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Frog Tacs & Lapel Pins

Frog jewelry makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog tacs and lapel pins in a wide variety of styles including pewter, sterling silver, Austrian crystal, and colorful enamels. These can be used as tie tacs, fastened to a lapel or scarf, or even used as hatpins.


  • Copper Enamel Frog Tac

    Here's a very classy little frog tac that looks great anywhere!

    Use it for a hatpin, lapel pin, tie tac, or on your backpack. It is made from copper inlaid with green enamel with a post-style back and a protective vinyl clasp.

    It comes on a nice orange card suitable for gift giving.

    Size: 1/2 inch
  • Crystal Frog Tac Pin

    Here's a fancy sparkly frog tac for you!

    This cute frog tac pin has gold-plated legs and faceted green crystal eyes, and his entire back is covered with sparkly clear Austrian crystals.

    The frog attaches with a clutch-style post pin.

    Size: about 1" long
  • Green Crystal Laughing Frog Pin/Pendant

    Smile - Here's a happy frog!

    This lovely silvery pin has a deep-green enamel on the frog's body, decorated with sparkly pale-green Austrian crystals. The eyes are large faceted green crystals. The attachment is by a standard locking-pin clasp.

    But wait, there's more! The frog also has a metal loop built into the back, so you can string it on your chain and wear it like a necklace. (Chain not included.)

    Chinese legend says a frog with an open mouth brings good fortune!

    Size: 1-3/8" tall, 1-1/2" wide.
  • Mini Hopping Gold & Crystal Frog Tac

    This cute frog is caught forever in mid leap.

    With bright gold arms and legs, an Austrian crystal studded body, and green crystal eyes, this frog is a great tac!

    Lead and nickel free with the tie tac style fastener.

    It also has an "almost twin" pendant/pin that is larger (see link below.)

    Size: 2" long
  • Pewter Tie Tac Pin: Santa Frog w/Tree

    Is this what they call a "Tree Frog"?

    Brighten up your holiday with this fun pewter Santa Frog pin, tinted in red and green. You'll love the nice quality and fine details.

    The back is a post-style tac clasp, so it also makes a great frog tie tac for your Christmas necktie, or lapel pin.

    Size: Pin is 1-1/4" tall.
    Made in Canada
  • Reclining Frog Pin

    This frog is definitely not shy!

    She is reclining back on one elbow and looking directly at you with her wide open eyes.

    The pin is tac style and comes on a gift card with a gold cord for attachment. At the bottom of the card is a place for writing in "To:" and "From:"

    This highly detailed resin pin is part of the Single Green Frog collectible frogs.

    Size: Pin is 1-1/2" tall, card is 4" x 3"
  • Red Eyed Green Frog Tac

    Use this tiny adorable frog tac for a tie tac or a lapel pin!

    His body is shiny gold-plate and green enamel and he has sparkling red crystal eyes.

    The clasp is a tie tac style on the back.

    Size: 3/4" long, 1/2" wide
  • Red Eyed Treefrog Pin

    Here's a cute little frog pin!

    This colorful pin is a red-eyed treefrog perched on a branch. The pin is metal, decorated in shiny enamels.

    It has a pin-style locking clasp on the back. This small pin looks great as a lapel pin, and is also perfect for decorating your purse, backpack, or hat.

    Size: 1-1/4" tall
    $5.95 save 17%