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Desk Accessories

Frog school and office supplies make great frog gifts for the frog lover and frog collector. We have frog desk accessories and lunchbags in a variety of designs.


  • "Crazy Frog Lady" Sticky Notes

    Did you get a note from the Crazy Frog Lady?

    If you haven't, then you need to get these sticky notepads so you can do so. You can even write them to yourself so you don't go crazy trying to remember something important. Just write it down on these awesome sticky sheets and stick them on your monitor, fridge, folders and books.

    The notepads are white paper with green frogs top and bottom and the words, "Notes From the Crazy Frog Lady."

    You get 2 pads of 25 sheets each so they make great office gifts and stocking stuffers!

    Also check out our other Crazy Frog Lady stuff through the links below.

    Size: pack of 2 notepads, 3" x 4" with 25 sheets in each pad

  • Black Frog Lanyard

    Wearing a badge? Wear it the froggy way, with this excellent frog lanyard!

    The lanyard is black woven nylon, with a safety breakaway clasp behind the neck. The bottom section of the lanyard can be easily unclipped as needed. The strap is decorated with cute little green frogs (see lower picture for a closeup of the frogs.)

    You can use the frog lanyard as a badge holder to hold your ID badge, your keys, your jump drive, or whatever else you like to hang around your neck. It has a split-ring keyring at the bottom.

    Size: Overall length 22", webbing is 3/4" wide

  • Bouncy Bobble Frog

    I'm just a bouncing and bobbling frog!

    Just hang me from your desk lamp or any other convenient place and I will bobble and bounce every time you touch me.

    Hey, I love fans too!

    Size: I'm just over 4" and my hook & spring are 9" B.S. (that's before stretching... in case you were wondering)
  • Brass Frog Card Holder

    Show off your frogginess and your business cards at the same time!

    This brass card holder has a padded bottom so that it won't scratch your desk. And the frog perched on the pedestal is just inviting everyone to take a card!

    Size: 4.5" tall x 2.5" wide. The card holding space is about 5/8" thick.
  • Bronze Yoga Frog Bookends

    Meditate on a good book!

    These fine bronze frogs are sitting in the Lotus postion, contemplating all the great books that they are holding up with their strong backs.

    Size: 4" tall x 3" wide, set of two
  • Cuddling Frogs Clock

    Are you looking for an awesome clock for your desk, book shelf or end table?

    Two adorable frogs are cuddling together while sitting on a branch. The branches rise on either side to frame the frogs and support the clock.

    It is made from cast aluminum metal with a combination of antiqued bronze and blue-green verdigris patina.

    Requires a single AA battery (not included.)

    Size: 10 inches high
  • Flexible Frog Write-On Magnet

    Here's a useful little frog!

    This cute flat flexible magnet can be written on with a wipe-off dry erase marker or a permanent marker. Use it for a place marker and party favor at a party, a nametag on a metal desk or locker door, a filing label on your filing cabinet, or even as a reusable gift tag on a package. Perfect for parties, frog-themed dinners, classroom organization, or office labeling.

    You get one frog as shown, 2-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide.
  • Frog Head Magnetic Card Holder

    Here's a new look for holding your business cards!

    This cute frog head can hold ~10 business cards. The magnetic holder is surprisingly strong. No more accidentally tipping your holder over and having cards scatter everywhere!

    Also works great for holding onto important notes or a brochure.

    Size: 1.75" x 1.75"
  • Glass Frog Memo Clip (Colors vary)

    Here's an elegant frog to hold a memo or photograph for you!

    The frog is hand blown glass shaped in a graceful arching curve. The frog has white spots on its back and has an alligator style clip rising from its knee. Great for holding cards, photos and other small paper items.

    The frog comes in a variety of colors and you can select the color you prefer from the drop-down menu below.

    Size: The frog is about 2 inches and the clip adds another inch in height.
  • Glass Frog Paperweight with Tadpoles

    Here's an awesome frog paperweight!

    The green frog is made from hand blown Lorenzo glass and sits on top of a clear glass globe with tadpoles swimming inside above a swirl of pond plants and bubbles fused inside the glass.

    A great piece for your desk at home or the office!

    Size: 4.5 inches high
  • Googly-Eyes Frog Calculator

    Ready for some frogcalculus?

    If you're not up on your froggy numbers, you might go cross-eyed... or googly eyed! The frog's rolling eyes are round and they roll and wiggle to always face upward.

    This cute frog calculator is great to toss into your purse, backpack, or your desk drawer! It has the basic 6 functions most used by kids and when you're at the supermarket, and is sure to bring a smile.

    And, it's a very nice green!

    Size: Calculator is 3-1/2" tall
  • Green Frog Tape Dispenser

    Add the ultimate frogginess to your desk!

    This elegant frog tape dispenser is airbrushed in colors of green and gold, with a brown stripe. His red tongue curls up to hold the tape cutter.

