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Musical Frogs & CD's

Frog music CD's make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog nature songs, frog Christmas music, and fun frog rock-n-roll.


  • Big Loveable Fuzzy Musical Frog

    Is there someone you love a whole hoppin' lot?

    Don't just tell them, show them how much you love them by gifting them with this giant plush musical frog! This loveable frog is one of the fuzziest you'll find and is a beautiful shade of green. The frog has an applique on its cheek of red lips and a matching red bow with white hearts and the word Love written on it.

    The music is triggered by pressing the patch sewn onto the back of the frog's left hand. It plays 2 instrumental songs (we don't know the names of the songs, sorry) and says, "I Love You!" which is also written on the attached gift tag.

    Size: 26" long from nose to bottom
  • Music-Box Frog Figurine

    How about a musical frog to brighten your day?

    This music box plays an instrumental version of "You Are My Sunshine" and features a green frog sitting on a pink lotus flower.

    Just wind it up on the bottom and it will play. No batteries required!

    Size: about 4" high
  • Ribbiting Plush Spotted Frog

    Croak three times for good luck! This cute frog is made from super soft plush that is wonderful to touch. The frog is a light green with brown spots. If you squeeze the middle of the frog, he will ribbit three times to give you his froggy blessing of luck! Size: About 5" long

    $9.95 save 10%
  • Wood Croaking Frogs


    Remove the stick from the frog's mouth, draw it lightly over the ridges on his back, and it will make a very frog-like croaking sound.

    These handsome wooden frogs also make awesome percussion instruments! Just tap the stick on any part of the frog. Great fun for the entire family!

    Hand-carved in Thailand, these beautiful frogs are made from non-endangered wood. As a natural product, each one is unique and can range in color from light to dark in a variety of wood grain patterns. See the detailed images for an example of the variety. (Note: the Large size frogs are the darker color.)

    The frogs are sold by the single piece and you get 1 frog plus 1 stick. Choose from 3 sizes. Sizes are approximate.

    Large - 4.5" long
    Medium - 3.25" long
    Small - 2.25" long

    Prices vary with size. To see other prices, use the pull-down menu to select the size.
  • Yoga Frog Bluetooth Phone Holder w/Speaker

    Be at peace with the frogs...

    Now you can meditate with your frog, to the soft tunes from your cellphone playing on the frog's built in bluetooth speaker!

    This handsome frog is made from a coldcast polystone resin, and finished in a bluegreen patina that looks like weathered brass. It includes a power adaptor that plugs into a standard AC wall outlet. The speaker is in the frog's back, and includes a rocker-type power switch. The frog also looks wonderfully elegant without a phone (see detailed photo), or you can use it as a handy place to store your phone when you're not playing music.

    Includes directions on how to connect your phone to the bluetooth speaker. (NOTE: You must have a phone with bluetooth capability.)

    Comes with FREE standard shipping within the US.

    Size: 8" tall, 10" wide, 5" deep
    $144.00 save 18%