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Stationery & Paper Products

Frog stationery makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have a wide variety of frog notepads, stationery, address books and journals.


  • "Crazy Frog Lady" Sticky Notes

    Did you get a note from the Crazy Frog Lady?

    If you haven't, then you need to get these sticky notepads so you can do so. You can even write them to yourself so you don't go crazy trying to remember something important. Just write it down on these awesome sticky sheets and stick them on your monitor, fridge, folders and books.

    The notepads are white paper with green frogs top and bottom and the words, "Notes From the Crazy Frog Lady."

    You get 2 pads of 25 sheets each so they make great office gifts and stocking stuffers!

    Also check out our other Crazy Frog Lady stuff through the links below.

    Size: pack of 2 notepads, 3" x 4" with 25 sheets in each pad

  • "Don't Froget" Frog Sticky Notes

    What's the best way to keep from forgetting something?

    Don't froget to write it down immediately!

    Use these cute sticky notepads to jot down numbers, addresses, and other important information. Each pad is white with a green and black border and a frog in the corner holding up his finger with a loop of string tied to it. Beside the frog are the words, "Don't Froget!"

    Size: You get a set of two 25-sheet pads of 3" x 4" self-adhesive notes, as shown in photo

  • "Hoppiness" Frog Photo Album Brag Book

    Need a cute frog photo album?

    This little brag book holds up to 24 4"x6" photos. The front has a drawing of a big frog and a baby frog, and says "Hoppiness is being together!"

    This also makes a great baby shower gift or memento.

    Size: 5" x 7" hardbound. Holds up to 24 4x6 photos.
    $5.95 save 17%
  • "Oh Hoppy Day" Notepad

    Oh Hoppy Day!

    You'll love this cute froggy magnetic notepad. It has a magnet strip on the back, so you can hang it on a file cabinet or refrigerator. And, it's sure to make you smile!

    It's perfect for writing notes to friends or co-workers, and also for "hoppy" occasions like frog-themed weddings, birthdays, or graduations.

    Size: 7" tall, 5-1/2" wide, 1/4" thick
  • 3D Funny Frogpile 4x6" Spiral Notebook

    Hop to it and starting writing now!!!

    This awesome frogpile journal will inspire ideas like an army of frogs invading. The front cover is a 3D image of leaves and a pile of frogs.

    Inside this spiral bound notebook are 120 pages of lined paper.

    Size: 4" x 6"
  • Frog Stained-Glass Coloring Book

    Fun with frogs!

    This little postcard-sized coloring book has 8 pages of frogs to color.

    Each is printed on translucent vellum, so after you color or paint it you can put it in a window and let the light shine through like stained-glass.

    Size: 4" x 5-3/4"

    Made in the USA.
  • Frog-tastic! Notepad (50 Sheets)

    A frog-tastic notepad for all your froggy notes!

    The frogs have large goofy grins and are colorfully decorated with stripes, checkers, and swirls on them. Their friends include a dragonfly, a butterfly, and a ladybug.

    Great for not only notes, but craft projects, awards, invitations and thank-you notes!

    Check out other Frog-tastic supplies through the links below.

    Size: 6.5 x 7.75", 50 sheets
  • Froggie Fun Notepads, pk/8

    Have some froggy fun!

    You get a pack of 8 little round frog notepads, perfect for doodling and writing notes. Each page is lined, and has a small frog face at the top. The cover is a glossy print of a happy frog in a party hat.

    These little notes are perfect for party favors, and celebrations of all kinds! Fun for school and church groups too.

    Size: You get a pack of 8 individually wrapped notepads, each one 3-1/2" across and 50 sheets.
    $7.99 save 51%
  • Frogtastic Journal Hardcover Notebook

    Looking for a frogtastic journal?

    This journal has a really awesome design of a bright colored and rather quirky frog on the front cover.

    The journal has 120 pages unlined pages inside which also makes this a handy sketch book for drawings as well as inspirational writing.

    Size: 5.5″ x 8.25″
  • Funky Frog Notepad

    Here is a FUNky frog notepad for you to write on!

    This blue notepad has a green frog sitting on a lily pad in the lower corner and a dragonfly in the opposite upper corner.

    The sheets are lined and the frog has one eye that is a little larger than the other for a funky, quirky look.

    Printed in the USA.

    Size: 6-1/4" tall x 5-3/4" wide, 50 sheets
  • Funky Frog Shaped Notepad

    Here is a FUNky frog notepad for you to write on!

    This awesome shaped notepad has a green frog sitting on a lily pad with a cute dragonfly overhead.

    Check out our other funky frog products through the related links below.

    Printed in the USA.

    Size: 6-1/4" tall x 5-3/4" wide, 50 sheets
  • Funky Frogs Accent Cutouts (36)

    These cute and funky frogs are great for your wall or bulletin boards!

    The accents are made from glossy cardstock, and are precut to the frog shape as shown. The frogs come in red, yellow, green and purple.

    You get a pack of 36.

    Size: 36 precut frogs as shown, each 5.5" tall.
  • Funky Frogs Nametags

    Having a frog event?

    These self-adhesive name tag stickers have a cute frog on a lilypad in the lower corner with a small dragonfly in the upper corner. The area in the center is blue.

    The name tags come pre-cut in singles so you don't have to worry about hauling around a bunch of page size sheets.

    Check out other Funky Frogs products through the links below.

