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Frog gifts, toys, jewelry, clothing, and frog party supplies -

The Frog Store has frog gifts, frog collectibles, frog figurines and garden statues, frog toys, frog jewelry, frog bath and home decor, frog party favors and party supplies, frog birthday cards and frog Christmas cards, and just about anything you can imagine for the frog lover and frog collector. We are a family-owned frog gifts store, and your satisfaction is our top priority. Enjoy your visit, and thanks for hopping by!

ORDERING: We have three easy ways to order your frog gifts!
(1) Order frog merchandise online with our secure credit card processing,
(2) Mail: Print a copy of the checkout page and mail to: The Frog Store, 9986 Salmon Creek Rd, Redding, CA96003
(3) Call our Hopline at 1-541-752-7287. Frogs are standing by!! (Mon-Wed-Fri, 9am-2pm Pacific time)

  • Featured Products

  • Count Frogula Halloween Frog

    Be afraid! Be very afraid! Count Frogula is here...

    Actually this little frog looks a bit silly, perhaps even embarrassed, with his shy grin and his vampire fangs. He wears a cape and a big pair of boots, and is just the guy to help you celebrate a hoppy Halloween.

    This is a Russ Berrie collectible.

    Size: 4-1/4" tall
    $8.95 save 22%
  • Mummy Zombie Frog Figurine

    It's a mummy zombie frog!

    The only question is whether this adorably scary frog is going trick or treating for Halloween or is a real zombie. He's wrapped in white bandages all around with just his green arms, legs and eyeballs showing. He is holding a cute black spider... perhaps to scare you, or perhaps to eat...

    Designed by Suzi Skoglund, this resin folk art figurine by Blossom Bucket is a wonderful Halloween holiday collectible!

    Size: 2.75" high
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume Hat

    Wanna be a frog?

    Use this Red-Eyed Tree Frog hat to make your froggiest wish come true! This hat is made from a tough, flexible foam and has a sturdy elastic band to hold it in place.

    Perfect for Halloween and costume parties!

    Size: 8" x 7" x 3", fits most head sizes

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume Mask

    Ribbit...wanna be a frog?

    Use this Red-Eyed Tree Frog mask and be the froggiest frog ever! The mask is made from a tough, flexible foam and has a sturdy elastic cord to hold it in place.

    Perfect for Halloween and costume parties!

    Fits securely on the face and the open mouth makes it easy to see. No stumbling in the dark for you!

    Size: 8" x 7" x 3", fits most head sizes

    Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • "Hopping Good Time" Frog Christmas Cards, bx/18

    "Have a hopping good time
    this Holiday Season"

    That's the message inside these cute frog holiday cards, which feature a red-eyed treefrog posing on a gold ornament.

    You get a box of 18 cards and 18 envelopes.

    The cards are extra-large: 5-3/4" x 8"
    $14.75 save 33%
  • Santa Hat Frog Christmas Ornament

    Santa Frog is coming to town!

    This artsy little party frog ornament is wearing a red and white hat, and hangs from a beaded loop. Add him to your holiday tree for a bit of fun!

    Makes a great Christmas exchange gift, or package topper. Use him for a festive ornament in your office or by your front door, too. Made from a cold-cast resin and handpainted.

    Size: 4" tall
  • Twinkling Lights Frog Ornament

    Twinkle twinkle little frog...

    This frog globe ornament has 6 blinking colored lights to draw attention to its awesomeness. And one of the blinking lights is the frog's nose! The nose actually sticks out from the spherical ornament.

    The front of the ornament has a smiling frog prince with a crown. On the back, two silly frogs cavort with Santa hats and candycanes. (See detailed image for back side.)

    There is a switch on the bottom to turn the lights on/off and the included batteries last for approximately 80 hours of continuous use. (Hint: Remove the sticker on the bottom to expose the on/off slider switch.) Or, it's just as cute without the lights running!

    Size: 3 inches in diameter, made of break-resistant acrylic
  • "Celebrate the Season!" Frog Holiday Cards (pack of 10)

    Here's a great card for the holidays!

    The front of this frog Christmas card has a cute green frog sticking out its long tongue to lick a snowflake. The card is a cherry red that really makes the green frog and white snowflakes stand out.

    Inside, it says:

    "Celebrate the Season!"

