me up first!

    Phyllis is a cute little frog who loves to race. She is a windup toy frog designed for swimming. She has a blue body with orange arms and legs and spots on her back. Her back legs will kick strongly when you wind up the knob.

    Size: Phyllis is 3 inches long when you stretch her out.
  • Plastic Frog Easter Eggs, dozen

    Add a little variety to your Easter this year with some frog eggs!

    These colored plastic eggs have little frog-shaped legs attached to them to give them a very froggy look. Kids love to look for these unique eggs!

    For an extra treat, you can buy some frog and fly gummy candy to stuff inside. See the related link below.

    Size: Each egg is 2-1/2 inches long, you get a pack of 12 eggs in a variety of colors.
  • Realistic Plastic Frogs (12)

    Nice, realistic style frogs!

    These colorful frogs are just a bit larger than our other mini frog assortments, and come in a nice variety of colors.

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events.

    Size: Pack of 12 frogs, each little frog is about 1-1/2" long and 1-3/4" wide.
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume Hat

    Wanna be a frog?

    Use this Red-Eyed Tree Frog hat to make your froggiest wish come true! This hat is made from a tough, flexible foam and has a sturdy elastic band to hold it in place.

    Perfect for Halloween and costume parties!

    Size: 8" x 7" x 3", fits most head sizes

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume Mask

    Ribbit...wanna be a frog?

    Use this Red-Eyed Tree Frog mask and be the froggiest frog ever! The mask is made from a tough, flexible foam and has a sturdy elastic cord to hold it in place.

    Perfect for Halloween and costume parties!

    Fits securely on the face and the open mouth makes it easy to see. No stumbling in the dark for you!

    Size: 8" x 7" x 3", fits most head sizes

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Playing Cards

    Anybody up for a game of cards?

    This deck of playing cards is a delight to look at with it's artwork of a Red-eyed treefrog sitting on a branch surrounded by butterflies and flowers.

    Size: 3.5" tall by 2.5" wide, 1 deck of standard playing cards
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Bouncer

    Bouncin' and bobbing!

    Just attach this cute little frog bounce toy to any window, mirror, or even your monitor and watch it bounce! The frog is a replica of a Red-eyed tree frog with a bright green body, orange toes, and large red eyes.

    This frog loves to ride on car windows (but only on the inside please...) and loves to taunt cats by hanging just out of reach on the window.

    Comes in an individual package as shown below.

    Size: Frog is 1.5" long and the wire is 4" long
    $3.95 save 37%
  • Ribbiting Plush Spotted Frog

    Croak three times for good luck! This cute frog is made from super soft plush that is wonderful to touch. The frog is a light green with brown spots. If you squeeze the middle of the frog, he will ribbit three times to give you his froggy blessing of luck! Size: About 5" long

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Rubber Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Here's a beautifully made little flexible vinyl frog!

    One of the most popular frogs of the mysterious rainforest is the red-eye tree frog named after their dramatic red eyes. This authentic and hand painted mother frog has a baby on her back. Made of durable, phthalate free polyvinyl.

    Size: 2-1/2" long. Ages 3+
    $2.95 save 7%
  • Set of 3 Colorful Inflatable Frogs

    Looking for some fun frogs who don't mind getting wet?

    These inflatable and colorful frogs are perfect for decorating at frog-themed parties! They have big eyes and big smiles.

    You can have lots of fun splashing in the pool with them too! Not to be used as a flotation device.

    Size: Set of 3 frogs, each 17 inches tall
  • Set of 4 Whimsical Inflatable Frogs

    Looking for some fun frogs who don't mind getting wet?

    The four frogs have big eyes, sweet smiles and cute little heart-shaped noses.

    These inflatable and colorful frogs are perfect for decorating at frog-themed parties! They have a convenient clear plastic ring on the top of their heads for you to hang them with plastic wire or a thin ribbon.

    You can have lots of fun splashing in the pool with them too! Not to be used as a flotation device.

    Size: Set of 4 frogs, each 24 inches tall
  • Set/8 Lifelike Vinyl Dart Frogs

    You'll love these beautiful frogs!

    These are high-quality vinyl replicas of various Poison Dart Frogs and treefrog species. Each is nicely painted with realistic markings and colors.

    The frogs are made of a flexible vinyl rubber, and they come nicely packaged in a clear plastic tube.

