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Stickers, Tattoos & Decals

Frog stickers and decals make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have a wide variety of frog stickers, temporary tattoos, and decals.


  • "Have You Hugged A Frog Today?" Sticker

    Well now, HAVE you hugged a frog today? You should, you know... It'll make you and the frog both hoppy!

    This cute round vinyl frog sticker looks great on a window or as a car bumper sticker. It's also just the thing for decorating lockers, notebooks, office cubicles, and terrariums.

    Size: 5" across, round
  • "Protect The Frogs" Sticker

    Protect the Frogs!

    This great eco-sticker has artwork by Dan Morris. The frog is covered in colorful designs including sun and stars, moon, clouds and flowers. The text surrounding the frog says, "Protect the Frogs."

    There is a separate sticker with the words, "save the planet" on a yellow flower that is 2" wide. The frog sticker is about 5" wide.

    Size: 1 sticker sheet with 2 stickers
  • "Scratch 'n Sniff" Frog Stickers (60)

    Sniff a frog?

    Yum! They smell like pineapple! Just scratch and sniff these fun affirmation stickers. Some say "Terrific!", some say "Great!", and some say "Jumping for Joy!". You get four sheets of 15 stickers per sheet.

    Size: 60 stickers, each about 1" diameter
  • 3D Frog Notebook & Reader Cling

    Decorate the cover of your tablet, netbook or reader with this fantastic 3-D frog cling!

    It fits most tablets and readers and can easily be trimmed to fit smaller ones. You can remove and reuse this art skin many times. It leaves no residue and can be used on glass and metal as well as plastics.

    You can also use this cling on your school supplies like binders or directly on your locker.

    Size: decal is about 4" by 6"
  • 3D Leaping Frog Cellphone Cling

    Looking for a fantastic skin for your iPhone?

    Try this colorful 3-D leaping frogs skin to personalize your phone. It has one frog leaping from a mushroom over the top of another.

    It fits iPhones 4 & 4S but can easily be trimmed with scissors to fit smaller phones. You can peel and reuse this 3-D art skin on most cases. It removes without any residue.

    Size: skin is about 2" by 4-1/2
  • Balloon Frog Peace Decal

    Peace, brother frog!

    This psychedelic frog holds a balloon that has a shadowy peace symbol in it, and he holds up his fingers in a peace sign. He'll look great in your window, or stuck to any clean smooth surface such as a file cabinet, locker, or bookcover.

    This is a two-sided window decal, so the colors and details can be viewed from both inside and outside the window.

    Size: 4-1/2" tall
  • Colorful Frog Peace Sticker

    Froggy wishes for peace to all!

    This colorful adhesive decal features a smiling frog holding up both hands in a peace symbol. His bright retro colors give us flashbacks to the 60's...

    The sticker has peel-and-stick adhesive on the back, so it's made to mount on a smooth surface or on the outside of a window. Makes a groovy statement as a bumper sticker, or on lockers or school notebooks too!

    Size: 6" wide, 4" tall
  • Colorful Froggies Stickers (120)

    Decorate with funny, colorful frog stickers!

    These are perfect for dressing up envelopes, scrapbooks, notepaper, parties, and placecards.

    You get a total of 120 frog stickers in the "froggie" pose and vivid colors of yellow, green, blue, pink, red and purple. There are 6 sheets of 20 stickers in the package.

    Size: 120 stickers total, each 1 inch tall
  • Crazy Frogger Decal

    What's that crazy frog doing on your window?

    We don't know, but he makes us smile!

    This cute two-sided adhesive sticker shows the full design from either side, so you can put it on the inside or outside of a window. It also looks great on mirrors, filing cabinets, and school supplies. A small dragonfly sticker and a beetle are included as well, and are separate from the frog.

    Size: Frog decal is 4-1/2" wide
  • Cute Laser-Cut Mylar Frog Stickers

    Decorate your stationery, school supplies, or scrapbooks with these fun loving frogs!

    The frog stickers are both colorful and prismatic which gives them a nice glittery look. Whether catching flies or relaxing in the pond, these frogs sure know how to have fun!

    The edges of each sticker are a raised gold bead, which gives them a sort of 3D appearance.

    Size: One sheet of 16 frogs ranging from about 1" to 2" long, as a bonus you also get 4 fly stickers.
  • Diecut Red Eyed Treefrog Sticker

    Don't look down!

    Unless you just happen to have the sticking power of a Red-Eyed Treefrog. They never lose their grip! Especially this one...

    This die-cut sticker is designed to for indoor or outdoor use. It makes a great bumper sticker, but you can stick on file cabinets, windows, notebooks, and binders too!

    Just peel the sticker from its beige backing and you can place your frog-on-branch shaped sticker anywhere.

    Size: 3-1/2" by 5-1/2"
  • Frogs Growth Chart Sticker

    So, how tall is your kid?

    Uh, well... hmm... frog high?

