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Children's Frog Clothing

Find children's frog T-shirts, socks, slippers, hats, and other frog clothing in child and baby sizes. We'll put frog sleepers, kids frog pajamas, youth hats and baby clothes in this category as they become available.


  • "Hop into my Arms" Baby Romper

    "Hop into my arms!"

    You'll love this cute frog baby bodysuit, made from soft cotton knit. The applique on the front shows a big frog and a baby frog, and the embroidered words "Hop into my arms!"

    Size: "One size fits most". About size 6-12 mo.

    When laid on a table as in the photo, the romper measures about 10" across the waist, and 15" from the top at the neck to the bottom.

    Check out the links at the bottom of this page for other matching accessories, too.
  • Beach Frogs T-Shirts, youth

    Have fun in the sun with these silly beach frogs! White cotton or cotton-blend T-Shirt.

    Design is 3.5" x 6.5" on the youth shirt.

    Youth sizes:
    XS (2-4)
    S (6-8)
    M (10-12)
    L (14-16)
  • Celestial Frog Girls Tank

    A beautiful frog tank for girls!

    This shirt has the Celestial Frog design from Mountain. Although there is no moon in the background, the shirt itself is a nice celestial blue color.

    The sizing on this spaghetti strap shirt is perfect for teen girls. Fun to wear casual or you can dress it up a bit with a scarf and jewelry accessories! A great shirt for summer.

    Junior sizes:
    Small (Womens Size 0)
    Medium (Womens Size 2)
    Large (Womens Size 4)
    XLarge (Womens Size 6)

    Note these are JUNIOR sizes, for teens or small women. The Junior XL size is about the same as an adult women's size Small.
  • Frog Beach Party Youth T-Shirt

    Party like a FROG with this 2-sided megacool T-shirt. Click detail image to see the back side design.

    The 2 sides of this shirt each has a different scene of frogs at the beach (or a pond?). Surfing, basking, water skiing, playing banjo and more. Made from 100% heavy weight cotton. Silk screened by Atlas Screening.

    Youth sizes:
    XS (2-4)
    S (6-8)
    M (10-12)

    Select size from drop down menu below.
    $15.95 save 6%
  • Frog Hair Headband

    Frogs are notorious for their gripping power and this one is no exception!

    The plastic hairband is a pale cream in color with bright green frogs scattered in every direction on the band. The teeth are attached to the front of the band and angled backward so that the hair will become wedged in between the teeth and the band. Very secure!

    Although designed for kids, this headband is stretchy enough that even older frog lovers can wear it too!

    Size: About 5" across and stretches easily to 7"
  • Frog-Eyes Plush Costume Headband

    Looking for a quick way to express a lot of frogginess?

    This frog eyes hairband is perfect for a quick costume for plays, birthdays, Halloween and any other frog event. The headband is covered in a very soft green fabric and the eyes are lightly padded.

    Although designed for kids, this headband is stretchy enough that even older frog lovers can wear it too!

    Size: one size fits most heads
  • Hangin' Out Frog T-Shirt -Youth Small

    How can you be as happy as a little frog?

    By hangin' out of course!

    Not that kids need much encouragement to hang out, but maybe this gorgeous frog will help remind them to be peaceful and happy. The frog design is printed on a tie-dyed dark green 100% cotton heavy weight t-shirt.

    Youth size SMALL (4-6)
    $14.95 save 13%
  • Kissing Frogs Girl's Tee Shirt

    Aww, cute! These frogs are so in love!

    This misty pale green shirt has two frogs kissing each other on the front just over where your heart is. The shirt is a summer weight 100% cotton with cap sleeves.

    Junior sizes:
    M (Women's Size 2, girls size 10-12)
    L (Women's Size 4, girls size 14-16)

    Select size from drop down menu below.
  • Red-Eyed Tree Frogs T-Shirt -Youth XL

    You can never go wrong with Red-Eyed Treefrogs!

    These two frogs with their vibrant coloring are set upon a tie-dyed purple hued background. Very striking! Made from 100% heavy weight cotton.

    These are the last of their kind and only available in Youth XL.