    The frog is made from sturdy plastic, and is weighted to keep it in place when you pull the tape.

    Size: Dispenser is 5" long, 2-1/2" tall. Holds tape up to 3/4" wide, with a standard 1" core.

  • Headstand Frog Note Holder

    Need a note to stand out from the rest?

    Clip your note in this cute frog holder and you will be sure to always notice it! The frog is doing a headstand and is holding a raised alligator clip in one hand. The holder is perfect for all sorts of notes, but do be careful not to overload her. She is balancing on her head after all.

    Made from cast resin.

    Size: 5" tall with clip, frog is 3-3/4" tall.
  • Kermit the Frog Tin Lunchbox Tote

    Taking your lunch to work or school? Do it Kermit style!

    This awesome Kermit the Frog metal lunch box is also perfect as a gift box, or as a cookie tin. It has a hinged lid and a carrying handle. The back side has the same image.

    Size: 10" x 7" x 4"
  • Long-Arm Fun Frog Magnet

    What a funny frog magnet!

    His long springy arms can stretch way out, to hold even large papers firmly to your refrigerator or file cabinet. The frog and his hands and feet are made of a resin material, and his arms and legs are flexible metal springs.

    There is a big magnet on the frog's back, and a smaller magnet on each hand and foot. He's green with yellow spots and a big happy smile!

    Size: 5" tall overall and 8" wide with arms out; frog's body is 2-1/4" tall
  • Magnetic Frog Mini Border, 4 pcs.

    Here's a fun frog border!

    These cute flat flexible magnets can be used to make a froggy frame on your fridge or a magnetic dry erase board. Just use scissors to trim them to match the size of your photo or artwork, and they'll frame a space up to 12" x 12"! Or, snip them into smaller strips and you could make 6" x 6" frames.

    They would also make great adornments for a metal desk, locker door, or your filing cabinet.

    Size: Pack of 4 border strips, each strip is 12 inches long and 1 inch wide.
  • Metal Reading Frog Bookends

    Daddy and his little froglet read a book together!

    These whimsical frog bookends come beautifully hand finished and highlight an inspiring gift idea for a Father's Day or a birthday event when you can express the importance of togetherness. They are cast from a metal alloy and finished in an antiqued verdigris finish.

    The big frog wears a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, which are removable.

    Size: Set of two bookends, each 6" tall
  • Mini Frabbit Reindeer Frog Magnet

    Ooh... oooh... pick me!

    I'm the cutest frog ever! I mean, reindeer... uh, rabbit? Okay, okay, just call me "Frabbit" or anything else you want. Just PICK me!

    I'm soft, cute...do you like my reindeer antlers?... and you can put me anywhere! Anywhere on metal, that is, like file cabinets, fridges, metal shelves, lamp posts. See, I have a magnet in my back. So, I may be small, but I'M SPECIAL!

    Size: 6" on my tippie toes

    P.S. Don't even bother with my cousins... they always forget about me... just because I'm small. Pick me!
  • Mini Vac Desktop Frog Vacuum

    What a fantastic frog!

    This little frog is not only cute, but useful too! He is a mini vacuum that is very handy to keep on your desk to clean up little messes.

    What kind of messes you ask? He is very good at dust, eraser and pencil shavings, cigarette ash and food crumbs in your keyboard. Great for the office and college dorm rooms!

    Size: 3.5 inches tall, requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Peel'n Stick Sitting Frog

    Where did that frog go?

    Use your imagination and find places to stick this frog! This peel & stick frog can be stuck to any clean, smooth surface. Or, just set him down without sticking and he's happy to sit there.

    Froggie here at the FrogStore even has one stuck to her car bumper! Computer monitors, windows, dashboards, bike helmets and bookshelves are also good places.

    When you peel the release paper, the black base has an adhesive surface on it. The frog can be removed from its base by twisting it a quarter-turn.

    Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1.75"
    $1.50 save 37%
  • Pewter Frog Card Holder

    An incredibly cute little frog...

    This solid pewter miniature frog has a satin-like finish to it. It's beautiful enough to just sit on your shelf as a decoration, but amazingly, you can also use it as a card or note holder. The frog's mouth has a small slit that is made to hold a card.

    The picture shows a business card, but you could also use it to hold a card on a bouquet of flowers or the card on a birthday or wedding gift, or even a small photo. The front legs of the frog form a small circle through which a flower stem or ribbon could slide through.

    Really, really cute!

    Size: About 3/4 of an inch long.
  • Polkadot Frog Card Holder

    Show off your favorite photos with this fun frog holder! It's also perfect for holding notes, holiday cards, or business cards.

    The little resin frog holds four squiggly wires, and each one has a spiral at the top to hold a photo or note.

    You can bend the wires in differents shapes if you wish.

    Size: About 7" tall overall, the frog is about 3" tall.