    It's not a bad answer to that question, but not everyone may appreciate your sense of humor. With this easy to use frog growth chart, you can keep track of your child's growth. The beautiful jungle frogs on a vine design will look great on just about any wall!

    Just measure up 2 feet from the floor and align it with the mark on the bottom chart sticker, then place the second sticker above the first. The frog chart measures from 2 feet to 4 feet 5 inches.

    Mark your child's height with a pen and write down the date each time you take a measurement and you will have a keepsake long after your child has outgrown the chart.

    The chart sticker is self-adhesive to a clean, smooth wall- just peel and stick. It is NOT a permanent adhesive, so you can easily remove the chart without harming your wall.

    Size: 2 stickers, each about 15" long and 5" wide
  • Fully Rely on God Sticker

    Another great F.R.O.G. sticker!

    The sticker has a leaping green frog with spots on it and the words, "F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God."

    This durable vinyl sticker is made for outdoor use, but looks great anywhere. It's modest size is great for putting onto a car bumper that already has a few stickers on it.

    The sticker is an excellent choice for school notebooks, bulletin boards, refrigerators, and office cubicles as well.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 2" x 9"
  • Funky Frogs Stickers (72)

    Are you looking for some FUNky frog stickers?

    These colorful little frogs are a fun way to dress up your notebooks, stationary and craft projects!

    The frogs are blue, green, orange and dark yellow and they have one eye that is a little larger than the other for a funky, quirky look. The stickers make great classroom and assignment rewards.

    Printed in the USA.

    Size: frogs are about 1-1/4 inch high and you get 6 sheets of 12 stickers for a total of 72 stickers
  • Funky Frogs Tattoos (24 pc)

    Having a fun frog event for kids? These colorful temporary frog tattoos are loads of fun, and are easily applied with just a damp sponge.

    The funky frogs come in 4 colors to a sheet and make great party favors or classroom rewards.

    You get a pack of 24 assorted tattoos.

    Size: Each tattoo is about 1-1/4" across

  • Funny Frogs Puffy Stickers (72)

    Looking for a whole bunch of funny frog stickers?

    Six great frog designs grace the top of these puffy stickers. They each have a little pad of foam inside, which makes them cushy and fun to touch!

    Each sticker is individually wrapped so they make great party favors! You get a bag of 72 stickers total, the actual number of each design may vary from pack to pack.

    Check out other Funny Frogs related items through the links below.

    Size: One pack of 72 stickers, each puffy sticker is about 1-1/2" long
  • Gold Outlined Rainforest Frog Stickers

    These frog stickers are very sparkly and elegant!

    The frogs are printed on a shiny reflective mylar plastic with a holographic sparkle pattern that makes the whole frog glitter. The edges of each sticker are a raised gold outline, which gives them a sort of 3D appearance.

    Great for party favors, scrapbooking, and sticking in your notebooks and journals!

    Acid and phthalate free.

    Size: One sheet of 16 frogs just over an inch long
  • Golden Outline Frog Stickers

    Decorate your stationery, school supplies, or scrapbooks with these brilliant frog stickers!

    The frogs are printed on a green shiny reflective mylar plastic with a holographic spiral pattern. The frogs have either dark blue or red spots that are outlined in metallic gold.

    The edges of each sticker are a raised gold bead, which gives them a sort of 3D appearance.

    Size: One sheet of 10 frogs ranging from about 1/2" to 2" long.
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Hoppy Frogs Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers, 2 sheets

    What should a frog smell like? Green apple. Yum!

    Just scratch and sniff these fun froggy stickers to delight your senses. There are six unique designs of these silly frogs. You get 2 sheets of 8 frog stickers per sheet.

    Size: 16 stickers, each about 2 inches long
  • I Love Frogs Sticker

    Do you love frogs?

    Of course you do! How could anyone not love frogs?

    This durable vinyl sticker is made for outdoor use, but looks great anywhere. It's modest size is great for putting onto a car bumper that already has a few stickers on it!

    It is just the thing for school notebooks, bulletin boards, refrigerators, and office cubicles.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 2" x 9"
  • Jumping Frog Green Rub-On Vinyl Decal

    Looking for a cool frog decal for your car?

    This green frog is jumping for peace with a smile and both hands raised overhead in the peace sign.

    Especially great for car windows but is also perfect for decorating tiles, bathrooms, mirrors, or just about any smooth clean surface. Think of school lockers, car bumpers, refrigerators, toilet tanks, shower surrounds, filing cabinets, and so much more!

    Directions for use: 1) Rub firmly over design with a squeegee or credit card like object. 2) Gently peel tape and design from backing. 3) Apply design to clean, dry, smooth surface. 4) Rub firmly over entire design. 5) Carefully peel tape away from design. 6) Do not wash over design for 24 hours.

    Note: This is a cut-vinyl decal. The green part is vinyl, and the rest is not there at all! That is, there is no clear square of plastic to show on a window or other surface. The decal consists only of the green part.

    Size: Frog is 5 inches tall
  • Keroppi Nail Tattoos

    Here's a fun way to be froggy!

