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Extra Large Plush

Stuffed frogs make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. This page features our extra large stuffed frogs and plush.


  • Big Loveable Fuzzy Musical Frog

    Is there someone you love a whole hoppin' lot?

    Don't just tell them, show them how much you love them by gifting them with this giant plush musical frog! This loveable frog is one of the fuzziest you'll find and is a beautiful shade of green. The frog has an applique on its cheek of red lips and a matching red bow with white hearts and the word Love written on it.

    The music is triggered by pressing the patch sewn onto the back of the frog's left hand. It plays 2 instrumental songs (we don't know the names of the songs, sorry) and says, "I Love You!" which is also written on the attached gift tag.

    Size: 26" long from nose to bottom
  • Big Plush Green Floppy Frog

    Shhhh! Don't tell the Froggie boss. While she's away, all the other froggies come out to play!

    They all just want to have a hopping good time. This big green frog has a silky soft plush and awesome floppy legs. This frog is really, really soft and cuddly! Great for draping over things and people.

    See detail image below for a side/back view and to see the size comparison with his bigger cousins. Click the "RELATED" tab below to see links to the similar larger frogs.

    Size: 28 inches long with legs extended
  • Giant Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Have you been looking for a really, really, big stuffed frog?

    This giant red-eyed treefrog is not only huge, he's also beautifully detailed and huggably soft. His long legs make it easy to carry him piggyback, or to dance a tango!

    The frog has big red eyes, a green back, and cream-colored belly, with orange feet and blue markings. He'll make the perfect frog gift for your favorite frog-person.

    Size: 50" long with legs extended, body is 30"