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Frog graduation items make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog cards, frog plush, and frog figurines.


  • Celebrate! Festive Frog Flag

    Celebrate your special occasion in froggy style! This frog flag is perfect for weddings, birthdays, graduations, holidays, and other special events.

    This colorful fabric flag is printed on both sides, and can be used as an outdoor flag or indoors as a wall hanging. It shows two rainbow-colored treefrogs posed in champagne glasses, against a background of confetti and the word "Celebrate".

    Choose from the large house flag or smaller garden flag.

    Large flag, 28" x 40"
    Small flag, 12" x 18"

    PRICE CHANGES WITH SELECTION. Choose your size below to see the price displayed.

  • Curly Plush Big Graduation Frog

    Congratulation, graduate! You've made the leap!

    This cute plush frog wears a graduation hat with a yellow tassel, and holds a rolled-up felt diploma (blank). The curly plush is a bright green with yellow patches for the belly and throat.

    The frog has a yellow ribbon bow around its neck and is wearing the most adorable brass wire-rimmed glasses.

    A truly great froggy graduation gift!

    Size: About 14" tall

  • GUND Farley Graduate Frog Motion+Song

    Yes! Diploma is in hand and it's time to PARTY!

    Farley, the musical frog has graduated and is ready to rock-n-roll! Just turn the switch on the base to the "on" position, then press his left arm to start him movin' and groovin'. Farley will sing the song, "Shout" for you while moving his arms and mouth.

    Farley is a bright green frog with darker green spots and has the wonderful softness that comes with being a Gund. He's wearing a black satin graduation cap with a yellow tassel and has a ribbon wrapped diploma in hand.

    Uses 3 AA batteries, included.

    Size: About 20" long from cap to heel
  • GUND Farley Graduate Frog Musical

    Are YOU smarter than a frog?

    You can't graduate until you know at least as much as a frog...

    Farley, the musical frog has passed the test. Congratulations Farley! Farley is wearing a black satin graduation cap with a yellow tassel and has a ribbon wrapped diploma in hand.

    This large frog is a bright green with darker green spots and has the wonderful softness of a Gund. Farley plays the tune, "Pomp and Circumstance" when you press the belly.

    Size: About 18" long from cap to heel, recommended for ages 1 year and up.
  • Kitty's Critters Frog: Congrats


    This cute frog has arrived to send a big Congratulations in a big way. In bright green with his biggest grin, this frog is sure to get his message across.

    Kitty's Critters figurines are internationally-known frog collectibles of the finest quality. This little frog statue is beautifully finished in a glossy speckled enamel over a mix of cold-cast porcelain and resin.

    Size: 4 inches wide and 3 inches high
  • Plush Froggy Graduate with Diploma

    Hooray! You've done it!

    Celebrate graduation with this adorable little frog, dressed in his graduation hat and tassel and holding a diploma in his mouth. He's made from a super-soft short plush, and sits nicely upright.

    This makes a memorable gift for the graduate; a special remembrance.

    Size: 7" tall