    These temporary tattoos are made for fingernails, but could also be put on skin. Each design is quite tiny, about 1/4" tall, so they fit neatly on a fingernail.

    Besides the Keroppi frogs there are some other cute little bugs and critters, a total of 74 tiny tattoos.

    Size: 74 temporary tattoos 1/8" to 1/4" (One 3" x 5" sheet, as shown)
    $1.95 save 51%
  • Large Peeking Frankie Treefrog Decal

    This adorably cute frog is peeking out at you!

    This big sticker comes with the hands in separate pieces so that you can span a break such as a door or window on your vehicle.

    It is a large sturdy sticker intended to be on a car window or other smooth surface. Decorate your filing cabinet, the lid of your toilet, the side of the refrigerator, or even a smooth wall or door in your home. (See detailed photos by clicking the small images below the main photo.)

    Size: 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide. That's BIG!
  • Lotsa Funky Frog Stickers (810)

    Wow! That's a LOT of tiny frog stickers!

    So many possibilities... Stick them onto envelopes or packages, or onto plain wrapping paper to turn it into froggy gift wrap. Stick them all over the tablecloth at a froggy party, or stick them onto the backs of kids hands at a festival. Put them on greeting cards, on kids' homework papers, chart seals, or on the end of your nose. Frogs everywhere!

    Teachers love to use these for marking charts, where each kid gets a frog sticker to mark when their work is done. Use them for your chore list, or for rewarding good behavior.

    Size: Each little round sticker is just under 1/2" across (7/16", about a centimeter), and you get 90 on each 5" x 6" sheet. A package has 9 sheets, so that's 810 stickers total.
  • Lotsa Tiny Green Frog Stickers (810)

    Loads and loads of tiny frog stickers!

    Stick them everywhere! Use them on wrapping paper or gift bags, stick them on party cups or placemats, decorate your envelopes and nametags. Cover your locker door in frogs, or your notebooks or your backpack. Stick them on your forehead!

    Teachers love to use these for frog chart seals, where each kid gets a frog sticker to mark when their work is done. Use them for your chore list, or for rewarding good behavior.

    Each green frog is surrounded by a small yellow background. See detailed photo below for larger image.

    Size: You get a pack of 810 stickers, on 9 sheets of 90 stickers per sheet. Each sticker is 1/2" tall and 1/2" wide.
  • Peace Frogs: "Celebrate Life!" Frog Sticker

    Celebrate life!

    This sticker has a pink peace frog wearing a pink ribbon with another pink ribbon looped around the frog. The background is blue with pink flowers. Below the frog and ribbon are the words, "Support Brest Cancer Research."

    Add this peace frog sticker to your car bumper, filing cabinet or notebook to show your support!

    Size: 5" round
  • Peace Frogs: "Peaceful Easy Feeling" Decal

    Get that peaceful easy feeeling...

    This Peace Frogs sticker has a nice retro look to it. It's got 3 frogs around the peace symbol and is done in earthy tones of orange, green, and brown.

    The decal is made to cling on the inside of a window without adhesive, and to be viewed from the outside. It can also cling to a mirror or other smooth surface.

    Size: 5" in diameter
  • Peace Frogs: Starry Night Sticker

    Looking for that peaceful froggy feeling?

    This handsome sticker looks great on your car window, locker, bookcovers, or anything else you'd like to decorate. It's a peel-and-stick vinyl adhesive sticker, made for outdoor applications.

    The design shows a frog making the peace sign, against a background design of sun, stars, and crescent moon.

    Size: 5" across
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Mylar Decal

    What a cute sparkling treefrog decal!!

    This big red-eyed treefrog is eye catching!! It's printed on shiny silvery mylar, which shows around the frog. Excellent for cars, mirrors, boats, windows or what ever you might want to decorate.

    Size: Treefrog sticker is about 6 1/4" X 4"
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Tumbler Decal

    What a great frog sticker!

    It's made to go on your thermal tumbler or travel mug, but also looks wonderful on your car window or bumper as an auto decal. Permanent, indoor/outdoor, and washable.

    Turn any coffee cup into a froggy cup, or use it to cover another design or logo. Stick it on school notebooks, filing cabinets, computers, or any smooth surface!

    Size: 3" wide, 2-3/4" tall
  • Superfrog Auto Decal

    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERFROG!

    Frankie Frog thinks he's a superstar, and you know, he just might be right...

    It is a large sturdy sticker intended to be on a car window or other smooth surface. Looks great peeking out of a window, and is also excellent on a refrigerator, mirror, filing cabinet, or even your toilet lid! Printed on clear vinyl with a removable adhesive backing.

    Size: 9" wide, 6-3/4" tall (that's BIG!)
  • Whimsical Frog Tattoos, pk/72

    Having a froggy celebration?

    These fun frog temporary tattoos are a great addition to any frog party. They apply easily with water, and application directions are written on the back of each frog tattoo.

    Size: Pack of 72 assorted frog designs, each 1-1/4" wide