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School & Office

Find great frog gifts for school or office! We have frog pencils and pens, frog mousepads and computer mice, frog staplers, frog tape dispensers, frog bulletin boards, frog lunchboxes, and much more.


  • "Think Green" Frog Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Think green with this water bottle that is good for you AND good for frogs!

    Stainless steel bottles are high quality, last a long time, and keep your water, juice, or milk clean from leached chemicals. So this frog water bottle is great for the environment and will help keep it just the way frogs like it.

    The bottle is a light blue with the design of a spotted green frog on one side with the words, "Think Green." It has a screw on lid with a sports nozzle and protective cover. BPA free.

    This is a smaller size bottle, good for kids or for carrying around in a purse or backpack.

    Size: 7-1/2" tall, 2-3/4" wide, holds 12 ounces

  • 3D Frog Notebook & Reader Cling

    Decorate the cover of your tablet, netbook or reader with this fantastic 3-D frog cling!

    It fits most tablets and readers and can easily be trimmed to fit smaller ones. You can remove and reuse this art skin many times. It leaves no residue and can be used on glass and metal as well as plastics.

    You can also use this cling on your school supplies like binders or directly on your locker.

    Size: decal is about 4" by 6"
  • Black Frog Lanyard

    Wearing a badge? Wear it the froggy way, with this excellent frog lanyard!

    The lanyard is black woven nylon, with a safety breakaway clasp behind the neck. The bottom section of the lanyard can be easily unclipped as needed. The strap is decorated with cute little green frogs (see lower picture for a closeup of the frogs.)

    You can use the frog lanyard as a badge holder to hold your ID badge, your keys, your jump drive, or whatever else you like to hang around your neck. It has a split-ring keyring at the bottom.

    Size: Overall length 22", webbing is 3/4" wide

  • Bouncy Bobble Frog

    I'm just a bouncing and bobbling frog!

    Just hang me from your desk lamp or any other convenient place and I will bobble and bounce every time you touch me.

    Hey, I love fans too!

    Size: I'm just over 4" and my hook & spring are 9" B.S. (that's before stretching... in case you were wondering)
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Crystal Frog Antenna or Pencil Charm

    Ribbit! Ribbit! Here's a great way to mark a pen or pencil as yours.

    This sparkly little crystal frog makes for a great pen or pencil topper even though originally designed to fit a cell phone antennae. It's a bright silvery colored metal, with either light green crystals on its back or a clear sparkly white.

    The frog has a stretchy clear-vinyl ring that fits perfectly over a pen or pencil. It could also be used to adorn a note or card stake in a flower arrangement.

    Size: 1/2" tall
  • Fanciful Froggy Desk Clock

    What time is it? Frog time!

    This small clock is perfect for desks and tabletops. It's a great way to keep track so you can manage your time for all those toadally important things you need to do.

    The frog has a fanciful design and is mostly two dimensional. Meaning that he is very flat and only about one half inch thick, except for the stand at his feet that is about 1.5" so he sits nicely upright on a desk or shelf. The butterfly over his head and the tadpole below are on a movable pendulum.

    Size: This resin frog figurine clock is 6.5" tall, 5.75" wide, requires one AA battery, not included.
  • Flexible Frog Write-On Magnet

    Here's a useful little frog!

    This cute flat flexible magnet can be written on with a wipe-off dry erase marker or a permanent marker. Use it for a place marker and party favor at a party, a nametag on a metal desk or locker door, a filing label on your filing cabinet, or even as a reusable gift tag on a package. Perfect for parties, frog-themed dinners, classroom organization, or office labeling.

    You get one frog as shown, 2-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide.
  • Frog Activity Pack

    Here's some froggy fun! You get a whimsical frog pencil, a sheet of 8 frog stickers, and four little frog erasers as shown. Perfect for school supplies, gift toppers, party favors, or travel toys.

    If you need 12 or more packs, please see the link at the bottom of this page to order by the dozens.

    Note: Small parts, so is not suitable for children under age 3.

    Size: 7-1/2" pencil with eraser, 8 stickers, and four 1" frog erasers as shown
  • Frog Frenzy Pencils (12)

    You will inspire a frenzy of writing with these frog frenzy pencils!

    These pencils are ideal for schools as classroom rewards. They also make great party favors or give-aways at frog events.

    You get a pack of one dozen frog pencils in 3 different designs. One design is a white background with colored concentric circles (like target bulls-eyes) and covered in leaping colorful dart frogs. The second design has a blue background with a whole bunch of chubby green frogs and bees. The last design has a green and purple background with a variety of pond and tree frogs.

