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Sales & Closeouts

These special frog gifts are on sale or clearance from The Frog Store, and you'll find great deals on frog collectibles and frog decor of all kinds.


  • "Hoppiness" Frog Photo Album Brag Book

    Need a cute frog photo album?

    This little brag book holds up to 24 4"x6" photos. The front has a drawing of a big frog and a baby frog, and says "Hoppiness is being together!"

    This also makes a great baby shower gift or memento.

    Size: 5" x 7" hardbound. Holds up to 24 4x6 photos.
    $5.95 save 17%
  • Beaded Frog Key Ring

    Never travel without your frog to bring you home again!

    How many times have you wasted more than 5 minutes looking for your keys? When you carry this beautiful beaded frog keychain with you, you are unlikely to misplace or lose your keys.

    The frog is padded in the middle and covered on both sides in tiny sparkly beads in two shades of green and accents of other colors. Very visible and easy to see!

    Size: frog is 2-1/2 inches tall with a 1 inch split ring for holding keys
    $7.95 save 38%
  • Bouncy Bobble Frog

    I'm just a bouncing and bobbling frog!

    Just hang me from your desk lamp or any other convenient place and I will bobble and bounce every time you touch me.

    Hey, I love fans too!

    Size: I'm just over 4" and my hook & spring are 9" B.S. (that's before stretching... in case you were wondering)
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Count Frogula Halloween Frog

    Be afraid! Be very afraid! Count Frogula is here...

    Actually this little frog looks a bit silly, perhaps even embarrassed, with his shy grin and his vampire fangs. He wears a cape and a big pair of boots, and is just the guy to help you celebrate a hoppy Halloween.

    This is a Russ Berrie collectible.

    Size: 4-1/4" tall
    $8.95 save 22%
  • Dart Frog Mini Keychain Kite

    Go fly a frog!

    A frog kite, that is. This small frog kite is beautifully made from lightweight nylon fabric, and yet is so compact it folds up into a tiny zipper pouch that you can use for a keychain. Cool! Keep it in your backpack, purse, or car for those moments when you just must fly a kite.

    The kite comes complete with a small spool of line. No sticks or struts required; the gussets in the fabric keep it stiff enough to fly. See photo below for detail of kite zipper case and spool.

    Size: 18" wide, 12" tall. Folds into a handy zipper case 3-1/2" across.
    $9.95 save 25%
  • Frog Princess Divided Plate

    Now introducing... Lala! F...A...P!

    That's short for Froggy American Princess! With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans!

    She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty!

    This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

    Check out the other Lala dishware by clicking on the links below.

    Melamine plate is about 8.5" in diameter and top rack dishwasher safe. Not microwavable.
    $2.95 save 34%
  • Frog Princess Plastic Bowl

    Now introducing... Lala! F...A...P!

    That's short for Froggy American Princess! With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow...

    She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty!

    This sturdy melamine plastic bowl is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

    Check out the other Lala dishware by clicking on the links below.

    Bowl is about 5.5" in diameter and almost 2" deep. Top rack dishwasher safe. Not microwavable.
    $2.95 save 34%
  • Frog-Head Squirt Ball

    Squirt, squirt!

    This happy frog head makes a great bath and swimming pool toy. He's got a winning smile, and holds lots of water for squirting. He also floats and is a superb catch toy.

    Made from soft hollow vinyl. No Phthalates or BPA.

    Size: 2-1/4 inches
    $3.95 save 11%
  • Hematite Beaded Frog Necklace

    Such a sleek and elegant frog!

    This frog necklace is made from pure hematite and has a nice solid weight to it. The beads are cylindrical except for those near the pendant. The frog pendant is smoothly curved with a high gloss to it.

    Hematite is considered a semi-precious stone and is formed from iron oxides. Hematite ranges in color from silvery grey to black, to red. This necklace is a beautiful dark grey in color that looks almost like mercury.

    The clasp is the screw type with each half having tiny ridges so that you can grip them easily.

    Size: Frog pendant is about 1" long, chain is 18" long
    $14.95 save 33%
  • Hoppin' Holidays Party Invitations, pk/10

    Hop to it and start planning your holiday party now!

    These classic invitations are just the thing to get your party started. A spotted green frog wearing a Santa hat is perched on a candycane promising a froggy good time to be had by all.

    The invitations are a single layer card (not folded) with the bold title of "Hoppin" Holidays!". Below the greeting are spaces to fill in for:

    Please come
    Given by

    Size: Box of 10 invitations, each 5" x 7", and 10 white envelopes.
    $7.99 save 51%
  • Itty Bitty Beastie Frog

    What a cute itty bitty beastie frog!

