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Hanging Decor

Frog home decor makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog wall plaques, frog flags and wall hangings, frog mobiles, and frog suncatchers. Decorate your walls with artistic frog ceramic tiles and funny frog signs!


  • Beware of Attack Frog Sign

    Warning, intruders!

    This sign is sure to deter burglars, as they ponder just what an attack frog might do to them. (Or not...)

    Makes a great sign for over your frog's terrarium, or for someone who just has way too many frogs in their collection. The sign is thick plastic with raised lettering, and has a mounting hole in each corner.

    Size: 3" x 12"
  • Celebrate! Festive Frog Flag

    Celebrate your special occasion in froggy style! This frog flag is perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, holidays, and other special events.

    This colorful fabric flag is printed on both sides, and can be used as an outdoor flag or indoors as a wall hanging. It shows two rainbow-colored treefrogs posed in champagne glasses, against a background of confetti and the word "Celebrate".

    Choose from the large house flag or smaller garden flag.

    Large flag, 28" x 40"
    Small flag, 12" x 18"

    PRICE CHANGES WITH SELECTION. Choose your size below to see the price displayed.

  • Frog Wonder Wall Tapestry

    This is a stunning wall tapestry with a poison dart frog climbing across a white flower.

    The tapestry design is bordered in a yellow Celtic knot-work frame against a black background. The cloth is 100% cotton.

    This is a large wall hanging that is great for filling in large empty spaces from floor to ceiling! It is also big enough to use as a lightweight frog bedspread.

    Size: 90" x 100"
  • Green Frog on Lily Pad Wall Decoration

    This froggy wall hanging has a very nice shape...

    Made of a hollow resin material, this piece is very light and easy to hang on a small hook or nail. It is painted over in black on the backside and shades of yellows and greens on the front. There is a glossy varnish over the top of the paint to protect it.

    Size: 6" tall x 8" long and about 3/4 of an inch in depth.
  • Metal Art Toadstool Frog Ornament

    Here's an awesome handcrafted frog!

    Made of hammered copper, brass, and tin, this cute frog is sitting on a toadstool surrounded by flowers decorated with colorful beads. Hang him in a sunny window, in the garden, on the wall, or on your Christmas tree!

    This ornament was produced by craftspeople in a small village in Thailand, where they earn a living wage with which they can keep their families and villages together while providing a better life for their children.

    Size: 4-3/4" tall, 2-3/4" wide, 1/4" thick
  • Treefrogs and Dragonfly Suncatcher

    Looking for some awesome frogs? This glass sun catcher is perfect for hanging in a sunny window or for decorating an office or bedroom.

    Two frogs are sitting on green branches with a dragonfly in between and the hanger is a small metal chain at the top which you can easily fit over a hook or nail.

    Size: Sun catcher is 4-1/2 inches in diameter
  • Two Blue Dart Frogs Suncatcher

    These two beautiful blue dart frogs will brighten up your window!

    This glass suncatcher is perfect for hanging in a sunny window or for decorating an office or bedroom.

    The blue dart frogs have spots of black and mottled areas of lighter blue and contrast nicely with the green branches and reddish flower.

    The hanger is a small metal chain with a hook capable of fitting over a curtain rod 1/2 inch in diameter and the suncatcher comes with a "Habitat Map & Facts" for the Blue Poison Dart Frog.

    Size: Circle is 4-3/4" in diameter
  • Welcome To Our Pad Frog Plaque

    Good to see you! Come on in.

    Make your home extra inviting to your guests with this adorable wooden plaque that has 2 frogs sitting on a lilypad with a blooming lily in front of them.

    The plaque says in bold black letters, "Welcome to our pad."

    Size: 4.5" tall plus the length of the wire hanger, 8" wide