    (See link at bottom of page for this frog's little brother, the Polkadot Frog Note Holder.)
  • Polkadot Frog Note Holder

    Hey! Let me hold your messages!

    This cute little frog holds a wire with a clip at the top, which you can use to hold a phone message, business card, small sign, or a photo.

    Size: about 3.25" tall overall. The frog is about 1.75" tall.

    (See link at the bottom of this page for this frog's big brother, the Polkadot Frog Card Holder.)
  • Reclining Frog Note Holder

    Need a cute froggy note holder?

    This adorable frog is reclining back on one hand and holding a raised alligator clip in one hand to securely hold your most important notes. The frog note holder is perfect for business cards, photos, phone messages, place cards, recipes, and lots more.

    Made from cast resin.

    Size: 4-3/4" tall with clip, frog is 2-1/2" tall.
  • Santa Froggie Magnet

    Hoppy Holidays!

    Decorate your office the easy way this year. These fun little plush frogs are ready to leap onto your filing cabinets and cubicle walls!

    Made of very soft plush, these festive frogs have big eyes and a red velvet Santa hat. Inside the back is a magnet so that you can easily attach the frog to any steel surface.

    Buy 2 and you can take one to the office and keep one at home for your fridge!

    Sold by the single frog. Frog is about 5" tall.

    Choose from light green or dark green.
  • Sitting Frog Note Holder

    Need a note to stand out from the rest?

    Clip your note in this cute frog holder and you will be sure to always notice it! The frog is sitting and holding a raised alligator clip in one hand to securely hold your most important notes. Fits great on your desk or the kitchen counter!

    Made from cast resin.

    Size: 5" tall with clip, frog is 3" tall.
  • Suction Cup Frog-Head Bag

    Here's a handy dandy frog!

    This small green mesh bag with a frog face is made from nylon and can be used to hold wet or dry stuff. The handy suction cup can be attached to your shower wall or bathroom mirror. You can place a toothbrush in the frog's mouth or place it in the bag with a tube of toothpaste.

    You can also attach it to your filing cabinet or other smooth surface and use it to hold pens, pencils, scissors, or even a few candy or granola bars!

    Size: 8" tall, frog head is 2" and can hold up to 2 pounds
  • Three Frogs Business Card Holder

    Present your business in froggy style!

    This gold-toned holder features 3 shiny golden frogs with green crystal eyes. The center frog has additional clear crystals on its body.

    Perfect for your desk at the office!

    Size: 1" tall, 3.25" long. The card space thickness is about 5/8".
  • Three Tree Frog Magnetic Caddy

    These three tree frogs would love to help you organize your stuff!

    This fun tree frog caddy is magnetic and can hold up to 2 pounds of weight. It has 2 partitions that you can reposition to make the slots exactly the size you need. It also has 2 magnets on the bottom that you can attach your keychain to for holding your keys.

    This little frog caddy is very fond of filing cabinets and refrigerators. It loves to hold pens, pencils, erasers and especially your cell phone!!

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 7.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 1.75 inches deep, acrylic and plastic

  • Tree Frog Fun Magnetic Caddy

    Looking for a fun way to organize some of your stuff?

    Try this fun treefrog caddy! It's magnetic and can hold up to 2 pounds of weight. It has 2 partitions that you can reposition to make the slots exactly the size you need. It also has 2 magnets on the bottom that you can attach your keychain to for holding your keys.

    This little frog caddy is very fond of filing cabinets and refrigerators. It loves to hold pens, pencils, erasers and especially your cell phone!!

    Made in the USA.

    Size: 7.5 inches long, 3 inches high and 1.75 inches deep, acrylic and plastic

  • Tree Frog Office Page Sticky Flags

    The tree frog marks the spot!

    Do you like to keep tabs on important pages in your book or file? These frog page flags are a fun way to help you organize your reading material and to be able to locate the information you want in the shortest time possible.

    You get a SINGLE pack of 60 flags with 4 different frog designs on them.
  • Treefrog Sticky Notes

    Need some sticky frogs?

    Use this cute treefrog sticky notepad to jot down numbers, addresses, and other important information. The pad is white with a pale red-eyed tree frog in the center.

    Check out matching red-eyed treefrog office products through the related links below.

    Size: 3 inch square pad with 50 sheets of self-adhesive notes
  • Verdi Metal Frog Card Holder

    Set out your business cards, froggy style!

    This beautiful metal sculpture has a frog holding a tray and an open mouth. You can stack business cards or even blank notecards in the tray. A pen or pencil fits nicely into the frog's mouth for convenience.

    The metal has a verdigris green finish that gives it a nice bronze statue look.

    Size: 4" tall
  • Whimsical Frog Note/Photo Holder

    Does this frog look like he's got a secret or what?

    This solid ceramic frog is painted a lovely green with darker green spots and tiny red spots. There is a slot on the back to hold notes, business cards, or even a photo.

    Size: About 2" tall and 2" wide