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Frog Party Favors

Here are some great suggestions for frog party favors! We've listed generally inexpensive items, fun little toys, and items available in bulk packages.


  • Assorted Jumping Frogs (12)

    All right everyone... get ready...set...


    These fun little jumping frogs are great jumpers. Just press on the tab near the back of its body and release quickly to have your frog leap up into the air.

    There are a dozen plastic frogs in this pack in assorted colors. Great for party favors and group games!

    Size: 1 pack of 12 frogs, each little jumping frog is about 2" long.
    $2.95 save 15%
  • Colorful Mini Flinger Frogs, pk/72

    Ready for a flinger frog flight?

    Put the frog's front feet over the tip of your fingernail, pull back on the feet, and let it fly! You get a pack of 72 tiny stretchy flying frogs, perfect to liven up your party or relax that corporate meeting.

    The frogs come in an assortment of five bright colors: Neon orange, neon pink, green, red, and blue.

    Size: Pack of 72 frogs, each 1-3/4" long.

  • Dozen Colorful 3" Frogs

    Bring on the frogs!

    This bag of 12 assorted colorful vinyl frog toys iis perfect for party favors, or even for decorations on a birthday cake. You get two each of six different color variations. Spread them around for froggy table decorations, or give them out as fun prizes for your school or church carnival.

    The frogs are hollow and have open mouths, but do not squeak when squeezed.

    Size: Bag of 12 frogs, each 3" long
  • Flexible Frog Write-On Magnet

    Here's a useful little frog!

    This cute flat flexible magnet can be written on with a wipe-off dry erase marker or a permanent marker. Use it for a place marker and party favor at a party, a nametag on a metal desk or locker door, a filing label on your filing cabinet, or even as a reusable gift tag on a package. Perfect for parties, frog-themed dinners, classroom organization, or office labeling.

    You get one frog as shown, 2-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide.
  • Four Colorful Flinger Frogs

    Stretchy, sticky slingfrogs complete with a colorful, clever target!

    Shoot your hungry frog flingers at a target displaying an array of rainforest snack foods. You get four soft slingshot frogs and a giant fold-out target in each set.

    Size: Each frog is about 3" long, and you get a set of four. Color may vary from those shown in picture.
    $3.95 save 25%
  • Frog Activity Pack

    Here's some froggy fun! You get a whimsical frog pencil, a sheet of 8 frog stickers, and four little frog erasers as shown. Perfect for school supplies, gift toppers, party favors, or travel toys.

    If you need 12 or more packs, please see the link at the bottom of this page to order by the dozens.

    Note: Small parts, so is not suitable for children under age 3.

    Size: 7-1/2" pencil with eraser, 8 stickers, and four 1" frog erasers as shown
  • Frog Frenzy Pencils (12)

    You will inspire a frenzy of writing with these frog frenzy pencils!

    These pencils are ideal for schools as classroom rewards. They also make great party favors or give-aways at frog events.

    You get a pack of one dozen frog pencils in 3 different designs. One design is a white background with colored concentric circles (like target bulls-eyes) and covered in leaping colorful dart frogs. The second design has a blue background with a whole bunch of chubby green frogs and bees. The last design has a green and purple background with a variety of pond and tree frogs.

    Size: Pack of 12 standard-size wood pencils with white erasers
  • Frog Princess Divided Plate

    Now introducing... Lala! F...A...P!

    That's short for Froggy American Princess! With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans!

    She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty!

    This fun plate is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

    Check out the other Lala dishware by clicking on the links below.

    Melamine plate is about 8.5" in diameter and top rack dishwasher safe. Not microwavable.
    $2.95 save 34%
  • Frog Princess Plastic Bowl

    Now introducing... Lala! F...A...P!

    That's short for Froggy American Princess! With uncontested beauty and style, Lala IS the number one idol for all froggy fans! Just look at her pink ballet outfit with her matching pink crown and eyeshadow...

    She sings... she dances... she's Froggy Royalty!

    This sturdy melamine plastic bowl is great for little girls and frog-themed parties. Makes a great take-home party gift, too!

    Check out the other Lala dishware by clicking on the links below.

    Bowl is about 5.5" in diameter and almost 2" deep. Top rack dishwasher safe. Not microwavable.
    $2.95 save 34%
  • Frog-Eyes Plush Costume Headband

    Looking for a quick way to express a lot of frogginess?

    This frog eyes hairband is perfect for a quick costume for plays, birthdays, Halloween and any other frog event. The headband is covered in a very soft green fabric and the eyes are lightly padded.