    This card is Made in Oregon by Carencraft especially for The Frog Store! See lower photo for a view of the inside.

    Size: Pack of 10 cards, 5" x 7", and 10 envelopes
  • "I Love You" Mylar Frog Heart Balloon

    Send a message of froggy love!
    This heart-shaped mylar balloon has a smiling frog and the words "I Love You" on both the front and the back. It's uninflated, so you can either blow it up with air or have it filled with helium at your neighborhood party store or florist.

    To inflate with air, gently insert a plastic drinking straw through the round hole in the neck of the balloon so it extends into the main body of the balloon, and blow into the straw to inflate. When fully inflated, pull out the straw and the balloons neck will automatically seal. To deflate for future re-use, gently reinsert the straw as before (to its full length) and allow the balloon to deflate.

    Size: 18" wide, 16" tall

  • "RUSS" Silky Soft Plush Frog

    Here's a very loveable frog!

    The frog is a deep green color and has a very silky plush that make you want to stroke and cuddle it. The chin is a pale yellow and matches the yellow and black eyes.

    This frog is design to be held and cuddled or to lay flopped down on its belly (see lower photo.)

    Conforms to toy safety regulations. Machine washable. Made by RUSS.

    Size: About 12" tall from nose to tippy toe
    $9.95 save 20%
  • Stocking Stuffer Frog Christmas Cards, pack of 10

    What's in YOUR stocking??

    This cute frog is ready to greet you in his little Santa hat, as he sits in his Christmas stocking. Inside, the card says "Hoppy Holidays!"

    Washington artist Jennifer Cullings painted the original watercolor for this handsome frog Christmas card. You get a pack of 10 cards, and 10 white envelopes.

    Size: 5" x 7", 10 cards and 10 white envelopes.

    Printed by Carencraft.
  • Black Frog Lanyard

    Wearing a badge? Wear it the froggy way, with this excellent frog lanyard!

    The lanyard is black woven nylon, with a safety breakaway clasp behind the neck. The bottom section of the lanyard can be easily unclipped as needed. The strap is decorated with cute little green frogs (see lower picture for a closeup of the frogs.)

    You can use the frog lanyard as a badge holder to hold your ID badge, your keys, your jump drive, or whatever else you like to hang around your neck. It has a split-ring keyring at the bottom.

    Size: Overall length 22", webbing is 3/4" wide

  • The $5.95 Froggy Surprise Package


    We've got lots of great stuff just sitting around, and we'd like to send it to you! One-of-a-kind samples, odd lots, returns, factory seconds, items without their packaging, discontinued frogs, and all sorts of great things.

    Some items may have minor cosmetic issues, such as a "ribbiting" stuffed toy that doesn't ribbit, a figurine with an odd paint job, or a light-up frog that doesn't light. Some are awesome, fun, amusing collectibles that just want a good home! But all are a GREAT value and a BIG surprise!

    You get a bag with at least 6 different frog items in it. At least one item will be a larger or more valuable frog, Examples: plush toy, windchime, figurine, jewelry, coffee mug, or bath set.

    Examples of the smaller items: little frog toys, notepads, pens/pencils, jewelry trinkets, notecards, ornaments, refrigerator magnets, mini plush frogs, stickers, and many other treasures. And, all will be frogs!

    Please note that Surprise Packs are non-returnable, and items are in "as-is" condition. Total original retail value will typically be about $20, and each pack will typically contain 6-10 different items (6 is minimum). If you order multiple children's surprise bags for a party, we will normally assume that they are for party favors and will do our best to make sure they are equivalent or nearly identical.

    Click the selection boxes below to let us know if your surprise is for an adult or child, male or female, so we can pick a pack of frogs that will make you truly hoppy!

  • Frog Clicker Keychain

    Click-click-click! Awesome! It's the most annoying noise ever!

    Squeeze the lever on the bottom of this green enameled metal frog, and it makes a loud clicking noise. These clickers are often used for training dogs and horses, and teachers use them to quiet a classroom. It's a mechanical click, not an electronic one, so there are no batteries to run out.

    And, it's a cute frog! And a keychain! Truly awesome. The detail picture below shows the underside of the frog.

    Size: Frog is 1-1/2" long with a 1" chain and a 1" split-ring keyring