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Frog gifts, toys, jewelry, clothing, and frog party supplies -

The Frog Store has frog gifts, frog collectibles, frog figurines and garden statues, frog toys, frog jewelry, frog bath and home decor, frog party favors and party supplies, frog birthday cards and frog Christmas cards, and just about anything you can imagine for the frog lover and frog collector. We are a family-owned frog gifts store, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Enjoy your visit, and thanks for hopping by!

ORDERING: We have three easy ways to order your frog gifts!
(1) Order frog merchandise online with our secure credit card processing,
(2) Mail: Print a copy of the checkout page and mail to: The Frog Store, 1065 NW Charlemagne Place, Corvallis, OR 97330
(3) Call our Hopline at 1-541-752-7287. Frogs are standing by!! (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm Pacific time)

  • Featured Products

  • Stocking Stuffer Frog Christmas Cards, Box/10

    What's in YOUR stocking??

    This cute frog is ready to greet you in his little Santa hat, as he sits in his Christmas stocking. Inside, the card says "Hoppy Holidays!"

    Washington artist Jennifer Cullings painted the original watercolor for this handsome frog Christmas card. You get a box of 10 cards, and 10 white envelopes with gold-foil linings.

    Size: 5" x 7", Box of 10 cards and 10 white foil-lined envelopes.

    Printed by Carencraft.
  • Hoppy Holidays Frog Stocking

    WOW! A frog Christmas stocking!

    Give your child the best holiday ever by filling this adorable plush stocking with all of their favorite stocking stuffers. Your child will look forward to seeing this Santa Frog every year!

    The stocking is red with with red & white stripes at the toe, heel, and cuff. There is a large loop at the back of the frog's neck for hanging. The frog's hands velcro to the front of the stocking to help hold everything inside.

    Size: 24" from the tip of the hat to the stocking toe. For decorative purposes only.
    $14.95 save 13%
  • Hoppin' Holidays Party Invitations, pk/10

    Hop to it and start planning your holiday party now!

    These classic invitations are just the thing to get your party started. A spotted green frog wearing a Santa hat is perched on a candycane promising a froggy good time to be had by all.

    The invitations are a single layer card (not folded) with the bold title of "Hoppin" Holidays!". Below the greeting are spaces to fill in for:

    Please come
    Given by

    Size: Box of 10 invitations, each 5" x 7", and 10 white envelopes.
    $7.99 save 38%
  • Velvety Fleece Treefrog Throw Blanket

    Snuggle into some froggy softness!

    This velvety plush lap blanket is super soft and fluffy, and best of all it's totally covered with beautiful red-eyed treefrogs! The pattern has redeyed tree frogs perched on jungle leaves, against a teal-green background. Perfect for watching TV or reading, it's also just the right size for a kids bed or baby crib. We're even tempted to hang it on the wall as a decorative tapestry, it's so gorgeous.

    A luxurious throw blanket makes a great gift too, especially for seniors or people who like to sit and read or knit. Drape it over your car seat, line the baby stroller, put it over your shoulders while you play computer games, or lay it out on the floor for the baby to play on.

    Photo at left shows almost the entire blanket pattern (it's slightly larger). See the detail photo below for a closeup of one corner.

    Size: about 50" x 60"
  • "Hopping Good Time" Frog Christmas Cards, bx/18

    "Have a hopping good time
    this Holiday Season"

    That's the message inside these cute frog holiday cards, which feature a red-eyed treefrog posing on a gold ornament.

    You get a box of 18 cards and 18 envelopes.

    The cards are extra-large: 5-3/4" x 8"
    $14.75 save 33%
  • Crazy Frog Lady Ceramic Mug

    Beware of the crazy frog lady!

    Maybe she'll kiss you to see if you turn into a frog. In any case, we bet she'll love this fine ceramic coffee cup that says "BEWARE OF CRAZY FROG LADY"!

    This makes a great gift for your favorite frog-loving person, and also is the perfect statement for your own office desk or coffee table. The image and text appears on both sides of the mug, so it works for both right-handed and left-handed frog ladies.

    See links below for other "Crazy Frog Lady" items!

    Size: 4" tall, holds about 10 oz.
  • Giant Plush Red-Eyed Treefrog

    Have you been looking for a really, really, big stuffed frog?

    This giant red-eyed treefrog is not only huge, he's also beautifully detailed and huggably soft. His long legs make it easy to carry him piggyback, or to dance a tango!

    The frog has big red eyes, a green back, and cream-colored belly, with orange feet and blue markings. He'll make the perfect frog gift for your favorite frog-person.