    This miniature frog figurine was created by artist John Raya as part of his Beasties collection. With hands clasped on top of his head and tongue hanging out of his mouth, one does wonder just what this poor frog ate...

    This frog would be a great addition to your Beastie collection, or to place on your computer at work!

    Size: 1-3/8" high, made from resin
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Large Wooden Tree Frog Puzzle (15 piece)

    This Red-Eyed Treefrog is not small at all!

    This is an awesome high quality wooden puzzle of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog. A great challenge for young minds and fingers! The puzzle has 15 wood pieces that fit together in the shape of a frog.

    The large wooden puzzlepieces are great for floors and even carpets. Your child may even want to hang it on the wall when they're not taking it apart and putting it back together again. (Picture hanging accessories are NOT included.)

    Size: About 18" tall and 12" wide
    $24.95 save 32%
  • Leaping for Joy Frog Holiday Cards, pack of 10

    Leap for joy! These happy whimsical frogs are leaping out of gifts, wearing funny Santa hats. This bright and colorful card is a wonderful way to send your froggy holiday cheer. Inside, the card says: "Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year" Size: 5" x 7". You get a pack of 10 frog Christmas cards and 10 white envelopes.

    $12.95 save 23%
  • Leaping Frog Metal Windchimes

    A great frog wind chime with a dark silhouette!

    The frog and chimes are made from metal with a mottled black, high gloss finish.

    See detail image below for a view of the entire windchime.

    Size: frog is about 8 inches high and the total windchime length is 40 inches long
    $24.95 save 24%
  • Mini Green Tree Frog Jewel Box

    A lovely tiny green frog with very big toes!

    This cute little jewel box is made from brass, then enameled in a dark green with hints of dark red on the toes. The eyes are green cut crystals and there are 5 tiny red crystals on the frog's back.

    You can use this beautifully enameled frog box to hold your small treasures securely (but only if they're really tiny treasures.) Hinged at the side, the top of the frog opens to reveal a small chamber enameled in pearlescent green.

    This is one of the tiniest figural frog hinged boxes you'll find anywhere!

    Size: 1.75" wide, .75" tall
    $19.95 save 25%
  • Mom & Baby Tree Frog on Branch Jewel Box with Necklace

    Here's a lovely frog jewel box to warm your heart!

    This beautiful enameled trinket box has two bright yellow tree frogs perched on a branch. The mother frog is looking up tenderly at her baby perched on the branch above her. Tiny clear Austrian crystals are inset on the frog's back and on one of the leaves at the base of the branch.

    Mom frog has a hinged back, which opens to reveal a small space for storing tiny pills or the matching necklace that comes with this jewel box. See the detail image below for a close up of the baby frog necklace.

    Another gorgeous piece for your frog jewel box collection!

    Size: 2-1/2" tall, frog pendant is 3/4" long on a 20" golden twist chain
    $56.50 save 10%
  • Peel'n Stick Sitting Frog

    Where did that frog go?

    Use your imagination and find places to stick this frog! This peel & stick frog can be stuck to any clean, smooth surface. Or, just set him down without sticking and he's happy to sit there.

    Froggie here at the FrogStore even has one stuck to her car bumper! Computer monitors, windows, dashboards, bike helmets and bookshelves are also good places.

    When you peel the release paper, the black base has an adhesive surface on it. The frog can be removed from its base by twisting it a quarter-turn.

    Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Playful Frogs Enameled Box with Necklace

    A fun little jewel box with a matching necklace!

    The large green frog is looking up toward the smaller frog that is leapfrogging over its back. Both frogs have black spots and are accented with a scattering of sparkly clear Austrian crystals.

    The frog jewel box is cast from pewter, then gold-plated and hand glazed with vivid enamels. The box is hinged at the frog's hips, and opens to reveal a hidden compartment enameled in a glossy peach color.

    Inside you'll find a special surprise... a tiny jeweled frog pendant on a gold-plated necklace chain!

    The jewel box figurine comes in a custom fit satin-lined gift box.

    Size: Jewel box is 2-1/4" tall and 3" long, pendant is 5/8" long on a 20" twisted chain.
    $56.50 save 25%
  • Playful Hanging Frog Pewter Earrings

    Hang on, froggies!

    These cute little pewter frogs will happily swing from your earlobes all day long. They are made from beautifully detailed brushed pewter under a pair of sparkly crystals, with hook style backs that have silicone "keepers" so you won't lose them.

