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Purses, Totes, & Accessories

Frog purses, frog wallets, frog umbrellas, and frog tote bags make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector! Don't forget special useful items like reusable frog shopping bags, frog lunch sacks, frog coin purses, and frog messenger bags. We'll put them all in this category so you can find them.


  • Black Velvet Beaded Frog iPhone/IPOD Case

    Frogs and black velvet... a great combination!

    This frog accessory bag is made from luxurious black velvet, lined inside with a silky material and lightly padded to protect its contents. The velvet is super soft and the beading work on the frog, edging and strap is exquisite.

    Most of the beads are a glossy black with a few iridescent beads and are securely attached to the velvet. The beaded strap is strung on wire and is quite strong.

    The bag closes at the top with a single heavy duty plastic snap and is perfect for cell phones and IPODs. It is big enough to fit an iphone.

    Size: Bag size is about 5-1/2" long and 3-3/4" wide (outside), so comfortably holds something up to about 3" x 4-1/2". The strap is about 40" in total length making the purse hang about 26" from top of strap to bottom of purse.
  • Climbing Frog Embroidered Purse with Feathers

    Looking for a fanciful frog purse?

    This purse is just the thing! It has climbing green frogs with golden yellow feet climbing up on one side and a luxurious black feather trim that goes all the way around the top edge.

    Made from durable nylon fabric, this purse has a nice silky feel to it and is fully lined. It has one zippered pocket on the inside and two open pouches in the inside lining. The top of the purse is partially open with a magnetic closure on a wide strap to keep the purse from gaping open.

    Size: 8.5" tall plus the straps, 11" wide, 3" thick
  • Dart Frogs Artful Travel Tumbler

    Take these lovely dart frogs with you!

    This artistic and useful travel mug is stainless steel on the inside, with a clear acrylic shell that displays an image of colorful dart frogs on tropical leaves. It holds 16 ounces, and keeps your drink hot (or cold) and handy for traveling.

    The lid screws on for a secure seal, and has a sealing sliding closure on the top to prevent spills when you're not drinking. (See detailed images below for a closeup image of the lid.)

    Designed and assembled in the USA.

    Size: Holds 16 ounces. 7" tall, 3" wide at the top and 2-1/2" at the bottom

  • Fold-In Plush Frog Tote Bag

    Hey, I'm a shopping bag!

    I know I look like a cute plush frog with soft green skin and big eyes, but I'm NOT just a toy. I'm useful! Inside my back is a nylon tote bag in a bright lime green. Just pull it out and I'll be happy to carry around your stuff.

    When you are not using the bag, you can stuff it into my back again. But I warn you, you will need nimble fingers. Unlike mine as you can see in the photo. But it's not my fault... my grandmother was a penguin!

    Size: frog is 5" high, bag is 13" x 13"
  • Frog Prince Charm

    Add this cute smiling frog prince to your charm bracelet!

    He is made of silvery metal and his crown is a separate charm. They are attached to a 1/4 inch split ring which you can attach to lots of things. Your bracelet or necklace, your keychain or your purse, backpack or even place him on jackets and hoodies too as a zipper pull!

    Size: total length is 1-1/8 inches, frog is about 3/4 of an inch high
  • Funny Frogs Sock Change Purse

    Sock away some spare change!

    This cute frog coin purse is made from a soft knitted baby sock, with an extra lining layer for durability. It closes at the top with a hinged clasp.

    The bright blue sock is decorated with funny green frogs and with yellow and white daisies.

    Size: 5" tall, 2-1/4" wide at top
  • Leather Frog Head Wristlet Purse

    Let your eyes bug out over this frog purse!

    This wristlet purse is hand tooled from leather in a rectangular shape. The top of the purse has a flap that is creatively shaped and hardened to look like a frog's face. Attached are 2 large eyes that stick out a 1/2 inch.

    The leather is dyed a dark green with the center area rubbed to remove some of the dye resulting in a lighter green. The beige colored accents are created by carving out the top layers of leather. See the lower picture to view the backside of the frog purse.

    The zipper is located along the top edge of the frog and partially concealed by the flap which is secured by a magnet. A leather wrist strap with a lobster claw closure is attached at the top of the frog's head. It also has a split ring for attaching keys.

    The purse is large enough to store credit cards, lip balm, and a few other small items.

    Size: About 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 1-1/2"
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Plush Purse

    Make a froggy fashion statement!

    This cute frog handbag is about the size of a large wallet or large coin purse, so is perfect for children who want to carry some spare change and a cell phone. Adults can use it as a coin purse or when they need to carry just a few things like car keys, credit cards and a cell phone. The purse is shaped like a sitting frog and is made from a soft velvety plush material that is stuffed to give it a nice plumpness.

    The coloring is of a Red-eyed tree frog with big dark red eyes, a bright green body, orange feet and a pale throat. The purse has a metal clasp and the strap is a sturdy nylon cord with a safety break-away.

    It also comes with 2 strap extensions that are nine inches long each. The extensions have black plastic ends that snap into each other.

    Size: About 6.5" wide and 6.5" tall
    $12.95 save 39%
  • Smiling Frog Beaded Zipper-Pull/Charm

    Add this smiling frog to all your zippers!

    Looks great on jackets and hoodies!

    Establish a unique frog look by adding this zipper charm to your purse or backpack too!

    This zipper pull is made of silvery metal with green, clear, and pale blue faceted beads.

    Size: 2.5" long
  • Sparkle Frog Charm

    Looking for a cute frog charm?

    These little frogs are made from a silvery metal inlaid with a glittery green enamel. The charm has a lobster clasp making it easy to attach to your bracelet, necklace, your keychain or your purse, backpack or even place him on jackets and hoodies too as a zipper pull!

    Style A is a climbing frog while style B is a sitting frog. Choose from the drop down menu below. Price is for one frog charm.

    Size: total length is about 1-1/8 inches
  • Yellow Frog Beach Tote

    Taking your frogs to the beach?

    This big coated-nylon tote bag will hold everything! It has a zipper top and two webbing carry straps, and a smaller zipper pocket on the back for holding your smaller stuff.

    The fabric is a sturdy rubberized nylon. There is a frog design on the front (as pictured).

    Size: Squared-off bottom is 6" x 17", 15" tall.
    $9.95 save 30%