    Made by Safari.

    Size: Set of 8 frogs as shown. Each is about 2" to 2-1/2" long.
  • Skydiving Frogs Mini Flying Saucer

    Wheeeeeee! These frogs love to fly.

    Toss this little frog flying saucer with a spin, like a frisbee, for loads of froggy fun. It's a small compact size, but still tosses well and it's oh-so-cute. The five bright colorful frogs each have a parachute on their back, and they're made from a flexible vinyl.

    Size: 4-1/4" across
  • Squeaky Fun Frogs (3)

    Adorable smiling frogs...

    Surround yourself with these smiling, squeaky frogs during your next bath and soon you will be smiling too! They are made from soft flexible vinyl and have a vent in the bottom that produces a mild squeaky sound when squeezed.

    Set of 3 includes one adult sized green frog and 2 kid sized green frogs in floaty rings.

    Size: Small frogs are 2" tall, large frog is 3.5" tall
  • Squeaky Little Froggies: 10 pcs

    Such cute little froggies!

    These whimsical frog toys are hollow and flexible, and make a nice squeak when you squeeze them. You'll find they look awesome on top of a birthday cake, and also make great party favors, gift toppers, bath toys or table decorations.

    The frogs are a medium minty-green color, with red smiles.

    Size: You get a bag of 10 little froggies, each one 2" long and 1-3/8" tall

    (Note: These frogs look very similar to the "Cute Little Froggies, pk/3", but these frogs are about 1/4" shorter and a slightly lighter green. Cute Little Froggies (3) can be found in the "Related Products" tab below.)
  • Squishy Buddy Tree Frog

    Why is this cute treefrog called a Squishy Buddy?

    Because he'll become your best buddy for a hoppin' squishy fun time!

    He's got really stretchy, rubbery legs that you can twist and pull and his belly is filled with little EPS beads. These little beads let you squish his belly into different shapes that will stay until you squish him again.

    This is where the Squishy comes in because it's lots of fun to squeeze his belly! Choose from the blue color or green.

    Size: About 3-1/2" long body. Choose BLUE or GREEN.

  • Squishy Sticky Stretch Frog

    Sticky, stretchy, squishy!!

    This shimmery teal-green frog with purple stripes is super stretchy. The body is soft and a bit damp and sticky feeling, just like a real frog. You can stretch it to many times its length.

    A fun toy for those who like to stretch and pull things and a super surprise in a Christmas stocking!

    Size: about 4 inches unstretched (body measures 3" long)

    $2.95 save 34%
  • Sticky Stretchy Mini Spotted Frogs (12)

    Stick 'em, stretch 'em, squish 'em!

    Okay, I don't really know all the places they can stick and I wouldn't recommend sticking them to your sofa... but they ARE really sticky frogs. Stretchy too!

    Each tiny colorful jelly-like frog comes individually wrapped to keep its stickiness.

    You get a pack of 12 small spotted frogs in assorted colors and each one is just over an inch long.
  • Tiny Mini Dart Frog Assortment (set/3)

    Looking for tiny frogs?

    These cute frogs are made from a rubbery vinyl, so they are very flexible as well as tough. This awesome trio has one green frog, one red frog and one blue frog.

    Great for party favors, stocking stuffers, rewards, and table decorations! Also fun to just carry around in your pocket... they're tough so they can handle it.

    Size: Pack of 3, each frog is about 3/4" long. Not recommended for small children.
  • Tiny Mini Jumping Frog Toys (144 pcs)

    Frogs, frogs everywhere!

    These tiny frogs are a tiny version of the larger jumping frogs we have, and are great for use as party decorations, game tokens, party favors, or any other use where LOTS of little frogs are needed. If you want the larger version, see item FG7591.

    There are about 144 plastic frogs in this pack in assorted colors. Great for party favors and group games! Press down on the little lever on their backside, then slide your finger off it and they give a little hop like a tiddlywink.

    Size: pack of 144 frogs, each about one inch long.
  • Tiny Mini Treefrogs (Set 3)

    A trio of tiny treefrogs!

    These cute little frogs are made from a rubbery vinyl, so they are very flexible as well as tough. And, we think they're some of the teeniest tiniest toy treefrogs you will ever see!

    Great for party favors, stocking stuffers, rewards, and table decorations! Also fun to just carry around in your pocket... they're tough so they can handle it.

