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Other Jewelry & Charms

Frog jewelry makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog cufflinks, frog zipper pulls, clip-on frog charms, and frog hair barrettes and bobbypins in a variety of styles.


  • Black Frog Lanyard

    Wearing a badge? Wear it the froggy way, with this excellent frog lanyard!

    The lanyard is black woven nylon, with a safety breakaway clasp behind the neck. The bottom section of the lanyard can be easily unclipped as needed. The strap is decorated with cute little green frogs (see lower picture for a closeup of the frogs.)

    You can use the frog lanyard as a badge holder to hold your ID badge, your keys, your jump drive, or whatever else you like to hang around your neck. It has a split-ring keyring at the bottom.

    Size: Overall length 22", webbing is 3/4" wide

  • Crystal Frog Antenna or Pencil Charm

    Ribbit! Ribbit! Here's a great way to mark a pen or pencil as yours.

    This sparkly little crystal frog makes for a great pen or pencil topper even though originally designed to fit a cell phone antennae. It's a bright silvery colored metal, with either light green crystals on its back or a clear sparkly white.

    The frog has a stretchy clear-vinyl ring that fits perfectly over a pen or pencil. It could also be used to adorn a note or card stake in a flower arrangement.

    Size: 1/2" tall
  • Crystal Frog Scarf Slider Pendant

    This scarf pendant is a great way to frog accessorize!

    The frog pendant is made from a shiny silver metal and covered with sparkling clear crystals with tiny black crystals for the eyes. The pendant is designed to slide over a thin scarf but also can be slid over a chunky chain or cord to wear as a necklace.

    Size: 2 inches total length and frog is 1 inch long
  • Crystal Silvertone Frog Anklet

    Show off your anklet decorated with this little crystal frog!

    This cute frog is a silvertone metal inset with clear crystals and attached to a silvery chain. A slightly shorter chain has a crystal pendant attached.

    Size: Chain is adjustable from about 8" to 9" around and has a lobster claw style clasp.
  • Frog Hair Headband

    Frogs are notorious for their gripping power and this one is no exception!

    The plastic hairband is a pale cream in color with bright green frogs scattered in every direction on the band. The teeth are attached to the front of the band and angled backward so that the hair will become wedged in between the teeth and the band. Very secure!

    Although designed for kids, this headband is stretchy enough that even older frog lovers can wear it too!

    Size: About 5" across and stretches easily to 7"
  • Frog Prince Charm

    Add this cute smiling frog prince to your charm bracelet!

    He is made of silvery metal and his crown is a separate charm. They are attached to a 1/4 inch split ring which you can attach to lots of things. Your bracelet or necklace, your keychain or your purse, backpack or even place him on jackets and hoodies too as a zipper pull!

    Size: total length is 1-1/8 inches, frog is about 3/4 of an inch high
  • Golden Frog Charm Zipper Pull

    Here's a frog that can go anywhere!

    Just clip him to your zipper, or purse, or backpack, or shoelaces and he'll add a little froggy cheer.

    This nicely detailed pewter charm has a shiny golden-brass finish and a stainless-steel lanyard clip.

    Size: Frog is 3/4" tall on a 7/8" steel lanyard clip
  • Green & Crystal Frog Keychain

    Are you looking for a jeweled frog key chain?

    This adorable frog has cut clear crystals on his back and legs. The back is enameled in two shades of green and his eyes are bright red.

    The keychain has a split ring for attaching keys and a clip with a swivel on it so that you can attach your keys to a thin strap on your purse or a loop on your backpack.

    Size: Total length is 4-1/2", frog length is 1-1/2"
  • Kicking Frog Zipper Pull

    Clip a little metal frog charm onto your zipper, backpack, purse, or suitcase! It's silverplated, shiny and decorative.

    Besides being cute, he'll help you get a grip.

    Size: Frog is 1" tall, pull is 1-3/4" overall
  • Miniature Raku Ceramic Frog Bottle

    This is a beautiful frog bottle done in the Raku style of pottery.

    The Raku style was developed by a family of potters from Japan during the late 1500s. The critical techniques that give the pottery its unique and iridescent metallic look involve firing the pieces at low temperatures and interrupting the firing process. The techniques result in every piece being unique in coloring and pattern.

    This type of bottle is what is traditionally known as a "poison bottle." But I assure you that THIS frog is not poisonous (although many live frogs are...) and that there is no lead in the glaze on the bottle.

    The bottle is sealed with a small cork and has 2 holes for threading a cord through so that it can be used as a necklace. You can place little rolled up notes inside, or a tiny piece of cloth infused with your favorite perfume or essential oils. You could also put tiny gemstones or spices inside. Get creative about it! Just don't use poison, please?

    Size: 1-3/4" long, 1-1/4" wide, comes in a black velveteen bag

  • Pair of Sparkly Frog Bobbypins

    Is that a frog in your hair?

    Only the best kind of course! These cute frog bobbypins will make a delightful addition to your collection of hair accessories. The pins are made from a sturdy silvertone metal and covered in sparkly glitter.

    The frogs have tiny crystals for eyes in a variety of colors: green, black, red, clear.

    Size: pair of bobby pins, 2 inches long
  • Playful Frog Zipper Pull

    Here's a cheerful frog with lots of uses!

    Just clip him to your zipper, or purse, or backpack, or shoelaces and he'll add a little froggy cheer.

    This cute metal charm has a silvery finish and a stainless-steel lanyard clip.

    Size: Frog is 7/8" tall on a 7/8" steel lanyard clip
  • Porcelain Frog Zipper Pull / Bag Charm

    Want a cute little frog?

    It's little... cute... doesn't take up too much room... and best of all, it doesn't need a litter box!

    In fact, all you need is a purse or jacket with a zipper, a backpack or a cell phone case with a strap attached. Well, this frog is pretty easy going, so I'm sure it would probably even be all right just living in your pocket. But it really prefers to be seen by all.

    Size: Total length is 3", frog is 5/8" long
  • Smiling Frog Beaded Zipper-Pull/Charm

    Add this smiling frog to all your zippers!

    Looks great on jackets and hoodies!

    Establish a unique frog look by adding this zipper charm to your purse or backpack too!

    This zipper pull is made of silvery metal with green, clear, and pale blue faceted beads.

    Size: 2.5" long
  • Smiling Frog Head Zipper Pull

    Zip that frog!

    Just clip this cute smiling frog to your zipper, purse, backpack, or even your shoelaces and you'll both be smiling.

    This zipper pull is made from a silvery metal with a pale green enamel on the front side of the frog's head.

    Size: Frog is 1/2" tall on a 7/8" metal lanyard clip
  • Sparkle Frog Charm

    Looking for a cute frog charm?

    These little frogs are made from a silvery metal inlaid with a glittery green enamel. The charm has a lobster clasp making it easy to attach to your bracelet, necklace, your keychain or your purse, backpack or even place him on jackets and hoodies too as a zipper pull!

    Style A is a climbing frog while style B is a sitting frog. Choose from the drop down menu below. Price is for one frog charm.

    Size: total length is about 1-1/8 inches
  • Sparkly Winking Frog Earphone Dustplug

    Keep the dust out of your phone with this cute winking frog!

    The frog charm is designed to fit into the earphone slot on your cellphone. It's a shiny gold color with a big smile and a wink of one eye, and is studded with lots of tiny sparkly clear crystals on the frog's face and 4 tiny pink crystals on the frog's belly.

    Size: frog is 3/4 of an inch long and total length is just over an inch