    Size: Pack of 12 standard-size wood pencils with white erasers
  • Frog Head Magnetic Card Holder

    Here's a new look for holding your business cards!

    This cute frog head can hold ~10 business cards. The magnetic holder is surprisingly strong. No more accidentally tipping your holder over and having cards scatter everywhere!

    Also works great for holding onto important notes or a brochure.

    Size: 1.75" x 1.75"
  • Frog Multi Colored Eraser Pen

    One of the easiest erasers to use!

    This frog eraser pen is both fun and convenient to use. You don't have to worry about the erasers picking up little bits of "stuff" when you carry it in your pocket or backpack and it fits great in your hand while you erase your mistakes!

    The "rocket-style" casing has a great frog design on it and it holds 5 individual eraser heads in rainbow colors. The caps come in either blue or green. If you have a REALLY strong preference for one color over the other, please note it in the comments box when you check out and we will choose it for you if one is available.

    Size: 1 eraser pen, 4-1/2" long and almost 3/4" wide.
  • Funky Frogs Accent Cutouts (36)

    These cute and funky frogs are great for your wall or bulletin boards!

    The accents are made from glossy cardstock, and are precut to the frog shape as shown. The frogs come in red, yellow, green and purple.

    You get a pack of 36.

    Size: 36 precut frogs as shown, each 5.5" tall.
  • Funky Frogs Nametags

    Having a frog event?

    These self-adhesive name tag stickers have a cute frog on a lilypad in the lower corner with a small dragonfly in the upper corner. The area in the center is blue.

    The name tags come pre-cut in singles so you don't have to worry about hauling around a bunch of page size sheets.

    Check out other Funky Frogs products through the links below.

    Size: 1 package of 40 sticker nametags, each tag is 3" wide by 2-1/2" tall

  • Glass Frog Memo Clip (Colors vary)

    Here's an elegant frog to hold a memo or photograph for you!

    The frog is hand blown glass shaped in a graceful arching curve. The frog has white spots on its back and has an alligator style clip rising from its knee. Great for holding cards, photos and other small paper items.

    The frog comes in a variety of colors and you can select the color you prefer from the drop-down menu below.

    Size: The frog is about 2 inches and the clip adds another inch in height.
  • Googly-Eyes Frog Calculator

    Ready for some frogcalculus?

    If you're not up on your froggy numbers, you might go cross-eyed... or googly eyed! The frog's rolling eyes are round and they roll and wiggle to always face upward.

    This cute frog calculator is great to toss into your purse, backpack, or your desk drawer! It has the basic 6 functions most used by kids and when you're at the supermarket, and is sure to bring a smile.

    And, it's a very nice green!

    Size: Calculator is 3-1/2" tall
  • Helpful Frog Erasers (6pk)

    These frogs are happy to erase you!

    Uh... erase FOR you, that is.

    Look at those adorable almost-smiling faces and the cute yellow vests.

    These frog figurine erasers are good quality and big enough not to disintegrate with the first use! You can also play with them and give each its own personality.

    You get a pack of six frog erasers in assorted colors that are perfect for party favors, office supplies, or just plain froggy fun.

    Size: Pack of 6 erasers, 1-1/2" tall
  • Hoppin Happy Frog Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    These are some hoppin' happy frogs!

    The bottle is made from stainless steel and has a rubbery strip around the middle with a design of green frogs on a wavy, bubbly blue background.

    The 3-D design make for a secure grip no matter how sweaty your hands are. The top has a sports nozzle with a protective blue cap and attached to the bottle neck is a carabiner clip so you can attach the bottle to a backpack or belt.

    Stainless steel bottles are high quality, last a long time, and keep your water, juice, or milk clean from leached chemicals. So this frog water bottle is great for you AND the environment. And if it is good for the environment, it's definitely good for frogs!

    This bottle contains no BPA, phthalates, or bisphenol A.

    Size: 7" tall, 2-1/2" wide, holds 13 ounces

  • Laughing Frog Erasers (12)

    Don't worry, these frogs are not laughing at your mistakes...

    They're laughing with you! Really. They just have so much fun erasing things that they laugh all the time.

    These fun erasers are in the shape of sitting frogs and come in assorted colors of blue, orange, green, and pink.

    Great for party favors and back to school!

    Size: 12 assorted color erasers, 1.25" tall
  • Lilypad Frogs Accent Cutouts (36 pc.)

    Froggies! Lots and lots of froggies on lilypads!