    Size: Pack of 3, each frog is about 3/4" long. Not recommended for small children.
  • Tiny Tree Frogs (Dozen)

    Got frogs?

    These tiny vinyl rubber treefrogs are cute and green, and perfect for any time you need a bunch of little frogs.

    Their bodies are solid flexible plastic (not hollow), and 2-1/2" from nose to toes. Great for party favors, decorations, gift toppers, or school projects.

    You get a package of a dozen (12).
    $3.50 save 16%
  • Vinyl Frog Finger Puppets (12)

    Fun with frog fingers! Put these little green rubbery frogs on each finger for a froggy good time.

    Fits child or thin adult fingers. Can be snipped with scissors to enlarge the opening for larger fingers.

    Can also be used as a pencil/pen topper.

    You get a pack of twelve.

    Size: about 2-1/2" tall
  • Whimsical Little Frog Wizard

    This cute little frog has charm!

    He's dressed as a little wizard, complete with pointed hat and cape of black sueded fabric decorated with little gold hearts and moons. The frog is soft green velvety plush, and will sit upright.

    We keep him on top of our computer, to ward off computer viruses with his wizardly talents! He is also a great Halloween frog.

    Size: 7" tall overall; 5" when sitting

  • Windup Flipping Frog Toy

    Here's a fun frog action toy!

    Wind up this little green plastic frog, and he starts doing backflips. Sometimes he lands on his face or his back, but if you try him on several different surfaces you should be able to get him to flip completely over and land on his feet.

    See lower photo for a film clip of the action. If stopped, refresh the page to start it again.

    Size: about 2" tall

  • Windup Swimming Frog with Babies

    Splish... splish... splash!

    This fun frog mama toy winds up with a knob on the bottom so she can swim across your tub by kicking her legs back and forth. She has four little baby frogs who just love to follow! Like their mama, the babies are a dark green with tiny brown spots on them.

    The little frogs don't kick on their own, but have magnets front and rear so that they can be towed by mama frog from the back of her elbows (which also have magnets.)

    Size: Mama frog is 4" long, babies are 1-3/4" long
  • Wood Croaking Frogs


    Remove the stick from the frog's mouth, draw it lightly over the ridges on his back, and it will make a very frog-like croaking sound.

    These handsome wooden frogs also make awesome percussion instruments! Just tap the stick on any part of the frog. Great fun for the entire family!

    Hand-carved in Thailand, these beautiful frogs are made from non-endangered wood. As a natural product, each one is unique and can range in color from light to dark in a variety of wood grain patterns. See the detailed images for an example of the variety. (Note: the Large size frogs are the darker color.)

    The frogs are sold by the single piece and you get 1 frog plus 1 stick. Choose from 3 sizes. Sizes are approximate.

    Large - 4.5" long
    Medium - 3.25" long
    Small - 2.25" long

    Prices vary with size. To see other prices, use the pull-down menu to select the size.
  • Wooden Frog on Lily Pad Puzzle Box

    This frog puzzle box is made of beautiful handcrafted wood.

    The box is in the shape of a lily pad and has a secret compartment inside that you have to solve the puzzle in order to get to it. It's a great place to keep special treasures.

    To open the box, take out the bar key and slide the pieces in the correct order and the secret space will be revealed (see image below for a view of the the first piece removed and the top almost off.)

    Size: 6.75" x 3" x 2"
    $29.50 save 10%
  • Wooden Red-Eyed Tree Frog Puzzle (20 pieces)

    Don't leave this tree frog in pieces!

    This is an awesome high quality wooden puzzle of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. A great challenge for young minds and fingers! The puzzle has 20 wood pieces that fit into a wooden frame.

    A portion of the proceeds from this puzzle is donated to Abhaya Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides housing, education and support to disadvantaged children throughout the world.

    Size: 8" x 8"
  • Wooden Tree Frog Puzzle (15 piece)

    This Red-Eyed Treefrog is not small at all!

    This is an awesome high quality wooden puzzle of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. A great challenge for young minds and fingers! The puzzle has 15 wood pieces that fit together in the shape of a frog.

    The large wooden puzzlepieces are great for floors and even carpets. Your child may even want to hang it on the wall when they're not taking it apart and putting it back together again. (Picture hanging accessories are NOT included.)

    Size: About 17" tall and 12" wide