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Frog Bracelets


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Frog jewelry makes great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog bracelets in a variety of styles, including frog charm bracelets and enameled link bracelets and some flashy bling crystal wrist cuffs and bangles.


  • Crystal Silvertone Frog Anklet

    Show off your anklet decorated with this little crystal frog!

    This cute frog is a silvertone metal inset with clear crystals and attached to a silvery chain. A slightly shorter chain has a crystal pendant attached.

    Size: Chain is adjustable from about 8" to 9" around and has a lobster claw style clasp.
  • Frogs & Beads Charm Bracelet

    Are you charmed by frogs?

    This lovely stretch bracelet has five frog charms made from a silvery metal and hang from a band of large silvery beads.

    Size: About 7" around and stretches larger to pull over your hand.
  • Green & Silver Frogs Toggle Charm Bracelet

    Here's a fun frog charm bracelet!

    There are 3 silvery frog charms of a frog playing a drum and 2 charms of a green enameled frog dancing. These frogs really know how to party!

    The clasp is toggle style and the bracelet is 7-1/2" long and designed to fit small to medium sized women's wrists.

    Size: frog charms are about 3/4" long
  • Green F.R.O.G. Fully Rely On God Silicone Wrist Band

    Do you Fully Rely On God?

    This fun frog silicone wristband is etched with the letters "F.R.O.G." on one side and "Fully Rely On God" on the other side. The picture shows 2 bands so that you can see the lettering on both sides, but please note that the bands are SOLD BY THE SINGLE PIECE.

    It is made from 100% recycled silicone rubber and is a pale green in color with dark green text.

    Wear it everywhere to remind you that God is always with you!

    Size: One wristband, 2-1/2" across, 1/2" wide

    Made in the USA.
  • Green Frog Enamel & Crystal Stretch Bracelet

    Here's a beautiful way to show off your frogginess!

    This stunning frog bracelet has eight little silvery metal frogs with a green enamel finish, linked together with sparkly crystal rosettes.

    The bracelet is stretchy, so you can put it on without having to work a clasp.

    Size: 7" around, fits most adult (women's) wrists
  • Silvery & Golden Frog Cuff Bracelet

    Here's a good-luck frog bracelet!

    Oriental tradition says a frog with its mouth open brings good fortune and positive Feng Shui.

    The bracelet and the frog's body have a bright silvery finish, and the frog's legs and eyes are gold-plated.

    Size: Women's cuff bracelet, 2-1/2" across.
  • Small Paua-Shell Treefrog Bracelet

    Show off these colorful frogs!

    This beautiful frog bracelet has links of silvery frogs inset with Paua shell from the coast of New Zealand. Paua is the most colorful species of abalone so the colors you see on this bracelet are entirely natural, not dyed.

    Size: Bracelet is 7-1/4" (small, for petite women, teens, and children.)
  • Sterling Chain-of-Frogs Bracelet

    Wow, what a wondrous circle of frogs!

    This sterling silver frog bracelet is crafted from 9 lovely silver frogs linked together. It would make a great anniversary or valentines gift for your favorite froggy person! It comes in a handsome velveteen jewelry box.

    Made in Thailand. Did you know that "9" is a lucky number in Thailand? Frogs are a symbol of good luck and new beginnings.

    Size: Bracelet measures 8" long, and each link is 5/8" long. Weight 18 grams.

    We also have matching sterling frog earrings, which you can see at this link: https://www.frogstore.com/Lucky-Frog-Sterling-Silver-Earrings.html