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Switchplates & Wallpaper Borders

Frog home decor makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog light switchplates and frog outlet covers in a variety of designs and sizes. Cute frog wall borders are perfect for bathrooms and nurseries, and classrooms too.


  • Brass Frog Double Switchplate

    Replace your plain light switch cover with this handsome antiqued-brass plate!

    It shows three frogs on lilypads, and is made from solid brass. It comes in a nice gift box.

    Size: 4.75" x 5.5".
  • Fun Froggy Wall Border

    These little froggies are equally at home in the bedroom or the bath!

    The entire pattern is shown in the picture then repeats itself for the entire roll. Each roll contains 15 feet of prepasted wall border, 6.875" wide. The borders are washable and strippable.
  • Jungle Frogs Wallplates

    Add froggy elegance to any room!

    These beautiful high quality fired ceramic switchplates replace the plastic covers over your light switches or outlets, and come in a variety of sizes.

    Wide switchplates have large openings for rocker switches or outlets ("Decora" style).

    Prices vary with item, and the correct price for that size will display when you select your style.
  • Lilypad Frog Wall Border + Cutouts

    Decorate your room with these peaceful frogs!

    The wall border features green frogs on lilypads, against a rippled blue pond. The waterlilies are a pale peach color, and a dragonfly and mayfly hover overhead.

    But wait, there's more! With each roll of wall border, you also get four matching wallpaper cutouts of frogs sitting on lilypads. Use these to decorate a special corner, or to put around a door or window area.

    Size: Each roll of border is 7" wide and 15 feet long
  • Tree Frog Wallpaper Border


    A portion of the proceeds from each sale supports the National Wildlife Federation.

    Make any room a froggy room! Delicate little red-eyed tree frogs peek at you from a network of green leaves on a cream-colored background.  Prepasted, can be applied with just a sponge and water.

    Size: 7" wide x 15 feet long.


  • Tropical Frogs Double Switchplate

    Switch to tropical frogs! You won't be sorry...

    Three colorful frogs stretched out across three pale green lily pads and surrounded by three flowers. The flowers are purple, pink, and orange.

    Made of durable resin, this switchplate cover fits the standard double light switch and comes with 4 screws.

    Check out the matching decorative wall border and nightlight through the links below.

    Size: About 5" tall and 5" wide
  • Wall Border - Froggy Friends

    These little froggies are equally at home in the bedroom or the bath!

    Each pack contains 15 feet of prepasted wall border, 10" wide. The bottom edge is cut to shape along the edge of the lilypads.