    Size: 50" long with legs extended, body is 30"
  • Santa Hat Frog Christmas Ornament

    Santa Frog is coming to town!

    This artsy little party frog ornament is wearing a red and white hat, and hangs from a beaded loop. Add him to your holiday tree for a bit of fun!

    Makes a great Christmas exchange gift, or package topper. Use him for a festive ornament in your office or by your front door, too. Made from a cold-cast resin and handpainted.

    Size: 4" tall
  • Christmas Musical Frog

    We wish you a very Froggy Christmas!!!

    This fun green frog is wearing a red Santa hat and when you press near the tip of the hat, it will play a medley of Christmas songs. The white brim on the hat also blinks like Christmas tree lights.

    The music played is high pitched with a fast tempo and plays for about 30 seconds. This is perfect for an entryway table near the front door where it will get played a lot.

    A great frog for the winter holidays! Made by Ganz.

    Size: About 12" high
    $30.00 save 12%
  • Frog Parking Color Metal Sign

    Here's a great frog sign for your parking space!

    This heavy gauge aluminum metal sign has a full color picture on the front featuring a fabulous Red-Eyed Treefrog and the words, "FROG PARKING ONLY ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOAD."

    This sign is also great for putting over your desk, in dorm rooms, over your frog's aquarium, or even above the commode to accent your froggy bath decor!

    Weather and UV resistant! Made in the USA.

    Size: 8" x 12" x 1/16" thick, with 1/4" mounting holes at top and bottom center.
  • Frog Seat Cover Set

    Frog-out your car with this awesome set of froggy auto accessories!

    The seat covers are made from a nice stretchy black fabric that is lightly padded and lined on the inside. The frog motif is a combination of applique and embroidery and is placed on the steering wheel cover, both seat belt shoulder protectors and the back portion of the seat covers.

    The back seat cover is designed for a bench seat with no headrests and the front fits bucket seats with either built-in or adjustable headrests. All of the seat covers come in two pieces so that you can fit them tightly over each seat portion without them covering up the actual seat belts. Very convenient! They do not fit over armrests.

    Size: Set of 11 pieces (each seat cover is two separate pieces)
  • Jungle Treefrogs Sherpa Throw

    Wrap yourself up in this super soft froggy blanket that feels like silk against your skin!

    This wonderful blanket has a jungle design in bright and vivid colors. The pattern has two redeyed tree frogs and a small dart frog amongst big tropical flowers. The blanket has two layers with the pattern side a soft fleece and the other side a solid green sherpa fleece. They are bound together with a black border. (See detail photo below.)

    Perfect for watching TV or reading, it's also just the right size for a kids bed or baby crib. We're even tempted to hang it on the wall as a decorative tapestry, it's so gorgeous.

    A luxurious throw blanket makes a great gift too, especially for seniors or people who like to sit and read or knit. Drape it over your car seat, line the baby stroller, put it over your shoulders while you play computer games, or lay it out on the floor for the baby to play on.

    Size: 50 inches by 60 inches
  • Twinkling Lights Frog Ornament

    Twinkle twinkle little frog...

    This frog globe ornament has 6 blinking colored lights to draw attention to its awesomeness. And one of the blinking lights is the frog's nose! The nose actually sticks out from the spherical ornament.

    The front of the ornament has a smiling frog prince with a crown. On the back, two silly frogs cavort with Santa hats and candycanes. (See detailed image for back side.)

    There is a switch on the bottom to turn the lights on/off and the included batteries last for approximately 80 hours of continuous use. (Hint: Remove the sticker on the bottom to expose the on/off slider switch.) Or, it's just as cute without the lights running!

    Size: 3 inches in diameter, made of break-resistant acrylic
  • Frankie Frog Texting on Toilet

    Oh come on now; seriously? A texting treefrog on a tiny toilet? Now we've seen everything!

    Then again, Frankie is one of the cutest red-eyed treefrogs you'll see anywhere. He's shiny green with little pale speckles, and has big orange eyes and copper-orange fingers and toes. Those big treefrog toes are apparently just the thing for texting on his iPhrog!

    He sits on a shiny white commode, which has a convenient open bucket for the back tank that can be used to hold pencils, toothpicks, paperclips, or other small items. Put him to work on your office desk, or load the commode with potpourri for some great bathroom d├ęcor.

    Size: 4-1/2" tall, 5" wide (front to back). Opening in the commode tank is 1-1/4" wide and 1-3/4" deep.

