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Christmas Ornaments & Lights

Frog Christmas ornaments make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. Our selection includes blown-glass frog ornaments, resin frog ornaments, wood frog ornaments, frog tree toppers, and a variety of xmas frog lights and garlands as they become available.


  • Angel Peace Frog Plush Ornament

    I love peace! And I love frogs! So what could be better than a froggy angel peace frog?

    This adorable plush frog wears a tiny blue t-shirt that says "I (heart) Peace", and he holds his hands up in a peace sign. He has a pair of soft-stuffed shiny gold angel wings.

    There is a gold cord on the frog's head so you can attach him to a purse or backpack, dangle from a lamp or windowshade, hang on your car's rearview mirror, or attach him to the top of a gift.

    Oh, and of course you can also hang him on your Christmas tree! This is a collectible ornament from Kurt S. Adler.

    Size: Frog is 4" tall, 6" wide
  • Carved Wood Frog Ornament

    Here's a beautiful frog ornament for your tree!

    The frog is hand crafted and carved from different types of natural wood to give it the differences in color. Since each one is made from real wood, every frog is unique in its exact woodgrain pattern and colors although all have the same shape as shown in the picture.

    The ornament hangs from a dark silver ribbon.

    Size: frog is about 3 inches long and 1/4 inch thick
  • Flying Frog Wood Ornament

    This beautiful flying frog ornaments is made from hand-carved wood in Bali.

    Believed to bearers of good fortune in many corners of the world, frogs make a wonderful Christmas tree adornment.

    Size: 5-1/2 inches long

    Choose either the dark colored frog (A) or the light colored frog (B) from the drop down menu below.
  • Four-Frog Bobeche Candle Ornament

    Do you know what a "Bobeche" is? I don't even know how to pronounce it!

    A bobeche is a decoration that is intended to go over a taper candle, and rest on the candlestick base. This one is a delicate snowflake or flower design, and has four blown-glass green frogs dangling from it. Now, that's something you don't see every day!

    You could also use it to decorate a Christmas tree, where it would look excellent sitting on the treetop just under your tree topper. Or, perhaps it could be hung from a chandelier or nightlight, by putting it over the light socket base (for small-size bulbs). Any other ideas? Let us know!

    Note: Candle and candlestick are not included. This in intended to be used with your own candle.

    Size: Topper is 2-3/4 across, and has a 1" opening in the center. Ornaments hang down 4-1/2" from top of string to the bottom of the lower silver beads. Each frog is about 2" tall.
    $14.95 save 33%
  • Frog Bride & Groom Ornament

    They lived Hoppily Ever After!

    This cute frog couple are dressed in their wedding finery. They're handmade in Poland of blown glass, and beautifully handpainted with sparkling glitter accents.

    Size: 4" tall.

    NOTE: THESE ARE MARKED DOWN DUE TO MINOR IMPERFECTIONS IN THE PAINT. (The groom's nose has some missing color.)
    $19.95 save 35%
  • Golfing Frog Christmas Ornament

    Here's a great ornament for people who love golfing!

    This frog golfer is wearing a red Santa hat and nothing else. He's got cute little brown and black spots on his body and he is holding a golf club over his shoulder while looking rather dreamily into the sky. A white golf ball is resting gently against one foot.

    The ornament is made from polyresin and metal (for the golf club.) It will make a great addition to your tree!

    Size: 4" tall
  • Jungle Frogs Ornament

    Frogs all around!

    This nicely decorated unbreakable ornament has pictures of colorful dart frogs all around, including a Red-Eyed Treefrog, a blue dart frog, and a red dart frog.

    Second image shows the back view.

    Comes in a nice gift box.
  • Kitty's Critters Dragon Ornament: Hot Wheeler

    This talented dragon is a fast roller.

    This fun dragon ornament will add a playful touch to your Christmas tree. It's a Kitty's Critters collectible and is a must for anyone who loves dragons and skateboarding!

    Kitty's Critters Porcelon Ornaments are made from a mixture of the finest cold-cast porcelain and resin. These ornaments are hand-painted and glazed with special vibrant colors.

    Size: about 3 inches high
    NOTE: This is a dragon! It is not a frog!
    $14.95 save 16%
  • Kitty's Critters Dragon Ornament: Red Hot

    Red Hot is an eager dragon, anxiously awaiting to see what gifts wait under the tree!

    It's a Kitty's Critters collectible tree ornament and Red Hot would make an awesome addition to your tree this year. He rides his toy fire engine. Perhaps he wants to be a fire fighter!

    Kitty's Critters Porcelon Ornaments are made from a mixture of the finest cold-cast porcelain and resin. These ornaments are hand-painted and glazed with special vibrant colors.

    Size: about 4 inches high
    $14.95 save 16%
  • Kitty's Critters Frog Ornament: Pepe

    Meet little Pepe the frog!

