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Porcelain Frog Boxes

Porcelain frog boxes are made in the Limoge style, with delicate frog figurines shaped into small hinged boxes that are handy for pillboxes or for holding rings and small jewelry items.


  • Crown Prince Frog Porcelain Box

    Hail to the frog prince!

    This fine porcelain frog wears a gold crown, and his gold metal collar is hinged at the back, opening to reveal a hollow interior. He's perfect as a pillbox, or for holding little trinkets or jewelry.

    The frog prince makes a great wedding favor, or gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

    Size: 3-1/4" tall.
  • Frog Bride & Groom Porcelain Box

    Need a froggy ring box?

    This little frog bride and groom stand on top of a delicate hinged porcelain box, just the right size for rings or other small jewelry.

    Open the box, and there's a special surprise inside: a tiny ceramic frog!

    Size: 1-1/2" wide, 2-3/4" tall. Inside of box is 1" across, 5/8" tall.
  • Frog King Porcelain Box

    The Frog King is here!

    He sports a gold crown and a red cape, and strikes a princely pose on a green lilypad. He stands on a small hinged porcelain box, which can hold a ring or jewelry or pills or other treasures.

    Size: 4" tall, box is 1-1/2" across.
  • Frogs in Bathtub Porcelain Box

    What a good Mom!

    A bubble bath with a back scrub included? Where do I sign up?

    Oh, but what is that? Is that a little nose I see peeking out from beneath the tub?

    Why, yes indeed it is! It appears that a little green froggy has stowed away inside this beautiful porcelain trinket box. This frog is not attached to the box, so you can pose it however you like.

    Size: 3" tall x 2.5" long
  • Lilypad Frog Mini Porcelain Box

    What a cute little spotted frog box!

    This little green frog with red spots on his back is sitting on top of a lily pad.

    Inside the box is a surprise bonus frog! A tiny porcelain frog that is rough formed and unglazed.

    The box is perfect for storing rings, frog jewelry, and small trinkets.

    Size: 1-5/8 inches tall, 1-1/2 inches wide
  • Praying Frog Prince Box

    Put your heart into everything you do!

    Especially praying... This green frog is wearing a religious hat and holding a scepter. He is guarding the most important treasure ever inside the dark purple box. His left hand is giving you a hint...

    Yes, that's right! The heart is the most important treasure and there is a small red porcelain heart hidden inside this box. Of course, you can also keep other treasures here too, like rings, earrings, a lock of hair...

    Size: About 3.5" tall by 2" wide
  • Relaxing Frog Porcelain Box

    This is a wonderful frog box!

    A handsome frog is relaxing on his lily pad dreaming the day away. This handpainted porcelain box is hinged and has little tadpoles swimming along the bottom portion of the box.

    The box is perfect for storing rings, frog jewelry, and small trinkets.

    Size: 3" tall, 2" wide. Box will hold an item up to 1-3/8" wide, 3/4" tall.
  • Spotted Frog Porcelain Box

    Looking for a new frog box?

    This lovely spotted frog is sitting on a green lily pad with a pink water lily. The oval-shaped hinged porcelain box is handpainted with a water scene of lily pads, waterlily flowers and a goldfish. Inside the box is a cute surprise: a tiny porcelain frog!

    The box is perfect for storing rings, frog jewelry, and small trinkets!

    Size: 3" tall, 3" wide. Box will hold an item up to 2" long, 3/4" tall.
  • Spotted Frog Prince Porcelain Box

    Here's a gift fit for a frog prince or princess!

    The tiny little frog wears a red crown and holds a gold scepter as he sits on his lilypad on this miniature blue porcelain box.

    Open the hinged box, and there's a little red porcelain heart inside! The heart is loose, not attached to the box.

    Size: 2-3/4" tall, box is 2" wide.