  • Red Eyed Treefrogs Fleece Blanket, Queen

    Brighten your bedroom with frogs!

    This colorful crossing of branches covered with frogs really stands out against the black background, and makes a wonderful frog blanket or bedspread. The design is based on the "Rainforest Hangouts" by artist Royce McClure.

    It's made from a thick, soft, luxurious plush with a bound edge and rounded corners. The frog pattern goes all the way through, appearing on both sides of the blanket. The back side has a slightly softer and fuzzier look to it. See the detail photos below for a close up of each side. It's the same frog so the back side is reversed.

    Size: Queen size, 79 inches by 94 inches
  • Frog-Shaped Frogaroni Pasta

    What are we having for dinner?

    FROGARONI! This cute and yummy pasta is perfect for parties, pot-lucks, wedding receptions, holidays, or just any day at all. The package contains a mixture of frog-shaped natural colored pasta and spinach pasta. (No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.) Contains no frogs.

    The label is really cute. Take a look below for more detail. It's better than flies... A lot better!

    It's the perfect gift for the frog-person who has everything! And, the frog pasta also makes fun craft shapes for children's school and church projects.

    Size: Contents 12 oz. of all-natural pasta, made in USA.
  • Treefrogs Car Floor Mats, Set/2

    Add some cute treefrogs to your car decor!

    These nice plush mats fit in the front floor area of most cars and vans, and have a durable non-slip rubberized backing. The treefrogs and vine are embroidered right into the mat, so it can be washed with a hose and mild detergent.

    You get a set of two, one as shown and one that is facing the other direction (mirror image).

    Orders specifying Premium Shipping will receive RUSH order processing and three-day Priority Mail shipment.

    Size: 26" long, 17-1/4" wide
  • The $5.95 Froggy Surprise Package


    We've got lots of great stuff just sitting around, and we'd like to send it to you! One-of-a-kind samples, odd lots, returns, factory seconds, items without their packaging, discontinued frogs, and all sorts of great things.

    Some items may have minor cosmetic issues, such as a "ribbiting" stuffed toy that doesn't ribbit, a figurine with an odd paint job, or a light-up frog that doesn't light. Some are awesome, fun, amusing collectibles that just want a good home! But all are a GREAT value and a BIG surprise!

    You get a bag with at least 6 different frog items in it. At least one item will be a larger or more valuable frog, Examples: plush toy, windchime, figurine, jewelry, coffee mug, or bath set.

    Examples of the smaller items: little frog toys, notepads, pens/pencils, jewelry trinkets, notecards, ornaments, refrigerator magnets, mini plush frogs, stickers, and many other treasures. And, all will be frogs!

    Please note that Surprise Packs are non-returnable, and items are in "as-is" condition. Total original retail value will typically be about $20, and each pack will typically contain 6-10 different items (6 is minimum). If you order multiple children's surprise bags for a party, we will normally assume that they are for party favors and will do our best to make sure they are equivalent or nearly identical.

    Click the selection boxes below to let us know if your surprise is for an adult or child, male or female, so we can pick a pack of frogs that will make you truly hoppy!

  • Big Loveable Fuzzy Musical Frog

    Is there someone you love a whole hoppin' lot?

    Don't just tell them, show them how much you love them by gifting them with this giant plush musical frog! This loveable frog is one of the fuzziest you'll find and is a beautiful shade of green. The frog has an applique on its cheek of red lips and a matching red bow with white hearts and the word Love written on it.

    The music is triggered by pressing the patch sewn onto the back of the frog's left hand. It plays 2 instrumental songs (we don't know the names of the songs, sorry) and says, "I Love You!" which is also written on the attached gift tag.

    Size: 26" long from nose to bottom
  • Blue-Toed Enamel Frog Earrings

    You'll love these gorgeous little blue-toed frog earrings!

    They're handpainted in vibrant enamels over silverplate, with wonderful detail. The little green frog has red eyes and blue toes. Earrings are on Sterling Silver hooks.

    Size: Pair of two earrings, each frog about 3/4" wide, 1/2" tall. Nickel free.

    (See link at bottom of page for matching pin and necklace.)
  • Frog & Fly Pendulum Wall Clock

    Tick, tock - It's frog o'clock!

    This fun frog pendulum clock has a tongue that swings back and forth with a dragonfly on the end. The clock is made from a durable resin material, and handpainted in lovely variegated tones of froggy green.

    Requires one AA battery (not included).

    Size: Frog is 11", or 13" including pendulum.