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Clocks, Bookends, Ashtrays

Frog clocks make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have wall clocks, alarm clocks, travel clocks, and table-top clocks. Frog bookends are perfect for the office or bookshelf, and frog ash trays will come in handy for smokers.


  • Big Croak Frog Pendulum Clock

    Are you looking for a unique wall clock?

    This slightly zany frog is definitely unique! With a body of chartreuse green, toes of dark green, and blue striped legs this fun frog pendulum clock has a tongue that swings back and forth with a dragonfly on the end.

    The clock is cast from a durable resin material, and finished by hand.

    Requires one AA battery (not included).

    Size: 12 inches x 13.5 inches
  • Cuddling Frogs Clock

    Are you looking for an awesome clock for your desk, book shelf or end table?

    Two adorable frogs are cuddling together while sitting on a branch. The branches rise on either side to frame the frogs and support the clock. It could be a mother and baby frog clock, or two frog lovers in a fond embrace.

    It is made from cast aluminum metal with a combination of antiqued bronze and blue-green verdigris patina.

    Requires a single AA battery (not included.)

    Size: 10 inches high
  • Fanciful Froggy Desk Clock

    What time is it? Frog time!

    This small clock is perfect for desks and tabletops. It's a great way to keep track so you can manage your time for all those toadally important things you need to do.

    The frog has a fanciful design and is mostly two dimensional. Meaning that he is very flat and only about one half inch thick, except for the stand at his feet that is about 1.5" so he sits nicely upright on a desk or shelf. The butterfly over his head and the tadpole below are on a movable pendulum.

    Size: This resin frog figurine clock is 6.5" tall, 5.75" wide, requires one AA battery, not included.
  • Frog & Fly Pendulum Wall Clock

    Tick, tock - It's frog o'clock!

    This fun frog pendulum clock has a tongue that swings back and forth with a dragonfly on the end. The clock is made from a durable resin material, and handpainted in lovely variegated tones of froggy green.

    Requires one AA battery (not included).

    Size: Frog is 11", or 13" including pendulum.
  • Froggy Fun Kitchen Timer

    Ding! Froggy says it's done!

    This little frog timer is a handy helper in the kitchen. The dome of the timer is a bright green chubby frog. Just twist the bottom until the front of the frog points at the number of minutes you want, then all you have to do is wait. And wait... and wait...

    The base of the timer is green and has a white dot for every minute with numbers written every 10. The timer goes up to 60 minutes.

    It's made from a durable plastic.

    Size: 3" tall
  • Jungle Frogs Ashtray

    This nice big ceramic ashtray is decorated with two colorful jungle frogs.

    Size: 5" across, 1-1/4" deep.
  • Large Yoga Frog Bronze Bookends

    These yoga frogs will help bring some peace to your book collection!

    If your books are getting out of control, try enlisting the aid of these two frogs. Made of solid bronze, they are quite heavy and will help bring a little peace and order to your desk or shelf. The frogs are posed in the classic half lotus position for meditating.

    Size: set of 2, 6.5 inches tall
  • Metal Reading Frog Bookends

    Daddy and his little froglet read a book together!

    These whimsical frog bookends come beautifully hand finished and highlight an inspiring gift idea for a Father's Day or a birthday event when you can express the importance of togetherness. They are cast from a metal alloy and finished in an antiqued verdigris finish.

    The big frog wears a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, which are removable.

    Size: Set of two bookends, each 6" tall
  • Mini Vac Desktop Frog Vacuum

    What a fantastic frog!

    This little frog is not only cute, but useful too! He is a mini vacuum that is very handy to keep on your desk to clean up little messes.

    What kind of messes you ask? He is very good at dust, eraser and pencil shavings, cigarette ash and food crumbs in your keyboard. Great for the office and college dorm rooms!

    Size: 3.5 inches tall, requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Reading Frog Desktop Calendar

    What day is it? Frog Day, of course!

    This fine cast-aluminum sculpture of a frog reading a book is also a perpetual calendar. Just change the month and date by adjusting the blocks, and it's good for any year.

    The blocks and holder are made from a cold-cast resin material, and the frog is cast aluminum with a nice blue-green verde finish. It's bigger than it looks in the photo: 9" wide!

    It's rather heavy and quite sturdy, so might also work as a bookend for small books. Put it on the reception desk in your office, or display it on a shelf. It would be perfect for a library or bookstore!

    Size: 9" wide x 4.5" tall x 3.5" deep
    $96.00 save 12%
  • Romancing Frogs Small Tabletop Clock

    Tick-tock, it's frog o-clock!

    These two smooching frogs seem quite oblivious to the time, though. They sit on a swing that hangs from chains beneath the clock. What a great gift for a froggy couple, or for an anniversary or wedding!

    This small clock is neatly made, with a bronze-finish metal case and bracket. The decorative vines on the sides have metal leaves with an antiqued verdi bluegreen finish, and the frogs also have a nice bluegreen patina. It looks great on a desk, shelf, mantelpiece or windowsill.

    To reset the clock or change its batteries, just press gently on the back through the opening in the case. The clock unit will slide out of the case, and when you are finished just press it back into place. Uses one AA battery, not included. Clock face has a protective plastic sheet on it for shipping; this can be peeled off when you receive the clock.

    Size: Clock is 6-1/2" tall, 5" wide, 1-3/4" thick. Requires one AA battery, not included.