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Frog Earrings

Frog jewelry makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog earrings in a variety of styles, including sterling, colorful enamels and sparkling crystals in both post and dangle designs.


  • Blue Paua Shell Treefrog Post Earrings

    Here's a pair of silvery frogs with a touch of color!

    These beautiful frog earrings are inset with Paua shell from the coast of New Zealand. Paua is the most colorful species of abalone so the colors you see on these frogs are entirely natural, not dyed.

    Check out the matching bracelet through the link below.

    Size: 5/8" tall, post style with clutch

  • Calypso Frog Silverplate Enamel Earrings

    Are you looking for a snazzy pair of frog earrings?

    The calypso pattern on these frog earrings is bright and lively with a beautiful sea blue as the base color and accents of green, yellow and salmon pink with a bold black border around the edges.

    Each earring is painted by hand, then fired in a kiln to produce an enamel that is simply gorgeous!

    Size: 1-1/2" total length including the sterling silver ear wires
  • Crystal Silvertone Frog Earrings

    Adorable little frogs!

    These delicate little frog earrings are cast from a silvery metal and inset with three sparkly clear crystals. They have two tiny black crystals for eyes.

    The back is post style and the clasp has a clear plastic support guard to make them more comfortable for your ears. A dime is shown in the photo for scale.

    Size: each earring is about 3/4" tall
  • Filigree Treefrog Pendant and Earrings Set

    Are you looking for a great frog earring and pendant set?

    These frogs are made from silvery metal and have a filigree design on their backs. They also have insets of green and yellow enamel. The frog pendant also has 4 large crystal accents.

    The frog pendant is 3-/4 inches long and has a large bale (the loop you slide a chain through) with a magnetic clasp under the head that can accommodate a thick necklace chain. No chain is included with this set.

    The frog earrings are 1-1/2 inches long and hang from standard ear wires.

  • Frog Moon Sterling Earrings

    Wish upon a froggy star!

    Cute little frogs perch on the crescent moon in these whimsical sterling earrings (and also the matching necklace JN3025, sold separately).

    Size: Moon is 3/8" tall on earrings.
  • Gold Plated Frog Earrings

    Make a bold statement with these golden frogs!

    The finish on these metal earrings is a rich yellow gold with black shadows to give depth and richness. The body of the frogs have tiny little bumps on it resulting in a great texture.

    The earrings are post style with a clear comfort guard clutch backing.

    Size: 5/8 inches long
  • Green Anodized Frog Stud Earrings

    Green and froggy!

    You'll love these shiny green anodized frog earrings, with a silvery diamond-cut accent on each frog's back.

    The posts and clasps are special hypoallergenic nickel-free materials for sensitive ears.

    Size: 1/2" tall
  • Green Crystal Sitting Frog Earrings

    Decorate your ears with these cute frogs!

    These whimsical silver-tone earrings sparkle with pale green crystals, and the sitting design and finish give them a nice vintage look. They have faceted black crystal eyes and a shiny silver finish.

    Lead free.

    Size: Frogs are one inch tall and post style with an ear guard clutch on the back.
  • Green Frog Earrings

    Cute little green frogs!

    This pair of earrings with green enamel over silver is a great way to add a froggy element to your style. The frogs are a vibrant blue green color and the frogs have tiny round bumps on their backs which add a nice texture.

    They have surgical steel ear wires which are great for sensitive ears.

    Size: Earring is 1-1/4 inches total length, frog is about 5/8 inches long
  • Happy Hungry Golden Frog Earrings

    A very cute pair of hungry frogs!

    Just don't forget to feed them occasionally or you might find them snapping at your ears!

    The earrings are made from a gold colored metal and the top part of the frog's head is separate from the rest of the frog. If you look closely at the earring on the right in the picture, I have flipped open the frog's mouth and you can see the engraved outline of a fly.

    These earrings have a post style back.

    Size: 7/8" tall
  • Jade Silvery Frog Earrings

    Green frogs and green jade... they make an awesome pairing!

