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Country Artists

Country Artists has created some fine frog statues and collectible frog figurines, including "A Breed Apart" and the Stratford Collection. Many of these designs are retired, but we will offer them here as long as they are available.


  • A Breed Apart: Smitty Jr. Frog

    This relaxing frog is called "Smittey Junior". He seems amused by the dragonfly perched on his toe.

    He is made to rest on his back and has a flat spot there with cushioning fabric attached.

    These tall and lanky frogs are one of the 'A Breed Apart" series of figurines.

    It's made of a resin material, and is about 9" long.
  • Harlequin Frog Figurine

    What is a Harlequin Frog?

    In some cases, not a frog at all, but a toad. Harlequin may refer to toads in the Atelopus genus or one of the poison dart frogs in the genus Dendrobates. The Harlequin frogs are found in South America east of the Andes and in Panama. They are reported to be facing extinction as a side effect of global warming.

    There are many species of Harlequin frogs and they have a wide variety of coloration. This figurine is of a species that has one of the more intricate color patterns, a beautiful bright orange with darker red and brown markings. It is depicted sitting on a bronze colored leaf.

    This high quality resin figurine is part of the Country Artists collection and is hand painted and hand crafted.

    Size: The frog is about 3.75" wide (toe to toe). The bronze base is about 4" wide.
  • Wallace's Flying Frog Figurine

    Wallace's Flying Frogs are a frog species native to Malaysia and Borneo. They grow to about 4" long and have the ability to travel from tree-to-tree by gliding through the air, using skin flaps between their toes and on their sides as wings.

    This artwork has a bronze base and a resin frog.

    The frog is about 4.5" long. The bronze base is about 4.25" top to bottom.