    Although designed for kids, this headband is stretchy enough that even older frog lovers can wear it too!

    Size: one size fits most heads
  • Fun Flinger Frogs (12)

    These nifty flying frogs love to leap! Just stretch them back and hook them over a finger, then let loose of their feet and watch them fling.

    Not for children under 3 years of age. Not recommended for too-serious adults.

    Size: 3-1/2" long. Comes in pack of 12.
  • Fun Frog Kids Party Sunglasses

    Party like a frog!

    These fun kids party sunglasses have a green smiling frog over each eye. Perfect for frog party favors, frog stocking stuffers, or frog costumes! They have also been popular for kids stage plays and drama productions.

    The green tinted lens can be removed if desired; it easily pops in or out of the frame.

    Size: glasses are 5" across and 2-1/2" tall. Earpieces are 3-1/2" to the over-ear bend (4-1/4 overall) so will fit most children ages 3-8 or so. Sold singly, or in packs of a dozen (select below).

    (For older kids or for adults, they may be usable if you have a glasses retainer lanyard or elastic to keep them on. Not included.)
  • Fun Frog Squirters, Dozen

    Squirt frogs are loads of fun!

    Liven up your party or add some bathtime fun with these colorful squirting frogs. Hold them under water and squeeze to load them, then squeeze to squirt a stream of water from their mouth. Perfect for frog party favors or for the bath or pool!

    You get a pack of a dozen in bright assorted colors.

    Size: 2-1/2" long
  • Glitter Frog Rings Assorted Colors (pk of 9)

    Fun fashion frog rings for your fingers!

    These adjustable rings make great party favors and game prizes! They come in a variety of glittery colors and have wiggly eyes.

    You get a set of 9 rings that are sized to fit kids but can stretch to fit an adult finger. Just be careful not to pull too hard because they are plastic, not metal.

    Size: set of 9 rings, frog head is about 1/2 inch across
  • Grow a Frog Prince: Hopping

    Need a frog prince? Grow your own!

    This little green frog prince wears a crown and likes to hop, so don't let him get away! Just put him in water, and he'll grow to 3-4 times his original size. In fact, you can grow him and shrink him as many times as you want!

    Great for Valentine's Day or frog wedding shower party favors!

    Instructions for growing are included.

    Size: 1.5" long (before growing)
    $2.95 save 15%
  • Helpful Frog Erasers (6pk)

    These frogs are happy to erase you!

    Uh... erase FOR you, that is.

    Look at those adorable almost-smiling faces and the cute yellow vests.

    These frog figurine erasers are good quality and big enough not to disintegrate with the first use! You can also play with them and give each its own personality.

    You get a pack of six frog erasers in assorted colors that are perfect for party favors, office supplies, or just plain froggy fun.

    Size: Pack of 6 erasers, 1-1/2" tall
  • Jumping Frogs Party Game

    Here's a fun little game for your party!

    Just press down on the frog's back end, then release to make the frog leap. See if you can make your frog leap into the plastic yellow bowl.

    For an extra fun time, find a shallow blue bowl and fill it with water to make a more realistic pond. The first one to get their frog or frogs in the pond wins!

    There are instructions on the back for additional jumping games.

    Size: Set of 6 brightly colored plastic 2" jumping frogs and one 4" yellow plastic "pond" dish.
    NOTE: Design on packaging material may vary. Frogs may be a bit larger than shown iin photo.

  • Laughing Frog Erasers (12)

    Don't worry, these frogs are not laughing at your mistakes...

    They're laughing with you! Really. They just have so much fun erasing things that they laugh all the time.

    These fun erasers are in the shape of sitting frogs and come in assorted colors of blue, orange, green, and pink.

    Great for party favors and back to school!

    Size: 12 assorted color erasers, 1.25" tall
  • Leap Frog Friends: Party Blowouts (8)

    Have a blow-out party with these Leap Frog Friends blowouts!

    The design features a leaping orange frog on one side and green alligator wearing a striped shirt, a yellow snake, and a turtle on the other side (see picture below.)

    The background is filled with green lily pads, blue water and a few dragonflies. They are all wearing party hats with big eyes and big grins.

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 5-1/2" long before blowing out with 8 blowouts per package.

    The Leap Frog Friends party supplies come in a variety of items. See the links at the bottom of this page for the coordinating partyware.
  • Mini Frogs - Assorted Colors & Styles, pk/12

    Here's some great little frogs for event give-aways and party favors!

    These colorful tiny rainforest frogs are available in a bag of 12, each with a different color and design.

