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Frankie Frog

Who's that funny long-legged Red-Eyed Treefrog? We call him Frankie, and you'll find him doing all sorts of fun things! Frankie is a frog of many talents, and we know he'll make you smile. Please note that some models of the Frankie and Francine frogs have orange feet and some have gold toes instead, so will not be an exact match in their coloration to other models.


  • Francine Frog Ballerina

    Francine Frog is so adorable wearing a lily pad shaped skirt while standing on a lily pad.

    Obviously, dance is very important to this frog ballerina!

    Size: 8 inches tall, made from polystone resin
    $19.95 save 20%
  • Frankie Frog in Yoga Tree Pose

    Nobody can do a yoga tree pose better than a tree frog!

    And Frankie is the best! Look at how graceful he is stretched between Heaven and Earth.

    Frankie is a very green treefrog with really big orange eyes and toes.

    Size: 7-1/2 inches tall, made from polystone resin
  • Frankie Frog Pops the Question (set/2)

    Frankie Frog is on one knee proposing to Francine who has her hands out to accept the flowers... and the proposal!

    This is a set of two figurines so you can position them in a variety of ways.

    Size: Francine is 6 inches tall and kneeling Frankie is about 5 inches tall, made from polystone resin
  • Frankie Frog Surfs the Net

    What is Frankie up to now? Surfing the Net? I wonder what interests him... ladybugs perhaps?

    Frankie is one of the cutest little red-eyed treefrogs you'll see anywhere. He's shiny green with little pale speckles, and has big orange eyes and orange hands and feet.

    Check out the other tech savvy Frankies through the related links below.

    Size: 4-1/2 inches long, 2-3/4 inches high

  • Frankie Frog Takes it Easy

    Meet Frankie Frog... a frog who lives his life to the fullest!

    This is Frankie taking it easy and lounging around. He is a very green frog with big orange eyes and toes.

    Size: 5-3/4 inches long, made from polystone resin
    $19.95 save 20%
  • Frankie the Froginator Weightlifter Frog

    Frankie Frog is the champion!

    Frankie loves his fitness workouts. Besides lots of swimming (of course!), he has taken up weightlifting and bodybuilding in an effort to be all the frog he can be. Soon he will compete in the Mr. Frog Universe competition! And we heard him say: "I'LL BE BACK..."

    Frankie is part of our Frankie the Frog collection, and is coldcast from a polystone resin material. He has a shiny finish with lovely speckled waterspots, and would look great on your shelf or in your fitness room. He's a perfect gift for the frog athlete in your life! He would also make a great award or trophy topper.

    Size: 5" tall
  • Set of Two Peeping Frankie Half-Frogs

    Aww... how cute! These two little Frankies are designed to peek around the edge of your shelf or computer monitor.

    Each Frankie is very green with big orange eyes and fingers. They are really only half a frog and the bottom is flat with an adhesive strip for you to attach them securely to a smooth surface. Check out the detail photo below.

    Please note that the adhesive may not attach securely to a surface that is not flat, or not smooth and dry, or one that is porous or dusty. Be sure to check the attachment to make sure it is holding.

    Size: Set of 2, each piece is about 3 inches long, made from polystone resin
  • Superfrog Auto Decal

    It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's SUPERFROG!

    Frankie Frog thinks he's a superstar, and you know, he just might be right...

    It is a large sturdy sticker intended to be on a car window or other smooth surface. Looks great peeking out of a window, and is also excellent on a refrigerator, mirror, filing cabinet, or even your toilet lid! Printed on clear vinyl with a removable adhesive backing.

    Size: 9" wide, 6-3/4" tall (that's BIG!)