    Size: frog is about 3/4" tall.
    Made in Canada
    $19.95 save 10%
  • Plush Frog with "I Love You" Heart

    It's always a good time to say, "I Love You!"

    If you want to send a message of love to someone special, this friendly frog can help you. Made from a short, soft plush that has a subtle checkerboard pattern, this frog is holding a red heart with the words, "I Love You" on it.

    The frog has a red ribbon bow at the neck and the bottoms of the feet are red satin with small pink hearts on them.

    A great way to show your love for someone on Valentine's Day or ANY day!

    Size: About 6" tall
    $5.95 save 17%
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Plush Purse

    Make a froggy fashion statement!

    This cute frog handbag is about the size of a large wallet or large coin purse, so is perfect for children who want to carry some spare change and a cell phone. Adults can use it as a coin purse or when they need to carry just a few things like car keys, credit cards and a cell phone. The purse is shaped like a sitting frog and is made from a soft velvety plush material that is stuffed to give it a nice plumpness.

    The coloring is of a Red-eyed tree frog with big dark red eyes, a bright green body, orange feet and a pale throat. The purse has a metal clasp and the strap is a sturdy nylon cord with a safety break-away.

    It also comes with 2 strap extensions that are nine inches long each. The extensions have black plastic ends that snap into each other.

    Size: About 6.5" wide and 6.5" tall
    $12.95 save 39%
  • Red-Eyed Treefrog Bouncer

    Bouncin' and bobbing!

    Just attach this cute little frog bounce toy to any window, mirror, or even your monitor and watch it bounce! The frog is a replica of a Red-eyed tree frog with a bright green body, orange toes, and large red eyes.

    This frog loves to ride on car windows (but only on the inside please...) and loves to taunt cats by hanging just out of reach on the window.

    Comes in an individual package as shown below.

    Size: Frog is 1.5" long and the wire is 4" long
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Royal Frog Prince Enamel & Jewel Box

    Your prince has arrived!

    This elegant little frog's body is shimmering green enamel, with black Austrian crystal eyes and gold plated accents. He wears a red and gold royal crown decorated with crystals, and his legs are studded with green Austrian crystals.

    A magnetic clasp at his nose holds the body closed, and when you open it the inside is enameled in a pearly green enamel. It's just the right size to hold a ring or other small jewelry item.

    Size: 2" long, 2" tall
    $29.50 save 32%
  • Rubber Red-Eyed Treefrog w/Baby

    Here's a beautifully made little flexible vinyl frog!

    One of the most popular frogs of the mysterious rainforest is the red-eye tree frog named after their dramatic red eyes. This authentic and hand painted mother frog has a baby on her back. Made of durable, phthalate free polyvinyl.

    Size: 2-1/2" long. Ages 3+
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Russ Teenie Countrykin Frog Figurine: Coach

    All right...listen up!

    With his oversized tennis shoes, bright workout clothes, and a silver whistle, who could ignore this coach?

    Coach is a hand painted figurine by Russ Berrie and part of the Teenie Countrykins Collection.

    Size: 4.25" tall
    $8.95 save 34%
  • Serenading Jeremiah Frog Jewel Box

    Who could resist a serenading frog prince?

    Jeremiah is a handsome dark gold frog with dark green crystal eyes. He is very talented with his electric red guitar and is willing to get on his knee to demonstrate his love!

    This wonderful frog jewel box would make an excellent gift for Valentine's Day or even as a way to present an engagement ring. The box opens lengthwise at the frog's mouth with the hinge at the rear and has a small magnetic clasp to hold it closed. It may not be quite large enough to hold a ring inside but the ring would look very nice draped over the end of the guitar.

    Size: 3 inches high
    $36.50 save 11%
  • Soccer Sports Frog Figurine

    This little frog loves soccer!

    He is bright orange and yellow in color and is holding a soccer ball on his foot. He is made from a durable resin and would make an awesome addition to your frog or sports collection.

    Size: 2 inches high
    $6.95 save 14%
  • Sprogz: Frogsmaid

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! They range from about 2" to 3" in height, and are made from a cold-cast polystone resin material.

    The bride and groom make cute cake toppers, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts.
    $8.95 save 22%
  • Sprogz: Frogsman

    May the best frog stand up for you on your special day!

    This warty green fellow is a handsome frog in his suit jacket isn't he? And just a tad nervous...

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! The bride and groom make cute cake toppers, and the frogsmaid and frogsman are great keepsake bridal party gifts.