    Size: Bag of 12 mini vinyl frogs 1" to 1-1/2" long.
  • Mini Frogs - Assorted Colors & Styles, pk/72

    Here's some great little frogs for event give-aways and party favors!

    These colorful tiny rainforest frogs are bulk bagged in quantities of 72 (6 dozen). They're made from a flexible vinyl and painted in 12 different designs.

    Quantities of 72 are APPROXIMATE (sold by weight).

    Size: Bag of 72 mini vinyl frogs, 1" to 1-1/2" long.
  • Natural Frog Assortment (12 pcs)

    Are you looking for a variety of little frogs?

    You get a dozen frogs in an assortment of sizes, patterns and color. The designs are based on treefrogs, poison dart frogs, and a few others too.

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events.

    Size: Pack of 12 frogs, the average size of the frogs is just over an inch long.
  • Neon Colored Frogs (72)

    Neon froggies! How cute!

    Lots and lots of cute, mini neon froggies!

    Okay, they're not really made of neon, just plastic. But they are bright, semi-transparent and NEON in color! They are flexible without being squishy...

    You get 72 neon frogs. Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events!

    Size: 1 bag of about 72 frogs, each little frog is 1" long.
  • Peel'n Stick Sitting Frog

    Where did that frog go?

    Use your imagination and find places to stick this frog! This peel & stick frog can be stuck to any clean, smooth surface. Or, just set him down without sticking and he's happy to sit there.

    Froggie here at the FrogStore even has one stuck to her car bumper! Computer monitors, windows, dashboards, bike helmets and bookshelves are also good places.

    When you peel the release paper, the black base has an adhesive surface on it. The frog can be removed from its base by twisting it a quarter-turn.

    Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Realistic Plastic Frogs (12)

    Nice, realistic style frogs!

    These colorful frogs are just a bit larger than our other mini frog assortments, and come in a nice variety of colors.

    Great for party favors, give-away gifts, and table decorations at special events.

    Size: Pack of 12 frogs, each little frog is about 1-1/2" long and 1-3/4" wide.
  • Smiling Frog Head Zipper Pull

    Zip that frog!

    Just clip this cute smiling frog to your zipper, purse, backpack, or even your shoelaces and you'll both be smiling.

    This zipper pull is made from a silvery metal with a pale green enamel on the front side of the frog's head.

    Size: Frog is 1/2" tall on a 7/8" metal lanyard clip
  • Squeaky Fun Frog

    Adorable smiling frog...

    Such a happy fun frog! Besides being perfect for a bath or hot tub, this cheerful frog makes a cute frog cake topper, gift topper, or stocking stuffer.

    He's made of pale green soft squeezeable vinyl, and emits a quiet "squeak" when squeezed.

    Size: 3.5" tall
    $3.95 save 51%
  • Tiny Tree Frogs (Dozen)

    Got frogs?

    These tiny vinyl rubber treefrogs are cute and green, and perfect for any time you need a bunch of little frogs.

    Their bodies are solid flexible plastic (not hollow), and 2-1/2" from nose to toes. Great for party favors, decorations, gift toppers, or school projects.

    You get a package of a dozen (12).
    $3.50 save 16%
  • Tree Frogs: Lily Pad Party Game

    Musical lily pads anyone?

    A new twist on the classic musical chairs game! Just place these lily pads on the floor in a circle and have the players walk to the outside of them when the music starts. When the music stops, everyone needs to jump on a lily pad instead of sitting in a chair. For extra fun, make them hop instead of walk!

    An alternate use is for teachers to use them in the classroom for kids to sit on during storytime. A great way to keep each kid in their own space. They can be used for table placemats at a party, or for table decorations too!

    You get a pack of 15 paperboard lily pads with a design of two tree frogs on them. Enough for 16 players.

    Coordinates with our Tree Frog party supplies (see links at bottom of this page).

    Size: Pack of 15 cutouts, 11.5" x 12"
  • Vinyl Frog Finger Puppets (12)

    Fun with frog fingers! Put these little green rubbery frogs on each finger for a froggy good time.

    Fits child or thin adult fingers. Can be snipped with scissors to enlarge the opening for larger fingers.

    Can also be used as a pencil/pen topper.

    You get a pack of twelve.

    Size: about 2-1/2" tall
  • Whimsical Frog Tattoos, pk/72

    Having a froggy celebration?

    These fun frog temporary tattoos are a great addition to any frog party. They apply easily with water, and application directions are written on the back of each frog tattoo.

    Size: Pack of 72 assorted frog designs, each 1-1/4" wide