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Mothers Day

Find frog gifts and collectibles for Mother's Day! We have Mothers Day frog cards, frog figurines, and loads of fun frog stuff.


  • "BE MINE" Frog Magnet

    Here's a little froggie love for your fridge!

    The magnet is in the shape of a red heart and has a small green frog with tiny white wings holding a pink heart on one side and says "BE MINE" on the other.

    A great gift for Valentine's Day! Or a declaration of love!

    There is a strong magnet attached to the back so that you can put this frog on a refrigerator, filing cabinet, or other metal surface.

    Part of the Russ Berrie collection of hand-painted, resin frogs designed by artist Doug Harris.

    Size: 2" wide
  • "Happy Mother's Day" Frog Balloon

    Moms are the best!

    Show your appreciation for a great Mom with this fun frog Mother's Day balloon!

    This mylar birthday balloon is pale pink and covered with white lotus flowers.  An adorable green frog is hugging the "O" in MOM and there are 2 small frogs leaping above and below.

    The balloon says, "Happy Mother's Day, MOM."

    The design is the same on both sides of the balloon.

    Size: 18" across. It's uninflated, so you can either blow it up with air or have it filled with helium at your neighborhood party store or florist.

    To inflate with air, gently insert a plastic drinking straw through the round hole in the neck of the balloon so it extends into the main body of the balloon, and blow into the straw to inflate. When fully inflated, pull out the straw and the balloon's neck will automatically seal. To deflate for future re-use, gently reinsert the straw as before (to its full length) and allow the balloon to deflate.

  • Breakfast in Bed Frog Mother's Day Card


    That's what this little frog is saying excitedly to his Mom. Of course, it may be a little hard to understand since he is trying to talk with a fly on the tip of this tongue. But every Mother should be so lucky as to receive breakfast in bed served up by her children.

    The card shows the Mother Frog in bed on her lily pad with her child offering up a freshly caught fly. The card is titled on the design, "BREAKFAST IN BED: THE LILY PAD."

    Inside the card says:


    This card is a Tree-Free card using earth friendly materials and soy based ink.

    Size: 5" x 7" (1 card and 1 envelope)
  • Frog Mother's Day Card

    Tell your Mom you love her, with this cute frog card! On the front it shows a mother frog admiring her tadpoles, who have formed themselves into a heart shape in the pond. It says:

    "I think it's safe to say...
    I love you more than just a tad!"

    Inside, the card says "Happy Mother's Day!" and also has a black-and-white version of the Mom-frog and tadpoles.

    Printed by Carencraft.

    Size: One 5"x7" card, and one white envelope

  • Mom and Baby Frog Sparkly Cocktail Ring

    Here's a great gift for Mother's Day!

    This flashy crystal frog ring is studded with sparkly Austrian crystals, and if you look closely you can see the baby frog sitting on his mother's back. He has tiny green crystal eyes that match his mother's.

    Size: Frog is 2 inches long, stretch band fits most adult finger sizes.
  • Smiling Momma Frog Holding 3 Babies

    Wow! How did this happen?

    Don't you think that the expression on Mama Frog's face looks like she's wondering that? In a sort of happy, astounded way. Her smile is such a tender and loving one as she gazes down at her three little babies...

    This adorable green resin frog figurine was designed by Suzi Skoglund and is part of the Blossom Bucket collection of folk art.

    Size: 2-1/4" tall, 2" wide
  • Smiling Momma Frog with 4 Babies

    The more the merrier!

    This Mama Frog has a baby in front, one on each leg, and one on top of her head. Of course, it could be Daddy Frog who is watching the little ones while Mama is producing yet more babies! It really is hard to tell the gender on some frogs...

    This cute green resin frog figurine was designed by Suzi Skoglund and is part of the Blossom Bucket collection of folk art. It would make a great Mother's Day gift, or for a frog baby shower.

    Size: 2-1/2" tall, 2" wide
  • Sprogz: All Croaked Up Frog with Heart

    Sprogz frog figurines are popular collectibles! They range from about 2" to 3" in height, and are made from a cold-cast polystone resin material.

    This little frog holds a red heart that says "I Love U" on it.