    He clings to a shiny red chili pepper, and is finished in shimmering tones of blue and yellow. He hangs from a golden thread, and looks awesome on your holiday tree or wreath.

    This ornament is part of the Kitty's Critters family of collectibles, see the rest of the family on the Collectibles Page.

    Kitty's Critters frog ornaments are made from a glossy resin material called Porcelon, and make a great frog collectible as well as a handsome addition to your holiday tree.

    Size: Ornament is 5-1/2" tall.
  • Kitty's Critters Frog Ornament: Yummy

    Oh, yum! Better than flies!

    This mischievous little frog has found a gingerbread cookie, and he's stealing a taste.

    This beautiful holiday tree ornament is crafted from cold-cast Porcelon and finished with glossy enamels. It is a high quality collectible ornament by Kitty's Critters, and something that will be cherished for generations.

    Size: 2-1/2" tall, 2" wide
  • Kitty's Critters Gecko Ornament: Rollo

    Rollo the skateboarding Gecko!

    This gecko got his name from his smooth roll on attitude. Rollo is a Kitty's Critters collectible tree ornament and would make an awesome addition to your Christmas tree.

    Kitty's Critters Porcelon Ornaments are made from a mixture of the finest cold-cast porcelain and resin. These ornaments are hand-painted and glazed with special vibrant colors.

    Size: about 3 inches high
    NOTE: This is a gecko (lizard) and not a frog!
    $14.95 save 16%
  • Metal Art Toadstool Frog Ornament

    Here's an awesome handcrafted frog!

    Made of hammered copper, brass, and tin, this cute frog is sitting on a toadstool surrounded by flowers decorated with colorful beads. Hang him in a sunny window, in the garden, on the wall, or on your Christmas tree!

    This ornament was produced by craftspeople in a small village in Thailand, where they earn a living wage with which they can keep their families and villages together while providing a better life for their children.

    Size: 4-3/4" tall, 2-3/4" wide, 1/4" thick
  • Mini Relaxing Frog Ornament

    Ah, the life of a frog!

    Lounging in the sun with her straw hat and swimsuit, this whimsical little frogette is the picture of contentment! She'd love to hang on your Christmas tree.

    This little frog also sits flat on a shelf, so makes a great decoration for home or office. You could hang her in the garden too, or take off her ribbon and sit her among the potted plants.

    Made from a coldcast polystone, beautifully detailed and handpainted, it's a retired collectible ornament from Big Sky Carvers.

    Size: 3" wide, 1-1/4" tall
    $8.00 save 38%
  • Peaceful Frog Glass Ornament

    A frog at peace with the world...

    Hand crafted from blown glass, this frog ornament is painted in beautiful shades of green and gold. The frog's golden belly is covered in glitter and more glitter is used to accent his arms, legs, and back. He sits on a small pink waterlily flower.

    Frogs have long denoted good luck in business. Since a frog only travels forward, he is always progressing and as such he represents a prosperous future. So a frog ornament is often given as a gift at graduations, weddings, or to someone beginning a new business venture.

    Your tree will love this frog for the holidays! And so will your family! Comes in a small gift box.

    Size: 2-1/2" tall
  • Santa Hat Frog Christmas Ornament

    Santa Frog is coming to town!

    This artsy little party frog ornament is wearing a red and white hat, and hangs from a beaded loop. Add him to your holiday tree for a bit of fun!

    Makes a great Christmas exchange gift, or package topper. Use him for a festive ornament in your office or by your front door, too. Made from a cold-cast resin and handpainted.

    Size: 4" tall
  • St Nicholas Frog Velvet Plush Ornament

    Need some Victorian frog decor for your Christmas tree?

    This beautiful velveteen frog has ceramic head, hands and feet. He is decked out in luxurious lace, gold and fur trim and carries a tall scepter. There is a large amber jewel on each shoulder.

    With his red velveteen cape, he resembles the Victorian images of Saint Nicholas. Or perhaps he's a prince, or a wealthy noble-frog?

    In any case, he would add an elegant touch to your Christmas tree this year and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer too. He's a collectible ornament from Kurt S. Adler.

    Size: 6" tall
  • Twinkling Lights Frog Ornament

    Twinkle twinkle little frog...

    This frog globe ornament has 6 blinking colored lights to draw attention to its awesomeness. And one of the blinking lights is the frog's nose! The nose actually sticks out from the spherical ornament.

    The front of the ornament has a smiling frog prince with a crown. On the back, two silly frogs cavort with Santa hats and candycanes. (See detailed image for back side.)

    There is a switch on the bottom to turn the lights on/off and the included batteries last for approximately 80 hours of continuous use. (Hint: Remove the sticker on the bottom to expose the on/off slider switch.) Or, it's just as cute without the lights running!

    Size: 3 inches in diameter, made of break-resistant acrylic