    These earrings are a great froggy accent to your appearance and a way to communicate your love of frogs in a subtle and elegant way.

    The earrings are post style.

    Size: Each frog is about 3/4" long
  • Jumping Frog Sterling Silver Earrings

    A charming silver frog hops its way from lily pad to lily pad...

    This image of a frog is handcrafted by silversmith Citlal Castillo in lustrous sterling silver. Mindful of details, Castillo upholds the world-renowned silver traditions of her hometown, Taxco, Mexico.

    The earrings are fairly large and post style with a clear comfort guard clutch backing.

    Size: Each frog is 3/4 of an inch long.
  • Peridot Crystal Frog Earrings

    Are you looking for some green frog earrings?

    These cute little earrings are enameled in pale green and studded with lots of tiny peridot colored crystals.

    The backs have a plastic comfort shield to provide extra support for your ears.

    Lead compliant.

    Size: 3/4 of an inch high
  • Pewter Climbing Frog Earrings

    These spotted frogs are looking forward to climbing your ears!

    The spots are actually formed by small dimples in the pewter metal and the stripe down the center of the back is a raised ridge.

    Very cute earrings!

    Size: Frog is 1" long, total length is about 1-1/4"
  • Pewter Frog Earrings

    Hang on little froggies!

    These sweet pewter frogs will happily swing from your earlobes all day long.

    Lead safe. Made in the USA.

    Size: 1-1/2 total length, frog is about 3/4" tall.
  • Playful Frog Earrings

    Here's a pair of playful and dangly frog earrings.

    The earrings are made from a silvery metal and the frogs have red crystals for their eyes. Their arms and legs are flexible ball chain and the hands and feet have a gold finish.

    These earrings are post style and have a clear comfort guard on the back.

    Size: 1-3/4 inches high
  • Playful Hanging Frog Pewter Earrings

    Hang on, froggies!

    These cute little pewter frogs will happily swing from your earlobes all day long. They are made from beautifully detailed brushed pewter under a pair of sparkly crystals, with hook style backs that have silicone "keepers" so you won't lose them.

    Size: frog is about 3/4" tall.
    Made in Canada
    $19.95 save 10%
  • Silvery Frog Ear Cuff

    Decorate your ear with a frog!

    This cute ear cuff is perfect for those without pierced ears. The cuff comes with its legs spread a bit, and you will need to gently squeeze the legs together until it snugly fits the size of your ear. This little frog likes to ride along the top or back edge of your ear; see photo below for illustration.

    It is made from a polished bright silvery metal (not sterling).

    Size: Frog is about 1/2" long
  • Southwest Style Inlay Frog Earrings

    Beautiful frogs with a bold Southwest style!

    These stylish frogs are made from composite stone where different colors of stone are inlaid and then carved by hand into the shape of a frog. This means that every earring is just a little different and unique.

    The bright and vivid colors provide a wonderful froggy flair! Check out the matching Southwest style necklace by searching for JN9800.

    Size: Frogs are just over 1/2 inch long with the total length at 1-1/2 inches
  • Sterling Elegant Frog Earrings

    You'll love these elegant sterling silver frog earrings!

    The shiny silver frogs are beautifully detailed and polished to a high luster. They are stud type earrings, where the frogs hang heads-up. See lower photo with penny for scale.

    Size: Frogs are each about 1/2" long, 5/8" wide. You get a set of two in a nice gift box.

    (See links at bottom of page for matching Elegant Frog sterling jewelry items.)
  • Sterling Silver Smiling Frog Earrings

    Looking for a pair of cute frog earrings?

    These little spotted frogs are not only adorable but made from sterling silver!

    Size: One pair of stud earrings, 3/8" tall

  • Treefrog Teardrop Sterling Earrings

    Perfect! Little silver treefrogs cling to a teardrop-shaped hoop in these lovely earrings, plus in the matching necklace JN1837, sold separately.

    Earrings have sterling wire hooks.

    Size: Earrings are about 1-1/8" long.