    Size: 1 package of 40 sticker nametags, each tag is 3" wide by 2-1/2" tall

  • Funky Frogs Printer Paper (50 sheets)

    Are you looking for some FUNky frog paper that you can print on?

    This computer printer paper has a pond blue border with color frogs. The frogs have one eye that is a little larger than the other for a funky, quirky look.

    You can use this paper to print out your poster, announcement, newsletter, or invitation and have it surrounded by colorful frogs. It works for either inkjet or laser printers.

    Printed in the USA.

    Size: Pack of 50, 8.5" x 11" sheets each preprinted with frog border
  • Happy Green Frog Notepad (50 sheets)

    It's happy, it's green, it's A FROG!

    This cute frog notepad has a very green frog sitting on a lily pad and is surrounded by a pond blue border. The frog has a few spots, big white eyes and a very nice smile.

    Great for taking notes on or even to decorate your walls or a bulletin board. For the classroom you can use them as awards or to write letters or words on them.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 6" tall x 5-3/4" wide, 50 sheets
  • Hopping List Magnetic Note Pad

    Don't forget your Hopping List!

    A handy magnetic strip on the back holds this pad of note sheets to your refrigerator or filing cabinet. All 50 sheets have the same design as the top sheet (pictured).

    Size: 4-1/4" x 11", 50 sheets.
  • Hungry Frog Notepad

    Where's lunch? This smiling frog has his eye on a fly!

    Use this handy large frog notepad for shopping lists, phone messages, and friendly reminders. It's also perfect for teachers and secretaries, and is sure to get a smile!

    Size: 5-1/4 wide x 8" tall, 50 sheets per pad
  • Kermit the Frog Gift Tags, pk/9

    You can't go wrong with a Kermit the Frog tag for your froggy gifts!

    Kermit is leaning over the edge of a large yellow star. The large size gives you plenty of space to write a name and even a short message.

    You get a pack of 9 tags with a pre-cut hole for attaching the tag to your gift. The tags are sturdy enough that they could even be used on bulletin boards or as desk or cubby name tags.

    Size: Set of 9, each tag is about 5-1/2"
  • Leaping Froggy Nametags (40)

    Hello! Holding a big event? Need some great looking nametags?

    Try these self-adhesive frog name stickers. They have a large pale blue space in the center to write your name with a lower border of a pond with a floating waterlily. And, of course, there is a great looking frog leaping across the top!

    The nametags come pre-cut so you don't have to worry about hauling around a bunch of page size sheets. Very easy to slip into a purse or pocket so you have your hands free for all the other stuff you have to carry.

    Size: 1 package of 40 sticker nametags, each tag is 3" wide by 2-1/2" tall

  • Lilly Pad Magnetic Notepad

    Here's a great notepad to write down all of your toadally important things to do!

    The notepad design has a spotted frog sitting on a lilly pad at the bottom and the words, "Lilly Pad" at the top.

    This handy notepad has a magnetic strip on the back so you can stick it onto your refrigerator or filing cabinet.

    Size: 4-1/4" x 11", 50 sheets
  • Reading and Learning Frog Notepads, pk/12

    Need some fun and useful frog party favors?

    These little frog notepads are also perfect for schools and libraries, for phone messages and reminders. You get a pack of 12, four each of the three designs shown.

    The cover of each notepad is printed with a funny frog design, and the inside contains 30 sheets of blank paper.

    Check out the matching pencils through the related link below.

    Size: Pack of 12 notepads, about 4" x 3-1/2"
  • Reclining Frog Note Holder

    Need a cute froggy note holder?

    This adorable frog is reclining back on one hand and holding a raised alligator clip in one hand to securely hold your most important notes. The frog note holder is perfect for business cards, photos, phone messages, place cards, recipes, and lots more.

    Made from cast resin.

    Size: 4-3/4" tall with clip, frog is 2-1/2" tall.
  • Sitting Frog Note Holder

    Need a note to stand out from the rest?

    Clip your note in this cute frog holder and you will be sure to always notice it! The frog is sitting and holding a raised alligator clip in one hand to securely hold your most important notes. Fits great on your desk or the kitchen counter!

    Made from cast resin.

    Size: 5" tall with clip, frog is 3" tall.
  • Small Frog-Shaped Notepad

    Leave a froggy note!

    This handy little note pad has a cute green frog with a pink border, and enough space on the frog's belly to write a short note. Just the thing for reminders, phone messages, or even place tags.

    The notes are not self-adhesive.

    Size: 3" wide, 3" tall, 36 sheets
  • Tree Frog Office Page Sticky Flags

    The tree frog marks the spot!

    Do you like to keep tabs on important pages in your book or file? These frog page flags are a fun way to help you organize your reading material and to be able to locate the information you want in the shortest time possible.

    You get a SINGLE pack of 60 flags with 4 different frog designs on them.
  • Treefrog "Foamies" Address Book

    Wondering where all your froggy friends are?

    This handy little address book will help you keep track. The foam cover has a built-up 3D frog image made with colored foam cutouts, and a 50-page address book is tucked inside.

    Closes with a self-stick tab.

    Size: 3" x 4" x 1/4" thick.
    $3.95 save 37%
  • Whimsical Frog NotePad

    Notepads like this one make writing fun!

    These are very happy looking frogs. Maybe it's because there are pretty flowers to look at and flies to eat.

    So... a question: If the 2 frogs split the flies evenly between them, how many flies does each frog get to eat?

    Size: (of the notepad, not the flies!) 5" x 7" , about 1/4" thick (75 sheets)