    These great frog accents are made from glossy cardstock and are perfect for decorating a frog birthday party, classroom, or bible class! They do not have adhesive but can easily be tacked, taped, or stapled. Scatter them on a table for a party, or write names on them for place markers. Decorate a bedroom or bathroom with a froggy theme.

    You can also use them for craft projects, like making your own frog favor bags. Just glue or staple a froggie to the bag! Or you can use brads or yarn to link their hands together and create a banner of froggies...

    The backside is light green with a dark green pattern of lilypads.

    Size: 36 precut frogs as shown, each 3" wide by 3" tall
  • Magnetic Frog Mini Border, 4 pcs.

    Here's a fun frog border!

    These cute flat flexible magnets can be used to make a froggy frame on your fridge or a magnetic dry erase board. Just use scissors to trim them to match the size of your photo or artwork, and they'll frame a space up to 12" x 12"! Or, snip them into smaller strips and you could make 6" x 6" frames.

    They would also make great adornments for a metal desk, locker door, or your filing cabinet.

    Size: Pack of 4 border strips, each strip is 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.
  • Metal Reading Frog Bookends

    Daddy and his little froglet read a book together!

    These whimsical frog bookends come beautifully hand finished and highlight an inspiring gift idea for a Father's Day or a birthday event when you can express the importance of togetherness. They are cast from a metal alloy and finished in an antiqued verdigris finish.

    The big frog wears a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, which are removable.

    Size: Set of two bookends, each 6" tall
  • Mini Frabbit Reindeer Frog Magnet

    Ooh... oooh... pick me!

    I'm the cutest frog ever! I mean, reindeer... uh, rabbit? Okay, okay, just call me "Frabbit" or anything else you want. Just PICK me!

    I'm soft, cute...do you like my reindeer antlers?... and you can put me anywhere! Anywhere on metal, that is, like file cabinets, fridges, metal shelves, lamp posts. See, I have a magnet in my back. So, I may be small, but I'M SPECIAL!

    Size: 6" on my tippie toes

    P.S. Don't even bother with my cousins... they always forget about me... just because I'm small. Pick me!
  • Mini Vac Desktop Frog Vacuum

    What a fantastic frog!

    This little frog is not only cute, but useful too! He is a mini vacuum that is very handy to keep on your desk to clean up little messes.

    What kind of messes you ask? He is very good at dust, eraser and pencil shavings, cigarette ash and food crumbs in your keyboard. Great for the office and college dorm rooms!

    Size: 3.5 inches tall, requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Peel'n Stick Sitting Frog

    Where did that frog go?

    Use your imagination and find places to stick this frog! This peel & stick frog can be stuck to any clean, smooth surface. Or, just set him down without sticking and he's happy to sit there.

    Froggie here at the FrogStore even has one stuck to her car bumper! Computer monitors, windows, dashboards, bike helmets and bookshelves are also good places.

    When you peel the release paper, the black base has an adhesive surface on it. The frog can be removed from its base by twisting it a quarter-turn.

    Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Pewter Frog Card Holder

    An incredibly cute little frog...

    This solid pewter miniature frog has a satin-like finish to it. It's beautiful enough to just sit on your shelf as a decoration, but amazingly, you can also use it as a card or note holder. The frog's mouth has a small slit that is made to hold a card.

    The picture shows a business card, but you could also use it to hold a card on a bouquet of flowers or the card on a birthday or wedding gift, or even a small photo. The front legs of the frog form a small circle through which a flower stem or ribbon could slide through.

    Really, really cute!

    Size: About 3/4 of an inch long.
  • Suction Cup Frog-Head Bag

    Here's a handy dandy frog!

    This small green mesh bag with a frog face is made from nylon and can be used to hold wet or dry stuff. The handy suction cup can be attached to your shower wall or bathroom mirror. You can place a toothbrush in the frog's mouth or place it in the bag with a tube of toothpaste.

    You can also attach it to your filing cabinet or other smooth surface and use it to hold pens, pencils, scissors, or even a few candy or granola bars!

    Size: 8" tall, frog head is 2" and can hold up to 2 pounds
  • Three Wise Frogs Sculpted Pen

    Let these three little wise frogs help you write words of wisdom!

    The frogs are stacked on top of each other and will encourage you to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

    The pen and frogs are made from cast resin to give it an awesome sculpted look!

    Great for the office, party favors, and stocking stuffers!

    Size: 6-1/4" long
  • Whimsical Frog Note/Photo Holder

    Does this frog look like he's got a secret or what?

    This solid ceramic frog is painted a lovely green with darker green spots and tiny red spots. There is a slot on the back to hold notes, business cards, or even a photo.

    Size: About 2" tall and 2" wide