    Size: 2 inches tall, made from a cold-cast polystone resin material

    $8.95 save 22%
  • Squeaky Fun Frog

    Adorable smiling frog...

    Such a happy fun frog! Besides being perfect for a bath or hot tub, this cheerful frog makes a cute frog cake topper, gift topper, or stocking stuffer.

    He's made of pale green soft squeezeable vinyl, and emits a quiet "squeak" when squeezed.

    Size: 3.5" tall
    $3.95 save 51%
  • Stacked Frogs Crystal and Enamel Jewel Box

    Lovely frogs!

    These two elegant jeweled frogs are as pretty as their picture! The metal frogs are finished in shiny gold and enamel accents, and inset with clear Austrian crystals. Their eyes are green faceted crystals. The little one is permanently attached to the back of the larger one.

    Both of the jeweled frogs open on hinges to reveal inner compartments enameled in a shiny yellow-orange. The top frog has a small opening, about 1" long by 1/2" wide, and the bottom frog has a larger space about 2" long by 1/4" wide. Perfect for storing jewelry and small trinkets!

    Size: 3" long, 1-3/4" tall
    $34.50 save 23%
  • Sterling Silver Smiling Frog Earrings

    Looking for a pair of cute frog earrings?

    These little spotted frogs are not only adorable but made from sterling silver!

    Size: One pair of stud earrings, 3/8" tall

  • The $5.95 Froggy Surprise Package


    We've got lots of great stuff just sitting around, and we'd like to send it to you! One-of-a-kind samples, odd lots, returns, factory seconds, items without their packaging, discontinued frogs, and all sorts of great things.

    Some items may have minor cosmetic issues, such as a "ribbiting" stuffed toy that doesn't ribbit, a figurine with an odd paint job, or a light-up frog that doesn't light. Some are awesome, fun, amusing collectibles that just want a good home! But all are a GREAT value and a BIG surprise!

    You get a bag with at least 6 different frog items in it. At least one item will be a larger or more valuable frog, Examples: plush toy, windchime, figurine, jewelry, coffee mug, or bath set.

    Examples of the smaller items: little frog toys, notepads, pens/pencils, jewelry trinkets, notecards, ornaments, refrigerator magnets, mini plush frogs, stickers, and many other treasures. And, all will be frogs!

    Please note that Surprise Packs are non-returnable, and items are in "as-is" condition. Total original retail value will typically be about $20, and each pack will typically contain 6-10 different items (6 is minimum). If you order multiple children's surprise bags for a party, we will normally assume that they are for party favors and will do our best to make sure they are equivalent or nearly identical.

    Click the selection boxes below to let us know if your surprise is for an adult or child, male or female, so we can pick a pack of frogs that will make you truly hoppy!

  • Three Legged Money Toad Triple Stack

    What is a money toad?

    In the Chinese culture, the chan chu (a toad or frog) is considered a symbol of prosperity. Just place the figurine within sight of the front door to help bring wealth into your household. Some even recommend that you turn the toads facing inward at night and toward the door during the day.

    This figurine is made from a reddish brown resin and depicts three toads stacked on top of each other and sitting on various coins. Included are 3 brass coins for you to place in the mouths of the toads.

    That the toads only have three legs make them especially lucky...

    Size: 2.5" tall, 3.4" long
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Three Pairs Shorty Frog Socks: Pink Mix

    Are you looking for some fun frog socks?

    These ankle shorty socks are striped in assorted colors with pink stripes. Each sock has two frogs on it, one on either side of the instep.

    These comfortable medium to light weight socks are 80% cotton and 20% Spandex. You get a pack of 3 pairs.

    Sock size adult 9-11, recommended for women's shoe size 6-11 or men's shoe size 5-10.
    $12.95 save 23%
  • Treefrog "Foamies" Address Book

    Wondering where all your froggy friends are?

    This handy little address book will help you keep track. The foam cover has a built-up 3D frog image made with colored foam cutouts, and a 50-page address book is tucked inside.

    Closes with a self-stick tab.

    Size: 3" x 4" x 1/4" thick.
    $3.95 save 37%
  • Yellow Frog Beach Tote

    Taking your frogs to the beach?

    This big coated-nylon tote bag will hold everything! It has a zipper top and two webbing carry straps, and a smaller zipper pocket on the back for holding your smaller stuff.

    The fabric is a sturdy rubberized nylon. There is a frog design on the front (as pictured).

    Size: Squared-off bottom is 6" x 17", 15" tall.
    $9.95 save 30%